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Easy Sudoku for 17/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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to all who are still asleep!!
17/Jul/17 12:34 AM
17/Jul/17 12:36 AM
Happy Sunday!
17/Jul/17 1:21 AM
17/Jul/17 1:37 AM
Happy Birthday, Sue!
17/Jul/17 1:40 AM
Kate, for a lovely photo of a black swan and her babies.
17/Jul/17 2:40 AM
17/Jul/17 4:08 AM
here's for Shosho!
17/Jul/17 4:40 AM
Detroit Tigers had a win for our grandsons yesterday!
17/Jul/17 4:41 AM
It was 'Free Hat Day' at the ball park! Fun!
17/Jul/17 4:42 AM
🎂🙋🏼happy Birthday! Sue 🍷🌻
17/Jul/17 5:10 AM
Lovely swan photo Kate
Happy Birthday Sue
17/Jul/17 5:20 AM
I am inspired by Sue's birthday to go bake a cake.
Thank you, Sue!
17/Jul/17 5:33 AM
Good afternoon - this will be a lame attempt to move us along to 22.
17/Jul/17 5:54 AM
Have a grand day, Sue
17/Jul/17 5:54 AM
17/Jul/17 5:57 AM
Morning all,love the swan photo,thanks Kate.
17/Jul/17 6:23 AM
Sue,have a great day.
Sue shares her day with my great grandie Bridei, he is 4 years old today.
17/Jul/17 6:28 AM
Wonder if Black Swans are as mean & vicious as the gorgeous white Mute Swans we have amassing at the inlets of our bays here adjacent to Lake Ontario...? They are so aggressive they chase & attack the Jet Skiers!
17/Jul/17 6:31 AM
With our excessively high Great Lakes water mandating no wake zones, I suppose the Mute Swans now have complete possession of the bays this year...!
17/Jul/17 6:34 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
17/Jul/17 7:17 AM
Good morning; another day beginning here - enjoy yours to the fullest!
17/Jul/17 7:29 AM
Haha- foiled by a 'Ghost Post' - grrrrr!
17/Jul/17 7:31 AM
These ghost posts keep popping up, they are no reSPECTRE of traditions.
17/Jul/17 9:36 AM
Can I create a new word? Well it has just 'unmiserabled' here, going from cold and miserable to brilliantly sunny in just a few minutes. Can I create a new word? Well I just have!
And that repetition was not a ghost post.
17/Jul/17 9:40 AM
Good one, Wombat.
17/Jul/17 9:40 AM
The Doggies got home, not comfortably, but enough to keep them on track for the finals.
Where is all the cheering and shouting?
17/Jul/17 9:43 AM
What is a 'Free Hat Day' Sheila? Do you get in free if you wear a hat? Any sort of hat? The more weird the better. That would be fun, except if you were sitting behind something very extravagant.
17/Jul/17 9:46 AM
Thank you Hal, I would take a bow if there was a suitable smilie.
17/Jul/17 9:48 AM
1:57 Good morning one and all!
17/Jul/17 10:11 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
17/Jul/17 11:06 AM
How 'bout or or , Wombat?
17/Jul/17 11:27 AM
They won Hal, those smilies look more sad than glad.
17/Jul/17 12:07 PM
Here are the answers to Saturday's poozle. There were seven responses.
IRATE More...
17/Jul/17 12:13 PM
Good maeN, good people. Wombat, I just sent you my 1 & 3 answers on my way here.
17/Jul/17 12:51 PM
I've spent the weekend in Wisconsin visiting a friend. It was difficult trying to skirt Chicago. I wonder if it may have been faster to just drive straight through downtown?!? It may have cost less in tolls.
17/Jul/17 12:54 PM
I was trying to avoid adding another hour to my trip by driving WAY around, but it would have been just as fast and less frustrating to have done so.
17/Jul/17 12:55 PM
I took a deep breath - literally - after making it thru Chicago on my way home by stopping for a picnic at the Dunes. The water was very choppy so we kept to the boardwalk and dry sand. Still, with the stiff breeze and the fragrant lake air it was a great rest. We need to make and take more lakeshore days.
17/Jul/17 1:00 PM
I'll cp and see who wants to turn the page. My pantry shelf brackets came while I was away. So tomorrow I will be reorganizing my kitchen.
17/Jul/17 1:03 PM
I always enjoy turning the page. Thanks Plum.
17/Jul/17 1:06 PM
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