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Easy Sudoku for 17/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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my tume today is so slow that I dont think I'll record it. Must be all the excitement after winning the World Cup qualifier...Go Socceroos!!!
of course I meant 'time'
With you on all counts Andy.
Go socceroos
2:49..not my best but pretty good
3.53 not bad - even after much absence! go you good thing Soccerooooosss!!!!
2:39 wow, that was too easy! Try starting with 9's and working backwards... That makes twice in one week I've done the easy one in under 3 mins
3:14 Almost made a sub three minute time. Is the picture a volcano, or an unusual cloud formation?
What's a good time for medium puzzles? I took 9 minutes.
4.22 very slow concentrating on something else, off to bed now. Good night all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thanks for the puzzles
I don't get it? 7:58. I even did it from 9 backwards and still had to guess. Moving on to the medium. See you there.
3:36 Congrats to the Aussies for qualifying for the World Cup
4:14 with bite of lunch included. I could put my feet in that water right now and just sit and contemplate the world!
Hi itsme! how are you? and sweetie, Andy and all

Joke for the Day:

Two flies are having a game of football in a saucer. 'Our game had better improve soon,' says one. 'Next week we're playing in the cup!'
3:09, 4yr old (Fiona) is awake and playing by herself so I get my moment.
Congratulations to the Socceroos - A pity Ireland weren't good enough to join you at Germany 2006. I've now got 2 teams to follow, Aussie & neighbours England.

Best of luck both!
Ok quel régal. Super
ok avec le soccer, mais le hockey c'est beaucoup mieux ....a plus
3:29 Have a good day!
2:30, I got the picture of Baby Liam. He is so cute.
I got a cat sleeping. Did the picture change?
cleaning house, coming home today in 4 hours (and counting). I am soooooo excited. Maybe I will have time to do the rest of the puzzles later. Had to take a break.
4:11 - something is happening with the pics. I read about wee liam, and volcanoes and cats - my pic is of an orange and black bird landing on a branch - what gives??
My photo is a beach sunset.
I love the picture of snowmen playing cards, drinking beer and eating chips. A little whimsy is a good thing.
My picture is some girl with heavy eye makeup, lip rings and her tongue sticking out
So, we get a different pic every time now, Sorry I prefer the old way better.
4:44 and ended up with 4s as the last number to solve. The picture I got was a 'smiling' Huskie dog.
My picture is a black dog with a yellow rain coat. It is very cold, windy and snowing horizonically. My husband, who works construction,said it is almost unbearable!
2:31 :-) Pretty pleased with that, one of my better times... I did what you said, Sweetie - started with the 9's.
got a volcano - looks great
3.26 - sweetie, I started with 9s and worked backwards and found it really confusing!
And what's with us all getting different pics? I've got three golden lab puppies wearing - wait for it! - pirate hats! (is there a connection to the Lady S here?) What's happening, Gath?
3:52 at 4:41am, i figure that's ok! maybe when i finish this da*n thesis i'll be able to sleep nights. i love the husky, i wish my dog would smile at me like that.
I get a dog drinking out of a beer bottle, hummmmm
5.15 a reasonable time for me! Excited to see Aussies make the world cup...I live 2 kilometres away from the Olympic stadium...should be lots of fun next year!
2:56; I just did two puzzles and got diff. pics as well, what's going on?
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