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Easy Sudoku for 17/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Oct/07 2:39 AM
That's using your head, Jane!
17/Oct/07 2:43 AM
Eve - I do remember those old champagne glasses. If you didn't drink your wine immediately, it would go flat (of course, I never had that problem!!!)
17/Oct/07 2:48 AM
what a bunch of snobs~~~wine is best right from the bottle in a paper sack~~~
17/Oct/07 2:56 AM
Actually, with the size of my feet, drinking wine out of my slipper would be just about the same as drinking out of the bottle (capacity wise, that is; not so sure about the bouquet).
17/Oct/07 2:59 AM
You know how they tell you to open a bottle of wine and then let it sit to "breathe"? Heck, no need to do that. Just open the bottle, put it to your lips and perform CPR. Saves a lot of time.
17/Oct/07 3:03 AM
Que shiraz shiraz
17/Oct/07 3:06 AM
And now I'm off to lunch - sans wine!
17/Oct/07 3:06 AM
shhhhhayyyy buddddy..........is that a botttle of ripple ya got there or thunderbird?
17/Oct/07 3:09 AM
who gives a rip~~~you want a schwig?~~~
17/Oct/07 3:24 AM
woodnt a aksd if i dint....
17/Oct/07 3:26 AM
17/Oct/07 3:31 AM
Vagrant and Drifter - How about some Pat Paulson's Red? Oh well, even that bottle is empty. How much can I get for the bottle of our heroic presidential candidate? Can I trade it for 2 bottles of Nighttrain?
17/Oct/07 3:40 AM
Enjoyed all the wine discussion - thanks for the mini lesson Jane and Eve. I too love Aussie Shiraz. And about the puzzle, what fun to have one on occasion that I can just zip through, placing the numbers in almost without having to think about it!
17/Oct/07 3:42 AM
17/Oct/07 3:48 AM
Ginger, I agree. Those kind are a great ego booster, and fun too.
17/Oct/07 3:51 AM
I've changed my Youtube to a lovely duet by Julian Bream and John Williams. They're playing Brahms.
17/Oct/07 4:00 AM
I have absolutely no idea if this is true, and I don't care! This is one of the best "feel good" pieces of glurge I've ever read!!!!

Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she More...
17/Oct/07 4:08 AM
Good maEn to all of you.
17/Oct/07 4:09 AM
There were just 6 Wild Turkeys in the backyard. They looked quite well fed, not even in their puffed up stance. I'm thinking about turkey dinner. Are these considered free-range turkeys?
17/Oct/07 4:24 AM
I don't care if it's true either, Jane. I'm sitting here with my goose bumps, smiling!
17/Oct/07 4:26 AM
Eve, they are "ranging free" in your back yard, aren't they? Go for it! Gobble, gobble....
17/Oct/07 4:28 AM
Contacted Kate from Lane Cove and the MEETING AT BRONTE this Sunday 21 October is still on so hope to see lots of Sydney Sudokuists there.
About "11 ish"
17/Oct/07 4:31 AM
Eve, if the turkeys are free and they fit in your range, why not???
17/Oct/07 4:40 AM
A nice Aussie shiraz would be a nice accompaniment to your turkey feast! And if you need some help consuming said feast............I'm available!
17/Oct/07 4:41 AM
YEAAAAAA!!!!! Rosemary lent them her broom and the Colorado Rockies "swept" the Arizona Diamondbacks. On to the World Series. A first for our young franchise!
17/Oct/07 4:44 AM
Congratulations, Sarah Beth! How exciting! I had to wait my entire life for my beloved White Sox to make it to the World Series (and they actually won it)!
17/Oct/07 4:46 AM
Great Going Rockies...wishing you well!
Have fun cheering them on Sarah Beth and all Rockies fans.
Jane, I too loved the story...true or not. I also enjoyed the wine glass tips, some were known, but I have not seen the stemless wine glasses that you and Eve talked about...Something else for More...
17/Oct/07 5:11 AM
Sarah Beth, I was at a sports dinner where the Rockies manager, Clint Hurdle spoke. He was a very good speaker, very knowledgeable, with a teriffic sense of humor. After his talk, he stayed around and chatted with us, and answered every question asked of him. Just a very, very nice guy. So I'm rooting for the Rockies all the way from Maryland!!
17/Oct/07 5:19 AM
Go Rockies! Go Rockies! Go Rockies!
(imagine the theme music from the Rocky movie in the background)
17/Oct/07 5:43 AM
Mental Feng Shui

ONE: Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO: Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE: Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all More...
17/Oct/07 5:56 AM
The turkeys have free ranged off my property, either down the street or back up into the woods behind.
17/Oct/07 6:00 AM
Gosh, Eve, wattle we do about dinner now? Oh well, we still have the wine.
17/Oct/07 6:26 AM
EVE, nothing is better than a smoked wild turkey! Entirely different taste from our farm raised turkeys! I say go for it and enjoy, and if you have extra turkies out back, send one on down this way! We love turkey!!

Now if I lived next door, would gladly smoke a turkey for you if you More...
17/Oct/07 6:34 AM
MizT - I'm with you! We used to smoke turkeys, too. Now we just grill them on the Weber. It only takes a couple of hours to cook a 16 to 20 pounder, but they still absorb that wonderful smoky flavor. We often add fruit wood to the briquets - apple is especially good. Gosh, now I'm starving, and dinner's not for 3 more hours! Look what you started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17/Oct/07 6:39 AM
And the gravy from charcoal-grilled turkey is to die for!!!!
17/Oct/07 6:40 AM
JANE, The Smoker takes longer, but once you put it on, nothing to do till time to take it out! Ours is electric, and a Brinkman. I have not tried apple wood, must look for more wood chips, only needs a few, in a smoker box or wrapped in foil, down near the electric burner to add the lovely smoke More...
17/Oct/07 6:56 AM
Hi all! It's becoming trendy in Sydney to use stemless wine glasses, some restaurants are using them as well. Look like water glasses to me, so they'd be quite easy to find. The breakage cost in restaurants must be much less; I wonder if it will follow through with their prices!! Much nicer day here than yesterday. Should be playing tennis today instead of yesterday!
17/Oct/07 6:59 AM
MizT: I put the turkey on a rack in a roasting pan so that I don't lose the drippings. Oh, and I'm always one bird ahead. When we're having a turkey dinner, I defrost gravy that I made from a previous turkey. Then after the current turkey is cooked, I take the roasting pan and put it in the More...
17/Oct/07 7:15 AM
Hey everyone, have not had a chance to read all the postings. Just concerned about Ian - will check out his page! Take care
17/Oct/07 7:16 AM
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