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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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17/Aug/08 2:01 AM
Maen all -- hope everyone's having a wonderful day/night!
17/Aug/08 2:02 AM
so that is what is in my drink --- full moon out in my neck of the woods -- love the full moon
17/Aug/08 2:06 AM
I dream of a day when chickens can cross the road and their motives are not being questioned
17/Aug/08 2:07 AM
what do sheep count when they can't sleep
17/Aug/08 2:08 AM
deeo thoughts in Naperville today --- enjoy your time in the moonlight
17/Aug/08 2:08 AM
So Shosho -
these days the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Things HAVE turned upside down.
17/Aug/08 2:09 AM
Mymare: Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: It was seeking attention from those who would question why
17/Aug/08 2:11 AM
Sheep can only count up to one. They are very stupid. They have no concept of a zero either. So sad to say they are very single-minded as well as stupid.
17/Aug/08 2:12 AM
What a wonderful contrast between the grumpy-looking green granny goblin, and the beautifully featured fairy meditatinbg the moon.
17/Aug/08 2:15 AM
Mary & Rayray - enjoying these deep thoughts!
17/Aug/08 2:21 AM
shosho on the 22 post - sorry Keith, but it has added some fun!
Shosho - 8 is a great favorite number (as was talked about yesterday) I was thinking how it is an infinity sign sideways. Me, I like 5...but I have to be up early to get that spot!
17/Aug/08 2:23 AM
Good mAen to everyone - That is a very interesting and pretty flower!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers for my friend who has had the stroke. He is doing ok, but he is still in the CCU unit.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is this week-end. It runs between Pontiac and Royal More...
17/Aug/08 3:16 AM
all - up late last night/this morning trying to get back to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday - if I missed anyone, please accept my apologies and sincere for your wishes.

Since it is now "officially" the 17th, I know one thing I More...
17/Aug/08 3:23 AM
I would never pick the passionfruit flower as I'd much rather have the fruit.
Something keeps eating my vines just when they get up a few feet.They keep sprouting out new leaves before they are eaten AGAIN.
17/Aug/08 3:26 AM
Fiona, I thought only those who had seen the Pope were to respond, possibly other's did as well. Since there were no responses, maybe no one has personally seen him. Just a thought. I haven't seen the Dali Lama either.

17/Aug/08 3:31 AM
Debby - glad your friend is doing as well as can be. Have fun cruisin'! We did that back in the day, too.
Eve - Haven't seen the Pope or Dali Lama, so didn't comment. I've got a couple of weeks left before I lose out on the baby guess. We'll have a pretty big celebration when he comes, though!
17/Aug/08 3:39 AM
I must admit that the Pope is not on my 'want to meet' list but the Dalai Lama is. In fact my list of those I do not have any desire to meet is a lot longer. I have already missed many that I would like to have met. Darwin for one and possibly Vasco de Gama. Emeline Pankhurst and Mother Theresa. Possibly even Captain Cook
17/Aug/08 3:55 AM
So something to ponder - you are having a dinner party your table seats a total of 8 including yourself. You can invite anyone from any period in history or someone still alive. Who would you invite to make for a most interesting/fun/informative evening.
Lets hear your choices and why
17/Aug/08 3:59 AM
My son, Jeremiah, saw Pope John Paul when he came to New York. I think it was about 12 years ago? As a mother, it was very hard to let him go, but he begged and pleaded to go. I was afraid he would get lost in that big city, but he was just fine.
17/Aug/08 3:59 AM
I'm looking forward to Tuesday, when the temp is suppose to go back to the wonderful summer weather we have been having in the 80's. In the mean time the Classical Season at Britt will come to an end on Sunday. Tonight is the Magic Circle Mimes - a concert for children.

U-tube: Mason Williams - "Classical Gas"
17/Aug/08 4:01 AM
I saw Pope JPII when he was in Denver for World Youth Day in 1993...along with 50,000-100,000 of my closest friends. Such fervor. Still one of the most memorable moments in my life...the whole experience, not just seeing the Pope.
17/Aug/08 4:21 AM
GMo - I spent very little time on this list (and it's painfully obvious) and just wrote the first names that came to me. Should be an interesting dinner conversation, glad I don't have to plan the menu!!

Abraham Lincoln
The Dalai Lama
My grampa George
Condoleeza Rice
JK Rowling
Neil Armstrong
17/Aug/08 4:21 AM
Here's why I don't answer people. By the time I read the posts, I have forgotten who asked what.

Whoever asked about seeing the pope... I have not. I also have not seen the queen, or the princes or the president of my country, or a cardinal (other than the red birds in my gramma's yard), More...
17/Aug/08 4:27 AM
And that's all from me today. Have a good weekend everyone. I'm off to tailgate. The Green Bay Packers are playing tonight and I plan on yelling to them through the TV.
17/Aug/08 4:28 AM
Yes indeed interesting. I think we will all tweek our dinner guests as thoughts occur but here is my first try
Darwin - because I want to know what drove him
Queen Elizabeth II, I much admire her and would like to know how she really feels about the change Edward 8th's abdication made More...
17/Aug/08 4:33 AM
Angie - what will you be yelling to them? Where's Bret?
17/Aug/08 4:33 AM
Angie - go Packers!
17/Aug/08 4:34 AM
GMo - here's my list although I'm sure many more names will come to me throughout the day...
1. me
2. me at 12 (she was abused and needs to be one of my honored guests)
3. the Dali Lama
4. Mother Theresa
5. Beethoven (hope he'll play for us)
6. Gilda Radner (sorry John Belushi, More...
17/Aug/08 4:42 AM
Ugh Eve, you didn't really just ask "Where's Brett" did you? There has been nothing else on our news. The short story is he was traded to the *gulp* Jets. Long, sad story.

And now I really AM leaving! *sigh* I'm rarely late.
17/Aug/08 4:45 AM
i have never seen the pope but i saw pres. bush while i was visiting the pope's plush digs. i was mad at mr. george as his visit had closed the sistine chapel. i probably didn't wave very nicely as his motorcade zoomed by.
17/Aug/08 4:51 AM
my mom (she would be so mad if i didn't invite her.)
julius caesar
king henry 8
christian bale (cause he can sing and dance and pull off batman. how cool is that?)
my husband (to keep me from embarassing myself in front of christian)
king arthur (what really is his More...
17/Aug/08 5:04 AM
mariana - you sure are a little devil for such a god-fearin' young thing!
What finger did you wave at the motorcade?
17/Aug/08 5:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! Beautiful flower. Thanks to whomever submitted this!
17/Aug/08 5:05 AM
Hey Marianna you've got a bigger table than the rest of us!!
17/Aug/08 5:06 AM
Vici I am ashamed to admit I had to google your guests 6,7 and 8.
But I agree they would make for interesting conversation
17/Aug/08 5:07 AM
Marianna - Harriet Beecher Stowe I received a copy of Uncle Toms Cabin from my Grandma for my 5th birthday and have never read it. As soon as I move and unpack my books I will make a point of doing so as I have had the book for nigh on 57 years
17/Aug/08 5:10 AM
Gmo - probably should have explained them a bit better. surprised you didn't know Eckhart as he "woke up" in GB where he spent 2 years sitting on a park bench in complete awe of the world around him...but then I tend to think of places I haven't been as smaller than they are.
17/Aug/08 5:11 AM
Hubby's off to pick up Chicken Makhani and Sag Paneer for dinner (thinking of appy) - how was your tandori, Gmo?
17/Aug/08 5:12 AM
17/Aug/08 5:12 AM
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