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Easy Sudoku for 16/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates.
Still no daffynition again today.
Here's today's factoid:
Pigs and humans are the only animals that can get sunburned.
16/Sep/14 12:00 AM
16/Sep/14 12:00 AM
Greetings from Hendersonville, North Carolina!
16/Sep/14 12:00 AM
Not sunny...
Not hot...
A bit chilly, though.
16/Sep/14 12:02 AM
What does Art have on his head?
16/Sep/14 12:07 AM
Are you sure you want to know, HalT?
16/Sep/14 12:10 AM
I don't think I'm going out and buying that hat anytime soon.
16/Sep/14 12:36 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

It wont matter how long I wait for Greg and his answers to the puzzle, he will arrive as soon as I go back to bed......oh well such is life..
16/Sep/14 12:42 AM
night all
16/Sep/14 12:42 AM

Dad gives you money every day to put in your new piggy bank. He gives money to you in such a way that the money in the piggy bank doubles with each passing day.

If you already have 1 cent in the piggy bank and Dad gives you 1 cent More...
16/Sep/14 12:43 AM
Good morning to all! Is this one of Kathy's puzzle prizes?
16/Sep/14 12:45 AM
Speaking of puzzles... answers to ‘The Name Game’ puzzle:

1. (Jon) Hamm and ham
2. (fine and) dandy and Andy (Gibb)
3. Pink and ink
4. Todd (Rundgren) and odd
5. chef and Che Guevera)
6. spade and Spad (S.VII)
7. gringo and (Johnny) Ringo
8. Blake (Lively) and More...
16/Sep/14 12:46 AM
To those who keep asking when you send in your answers, I'm doing well thank you. Little pain, still doing therapy and I've been told my next chiropractor appointment will probably be the last one required. I'll be bungee jumping in no time!
16/Sep/14 12:50 AM
Dogs, too, can get sunburned...especially those who are light skinned and/or have recently been to the groomer.
16/Sep/14 1:05 AM

Just spent most of the day at the Guinness Brewery. Great experience. Put it on your bucket list if you ever visit Dublin.
16/Sep/14 1:35 AM

I now have a certificate for pouring Guinness.........let me pour you a couple of pints, CG. that will certainly help your back.
16/Sep/14 1:37 AM
Peter: When we went to Dublin, hubby went to the Guinness Brewery and I went to the museum to see the Celtic Gold. We were both happy at the end of the day - even though Guinness is the only beer I'll drink! (We only had one day there, so we had to choose. Hope to go back sometime when we have more time!)
16/Sep/14 1:42 AM
16/Sep/14 1:54 AM
I'll take you up on that Peter! Did you pour before or after you had sampled?
16/Sep/14 2:09 AM
We visited the Guinness Brewery. Very interesting. Hubby bought a polo shirt which he still wears. We did not try the Guinness as neither of us drink beer.
16/Sep/14 2:10 AM
If you come to Aussie land Greg I will pull you a beer. I have a certificate to say I can work behind the bar.
16/Sep/14 2:12 AM
Where is Keith?
16/Sep/14 2:12 AM

Too late June, you pinched his 22 anyway.

You snooze, you lose, Keith.
16/Sep/14 2:24 AM
What's this??? Does every Aussie have a license to pour beer???
16/Sep/14 2:52 AM

We manage, CG.
16/Sep/14 3:03 AM
, y'all! Back from an anniversary getaway! We stayed at an inn on Tybee Island and did the Savannah walking tour. My head is still on Tybee, my heart is still in Savannah, I've got 'phantom sand' in my shoes and salt air on my lips. Dined on great seafood, toured, and rode bikes on More...
16/Sep/14 3:15 AM
Still without my laptop, though. I really hope it's a software crash rather than being morally, ethic'lly, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead (yes, from the Wizard of Oz).
16/Sep/14 3:21 AM
16/Sep/14 5:13 AM
Does Art have an alien on his head, eating his few brains?
16/Sep/14 5:54 AM
I have a horse that needs sun lotion applied to her face, because she has problems with sunburn.
16/Sep/14 5:57 AM
1:59. Good morning everyone.
16/Sep/14 6:53 AM
Just saw on our TV news that someone in Oz paid several hundred dollars to have brain surgery on... are you ready for this... their goldfish!?
16/Sep/14 7:32 AM
AAh, what the heck... Ba Moui Ba.
16/Sep/14 7:33 AM
Morning all,weird hat is an understatement.
16/Sep/14 7:39 AM
Hal,we have just had that story on the Today show.lol
16/Sep/14 7:43 AM
Everybody. Wet chilly day here. At least we should be back into the 70s by this weekend. I don't like having to heat the house while it's still officially summer!
16/Sep/14 7:47 AM
Good morning everyone. My dog gets sunburned eyes and requires medication in the strong sun months. The same dog that is ring barking the tree in the Hard page.
16/Sep/14 8:00 AM
We've just had a wonderful weekend at Cradle Mtn. I might be able to put some pics up later in the week.
16/Sep/14 8:02 AM
Why leave it here?
16/Sep/14 8:02 AM
I can filibuster with the best of them.
16/Sep/14 8:03 AM
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