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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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17/May/15 6:57 AM
Morning all, even enlarging the photo I had no idea what they were doing. Late start today Bridei got me out of bed at 6:30 and has kept me busy with his needs , now for my game time.
17/May/15 8:51 AM
, y'all! So glad to read the details on Keziah!
17/May/15 10:51 AM
I'll post a weekend puzzle tomorrow, for the second day of the weekend. Today has been spent pulling together the last details for our domestic violence awareness workshop.
17/May/15 10:52 AM
Despite our best efforts to get the word out, we had 8 girls... and 5 of them were from my troop. Well, 8 girls are more knowledgeable about potentially dangerous relationships this evening than there were this morning, and maybe they'll notice and help when a friend of theirs is in a relationship which isn't good.. They all said it was worthwhile. Merit award complete!
17/May/15 10:55 AM
While I was polishing my part of the program, Silverteen drove solo over to her friend's house, then went to the nearby shopping center to shop and pick up some applications for part time employment. First solo car trip. In my car. Yikes.
17/May/15 10:58 AM
I was pretty confident in her abilities - she's gotten so much more secure with shifting, and so has been able to improve other driving skills. What WAS weird was going into the garage, not seeing my car, thinking Silverguy had pulled it into the driveway, and then realizing 'Waaaaaaiiiiit a minute...!'
17/May/15 10:59 AM
CP, and I'm-a outta here for the evening.
17/May/15 10:59 AM
Good evening people of the world.
17/May/15 11:37 AM
Serena, you give women, me especially, a bad name. You are not supposed to be home already. You are not supposed to sound so rested. And you are not supposed to have any energy to post pictures of a beautiful baby girl. I am working on 6 years since my last darling came into the world, and I am More...
17/May/15 11:43 AM
Silvergal, if I could have, both my girls, even though they are not in that age group, would have come to your presentation. Just this last week, I got a total mother shock, when I asked my daughter how third grade was and instead of the normal 'fine' and 'nothing,' I was told that my child was More...
17/May/15 11:50 AM
Family road trip today, up to Wolf's part of the world. Man shocked me, when he said I was driving. Though it was a smart idea, since he worked Friday night. Even though, I said, the entire trip, 'Stop kicking my seat,' it was the first road trip in a very long time, I did not need valium, or wish for some.
17/May/15 11:59 AM
Oh, wait. Man did drive from the aquarium to the place we were to meet his family to eat. Possibly 20 minutes and I thought I was going to die. Man, a professional driver. Man, who has been in additional training for the past week, tried to kill me, 5 minutes after getting into the car. He was More...
17/May/15 12:05 PM
As for the child who kept kicking my back the entire time, I finally got smart and threatened her life. Or rather I told her if she kicked my seat one more time, when we got home, I was going to continuously kick her in the back. For the next hour and half, I was not kicked.
17/May/15 12:09 PM
Off to see if the Count is propped up like Judy said!
17/May/15 6:14 PM
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