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Easy Sudoku for 17/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
17/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Hi Hal. Good to see you at 10am in SC.
17/Jun/16 12:01 AM
Morning All!
17/Jun/16 12:01 AM
Thank you, ghost post.
17/Jun/16 12:01 AM
1:54 They look like they're having fun.
17/Jun/16 12:12 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle: LEMON

The ''Rootie Tootie Oh So Fruity Crown'' goes to winners Shosho, Hal, lonewoof, Cake Lady, Shiela, (new poozler!) Don, Joyce, Judy, Wombat, Peter, and Meg.
17/Jun/16 12:21 AM
Some of you may know about my love of Bald Eagles. I have been following the pair at the Decorah, Iowa nest for years. From the nest cam, you get to see the parent nest prep, egg laying, care and feeding of the eaglets, and the first flights of the (by then) juveniles. It's all fascinating to me. More...
17/Jun/16 12:34 AM

You had me worried there for a minute Kathy glad the addition was only to the library
17/Jun/16 12:44 AM
Happy Thursday!
Cute kids having fun
17/Jun/16 2:15 AM
17/Jun/16 2:51 AM
Kathy, would have to rearrange all, or at least part, of the 'roosts'. Turn them other side up for a new inhabitant.
17/Jun/16 3:00 AM

Once upon a time I would of said, has the world come to an end and nobody told me, but it just doesnt seem right anymore.....

Suffice to say the site is slow this morning
17/Jun/16 4:23 AM
Sixteen-year-old feline is back from the vet's; blood results tomorrow, but the prediction is we'll have to put him on anti-anxiety medication to curb the spraying behaviour, assuming kidney and liver function are fine. I may need some medication myself ...
17/Jun/16 4:37 AM
and Some sun - some rain.
We had one of Mother Nature's most spectacular light shows between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM last night - more lightening than I've ever seen at one time and a downpour to match. It was a totally amazing sight! Strangely, not much thunder. Not much sleep either!
17/Jun/16 4:38 AM
17/Jun/16 5:34 AM
I am starting to loose my
17/Jun/16 5:37 AM
Went to OKC over the weekend, not for fun. An Aunt who is 87 had a heart procedure, she now has a cow's valve in her heart. In through the neck down to the heart remove the old valve insert the new valve, all is good.
17/Jun/16 5:41 AM
Doctors this morning, shot in the knee so I can walk pain free, at least for awhile.
17/Jun/16 5:42 AM
Just for you Kathy,
17/Jun/16 5:43 AM
Family reunion starts tomorrow, thrill, thrill. At least it should be cool in the shelter. Outside will hover around 100F.
17/Jun/16 5:45 AM
Since no one is here to stop me
17/Jun/16 5:45 AM
17/Jun/16 5:46 AM
Need to finish packing or the weekend.
17/Jun/16 5:46 AM
1:38. Hi everyone.
17/Jun/16 5:54 AM
Good afternoon, all! Even though there is little chatter, what there is, is interesting!

17/Jun/16 7:07 AM
Cathy! Hmmm. anti-anxiety meds harrumph, huh??
17/Jun/16 7:07 AM
Hopefully the fun will overshadow the heat Sue!
17/Jun/16 7:07 AM
Will be eager to hear tales of Kathy's Eagle-Expert presentation. Oh - and author's name & book title.
17/Jun/16 7:09 AM
Wonder how Amelia's Sudoku meet-up turned out? Maybe she'll report who she met & where they gathered....
17/Jun/16 7:11 AM
My sling is now just a protective accessory -Cya
17/Jun/16 7:13 AM
Morning all,i remember playing this at school.
Joyce, our meet with Madby3/Sharlene was wonderful . We had so much to talk about of our time on here and our 6 year friendship on FB. Will post a photo on my page soon.
17/Jun/16 7:47 AM
Sorry but something has changed with putting a photo on my page.
17/Jun/16 7:58 AM
Sue, have you tried some of the knee braces from the sport stores? I wear an iliotibia (it) band wrap around each knee after I run. Makes it so that I can walk without pain afterwards. But there are other knee supports like the patellar tendon strap which is a thin band worn under the knee or More...
17/Jun/16 8:47 AM
Not a game I'm familiar with.
17/Jun/16 9:56 AM
The following two 4x4 grids each contain a 12-letter word. Each word is formed by a chain of letters. A word can begin with any of the letters. The second letter of a word is adjacent (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to the first letter, the third letter is adjacent to the second, More...
17/Jun/16 10:05 AM
Burl's program is starting to wrap up. Thelast day is Sunday, then he has Monday to pack and right after midnight Tuesday he begins his trip home. He's had the time of his life.
17/Jun/16 10:40 AM
I, on the other hand, tried to do some projects, failed and just stopped doing anything for the duration. Which means I must now clean up and put away from projects PLUS catch up on housework.
17/Jun/16 10:41 AM
Question: Does anyone here have lower back pain from arthritis that also gives them numbness in the (right) foot?

I ask because I have lower back pain and numbness in the right foot. My sugar is good, so not diabetes. Circulation seems good. Numbness is sometimes associated with pain, More...
17/Jun/16 10:45 AM
Just in time???
17/Jun/16 11:59 AM
17/Jun/16 11:59 AM
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