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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Billy, it's so nice to hear from you again after all this time! I wondered what had happened to you.
Laphroiag and water, thank you. The next one I enjoy, I will consider as pay-up from you. Are you a pilot? Still can't find my card, but vaguely remember it was an International Turtles Club. Thought it was started by a military group. The friend who inducted us, had been a B-51 (maybe B-52, the More...
Warren -- The Pope doesn't use a last name.
I went downstairs and had a little breakfast and it is staying down! I think I am getting better and just feeling wiped out by my technicolor yawns from yesterday. I have been able to catch about half of my meetings via IPTV so it has not all been a waste of time. Your wishes and prayers must More...
2:36 - fastest ever.
beautiful photo!
Good maen everyone!

Nice to see some of you old farts are still sudokuing!
Why do people make such a big deal about being the first to post? Every single time I post I'm the last, and I think that's an accomplishment, too.
Maen all
5:08 Feel sluggish right now; just waking up after 4 hours sleep. Worked 14 hr. shift last night, my mind's still foggy.
Not a pilot...though I want to learn. I should be visiting San Fran and the Americas river next Christmas to do a little Salmon fishing with my older brother. I believe he is a turtle, but I was never officially inducted.
3:28. Now I understand the framed comments.
Still rainy here and should be most of the week. If nothing else my well is getting full.
Good mAen! It has been raining in Florida for about 12 hours. We really need it. Too many fires recently. And the alligators are apparently moving to mate, eat, and find water - 3 gators have attacked humans this month. People are not always smart about keeping out of the way.
For those who are still interested, Puyallup is just outside of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Good mAen all.
Carol, I hope it rains for another day and then stops. I am heading down there tomorrow. My sister lives in Punta Gorda/Pt. Charlotte area, and we are going to the beach in Ft. Myers...
Carol, She lives in Deep Creek..do you know where that is? Across the bridge from P.G.
3:20 A picture of a picture! Good mAen all! Another rainy New England day! Major flooding in southern parts of Maine & New Hampshire.
Aunt, punt, hunt, runt, & BUNT

Love the waterlilies.
Good maEn all! Too embarassed with my time today to announce it but very pretty water lilies.
What a great young man you have tell him Happy Birthday from all the sudokuland woman and how great we think he is.

Today is my Daughters 26th birthday she was born 2 days before Mt.St.Helens volcano blew that was May 18,1980.
To Anne from Albany,

Loved your oneliners. That's especially true about the cat & the door. My one cat will scratch at the back door to come in and then zoom through the house only to ask to go out the front door. It's not like she couldn't walk around the outside!!
To Amma,

My son was born June 2 after Mt. St. Helens. The weather in Texas was so affected by that (believe it or not) that it would get up to 90° by 8 in the am..and then 110 by noon.

Paul was jaundiced so we had to take him out in the sun before 7 am. It was crazy weather that year!
Good mAen world!!!

Super easy today!!
To Susan...Happy birthday to your son. What a lovely, generous son you have raised. You must be so proud!!!!
Wet, still raining. Pretty soon the flowers here will look like the ones in the picture.
Hi all, Newbie here. I just got hooked on Sudoku. Nice site here, looking forward to getting to know you. Have fun!
Carol From Ohio, Welcome!
7.20....lovely picture
My time was 2:57. Red water lilies. This site is a great geography teacher, folks from Western Australia learned that WA stands for Washington state in USA, and folks in Washington state learned that WA stands for Western Australia in Oz.
'Sudoku Science' is the name of an article in June 2006 *Scientific American* magazine, and it states there are 5,472,730,538 different sudoku. It also states 'Specialty magazines and entire books devoted to this diversion have sprung up, as have tournaments, WEBSITES, and blogs.'
The same article states:
In yet another Sudoku-related irony, then, the Japanese call the puzzle by its English name (Number Place) and English speakers call it by its Japanese name (Sudoku).
Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my son; he started the day taking a calculus exam (his last high school requirement) and said it could only get better from there. He's most appreciative and plans to celebrate with friends tonight.
Welcome Carol, enjoy your stay with us!

B'd wishes for your son susan, must be a good kid if he was born in May!!!
beautiful flower
Bom Dia meu pequena diaba!
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