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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I would like to say 'Cheers' to you all. After an alcohol free few days I am sipping, well, maybe gulping a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon. Wallpaper is hung, dinner nearly ready, Antiques Roadshow will be on the TV later. Hubby has had a Rugby weekend and I am off to put my feet up. Might be back later
16/Nov/09 4:44 AM
Oh dear, hubby is not going to like another dinner made up beans again.
16/Nov/09 4:46 AM
Mind if I join you, GannieMo?
16/Nov/09 4:47 AM
Shosho, I no longer order trout or any entire fish. They always give me strange looks when I ask for its eye to be covered! I really do not like the fish to watch me eat it!
16/Nov/09 4:47 AM
I have poured a glass for you Shosho. Santé;
16/Nov/09 4:47 AM

Who says vegetarians have the moral high ground?

There was a little scifi story, probably 50 years ago, about an inventor who devised a listening machine that allowed him to hear things that were inaudible to all other creatures. He put on the headphones and immediately heard a chorus More...
16/Nov/09 4:49 AM
I have made Tom Yum Soup - I don't think the Cab Sav will really enhance it - or the reverse.
16/Nov/09 4:50 AM
Judy, about the turkeys you saw. One thing to remember: Turkey hunters at their best are all part time amateurs regardless of what they call themselves. Turkeys, on the other hand, are full time professionals.
16/Nov/09 4:56 AM

Define "stupid..."

Hide in a bush wearing camouflage, make noises like a turkey, and then wonder why you get shot.

16/Nov/09 5:03 AM
Just in time...
16/Nov/09 5:17 AM
There's a woman lives down our street who is so ugly that when she was born they slapped the mother instead of the baby.
16/Nov/09 5:21 AM

"...that when she was a baby, her mother fed her with a slingshot."

16/Nov/09 5:25 AM
16/Nov/09 5:29 AM
"Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage." - Woody Allen
16/Nov/09 5:29 AM
"As we know, for centuries Rome regarded the Open Hot Turkey Sandwich as the height of licentiousness." - Woody Allen
16/Nov/09 5:50 AM
This has been around before, but is worth a repeat...

An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck.

One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full More...
16/Nov/09 5:56 AM
Hmmm. In retrospect that seems rather appropriate.
16/Nov/09 6:01 AM
From one cracked pot to another, Jerry, thanks!
16/Nov/09 6:35 AM
Hadn't heard that one before, Jerry! The worst thing about it is that I could send it to all my friends, who probably feel I am more flawed than most of them!
What a happy and positive way to start the day! Have a good one everyone!
16/Nov/09 7:09 AM
Kathy, I resemble that...

16/Nov/09 7:14 AM
A few years ago, an American and a British journalist were discussing Thanksgiving on a British radio program. The American asked if Thanksgiving was celebrated in the UK.

"Yes," the British journalist replied, "but we celebrate it on the 6th of September."
16/Nov/09 7:25 AM
16/Nov/09 7:33 AM
3.10 Shocking time! I wonder who posted this pic.
16/Nov/09 7:46 AM
Wondering that myself, Mz. Gallah!
16/Nov/09 8:03 AM
BTW - Thanks Ian for the great links for buying Timtams in the states...Amazon had expensive shipping, but there was a site (about Australia shop) that was AWESOME and ships everything from San Antonio, Texas!
16/Nov/09 8:13 AM
Fish eyes staring at you, GMo?
I remember the first time I ordered a whole (but partially cracked) lobster. It came arranged on the plate so that it's feeler kept stabing me in the chest. I kept wondering if it was revenge for eating him! From that point on I have only ordered lobster tail!
16/Nov/09 8:33 AM
It's like eating shrimp with the heads on. Accusation beaming from those beady little eyes....
16/Nov/09 8:56 AM
Only our Ace Canadian sent me the correct answers to the puzzle. Congrats Greg!

What are these sayings?

1. fairy, wolf and little quacker
2. 13579 AZ
3. ch poorri

1. The good, the bad, and the ugly
2. Odds and ends
3. Take from the rich to give to the poor
16/Nov/09 9:02 AM
For you literary types out there....

English poet Sir Thomas Wyatt wrote the following:

A lady gave me a gift she had not,
And I received her gift I took not.
She gave it me willingly and yet she would not,
And I received it albeit I could not.
If she gave it me I More...
16/Nov/09 9:08 AM
Funny comments today. The corned venison meal has been ready for hours, but the hunter has about another hour or so of sunlight left before he comes in.
Hunting deer and turkey around here becomes an economic necessity, not just because the average household income here in so low, but because More...
16/Nov/09 9:14 AM
In other news, Little Plum says "hi" to Sudokuland.
16/Nov/09 9:16 AM
Sorry for the long paragraph with no spaces. I had spaces, I thought, when I typed it.
16/Nov/09 9:19 AM
I'm going to go get things in order to start another week at dawn's early light.
16/Nov/09 9:19 AM


If Little Plum figured out how to make those little emoticon fishies, please congratulate her and tell me---I've forgotten, just copying and pasting ones I had in other documents.

16/Nov/09 9:20 AM
Hi Little Plum.

Vici...DOH! There goes Australia's chance of total domination!
BTW GaLah only has one 'L'
16/Nov/09 9:25 AM
To Cook A Turkey

1. Go buy a turkey
2. Take a drink of whiskey
3. Put turkey in the oven
4. Take another 2 drinks of whiskey
5. Set the degree at 375 ovens
6. Take 3 more whiskeys of drink
7. Turk the bastey
8. Whiskey another bottle of get
16/Nov/09 9:28 AM


16/Nov/09 11:28 AM
Hi all. I'm back!!
I had a great time in Victoria seeing the sights. The weather was wonderful - no rain at all and quite warm. I did have to put on a sweatshirt a couple of evenings and first thing yesterday. 13C is too cold for this little Queenslander.
It was lovely to meet Vici, Gail More...
16/Nov/09 11:54 AM
Good to see you back Victoria. It was our pleasure to meet you, I am only sorry more people were unable to make it.
Looking forward to seeing your photos...if I were more puter literate, I would have posted some by now...
16/Nov/09 12:06 PM

should I dood it?

16/Nov/09 12:21 PM
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