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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Feb/12 8:01 PM

Yep, watching the 'pluddy clicket'.

Aussies not doing so well either. Lankans dishing it up to us!
17/Feb/12 8:23 PM
2:20 Good evening one and all!

Hello Mr Cee and Peter! No Baz tonight, I see?
17/Feb/12 9:56 PM
Here I am ... had a busy day at work. Didn't even have time to loiter on site I should be doing a bit of that dreaded 'cleaning'. Having a BBQ here tomorrow for my brother's birthday. I invited family ... didn't think they would come but they are!! So now I have to make the place presentable.
17/Feb/12 10:16 PM
No long walk for me in the morning
17/Feb/12 10:17 PM
Where are my manners??? Hello Anne and anyone else is still around
17/Feb/12 10:18 PM

Nearly footy season, Anne. Hope those Dockers of yours have been practicing.
17/Feb/12 10:21 PM

G'day Meg. Shouldn't you be cleanin' your house for the barby tomorrer.
17/Feb/12 10:22 PM

Brumbies play the Western Farce next Friday......can't wait!
17/Feb/12 10:23 PM
Hey Peter. "Let Go Bronco"
17/Feb/12 10:25 PM

Mate, dropped off that game when they ditched the mighty Bears.
17/Feb/12 10:26 PM
Of course the Dockers have been practising, Peter. They're sure winners for this year!
17/Feb/12 10:27 PM

As long as they beat Manly ...ptui! I'll be happy.

I'm happy when anybody beats them.
17/Feb/12 10:28 PM
Hello Meg - enjoy your barbeque tomorrow.
17/Feb/12 10:28 PM

Bit of bad luck for you that the Cats are in the same comp!

But you can dream, I suppose.
17/Feb/12 10:29 PM
What are the Western Force (I have heard of them) are they Soccer or Rugby?
17/Feb/12 10:29 PM
Cats, a lot of bl**dy kittens if you ask me.
17/Feb/12 10:30 PM
rugby. union i think
17/Feb/12 10:31 PM
Thanks Kathy!
17/Feb/12 10:33 PM
No worries Anne! Am very bored tonite I have resorted to watching cricket
17/Feb/12 10:34 PM

Rugby, Anne, Rugby. Don't you Westerners know anything.

The Western Force are from Perth.

And no, I wasnt asking you.
17/Feb/12 10:35 PM

Have to agree Peter Ptui Manly Ptui.
17/Feb/12 10:35 PM

Not much joy for the Aussies there, Kathy.
17/Feb/12 10:36 PM
3:58 That looks like a fun spot to play in the water
17/Feb/12 10:37 PM

BTW the Western Force IS from Perth.
17/Feb/12 10:37 PM
I KNEW the Western Force were from Perth, I just wasn't sure which sport they played.

I told you anyway.
17/Feb/12 10:39 PM
Yes Peter I should be doing 'that C word' (and don't misinterpret that)
17/Feb/12 10:40 PM
Just finished trying to water my dried and withered up lawns. It's been so loooooong since we've seen rain I can't remember what it looks like.
17/Feb/12 10:41 PM
Just had a nice glass of between running in and out moving sprinklers.
17/Feb/12 10:43 PM
Not fond of Football in any form but hubby is ex Victorian so 'we' watch AFL.
17/Feb/12 10:43 PM
That's even the very glass I had it in. Probably the same damn bottle, too.
17/Feb/12 10:43 PM
I don't understand rugby or soccer so it's no good me watching them.
17/Feb/12 10:44 PM

And I'll bet you still don't understand the rules (if there are any) Meg.
17/Feb/12 10:45 PM

Anne is speaking in tongues,
Meg should be cleaning up, and
Mr Cee must be on the dunny.
I'm off to bed.....these beauty sleeps don't seem to be working.

Night all.
17/Feb/12 10:46 PM
Ok enough of this chit chat. Going to attempt some semblance of cleaning before I hit the sack. Less that I will have to tackle in the morning then.
Should be good weather for a barbie tomorrow.
17/Feb/12 10:47 PM
And we agree on that too Peter.
17/Feb/12 10:48 PM
Good night and plenty of beauty sleep, Peter. I think you need it.
17/Feb/12 10:48 PM
(I used to be indecisive. Now, I'm not sure.)
17/Feb/12 10:50 PM
Yes Peter I suggest you have a few extra hours each night and maybe a granpa nap during the day might help too
17/Feb/12 10:50 PM
Rules Mr Cee ?????? I just pick out the best looking player and watch his moves
17/Feb/12 10:51 PM
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