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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Top-o-the morn everyone!
Top-o-the page????
17/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Sep/11 12:00 AM
17/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Step Family Day.
17/Sep/11 12:01 AM
Good morning everyone.
17/Sep/11 12:02 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Keith.
17/Sep/11 12:02 AM
17/Sep/11 12:03 AM
Beautiful lake - like glass!
17/Sep/11 12:03 AM
2:00. Good night all.
17/Sep/11 12:04 AM
Correct Answers to yesterdays puzzles,

1/ Jack,Halt & Phanty with the answer 2 cakes.

2/ Halt & Phanty with Post Office or mailman or mailbox.
17/Sep/11 12:06 AM
17/Sep/11 12:07 AM
Beautiful sunny Friday afternoon here in Cape Town. Hello everyone!!
17/Sep/11 12:08 AM
For today answers to "Base what?" Inbox please.

The score of a baseball game is four to three, in favor of the home team. It is the bottom of the eighth inning and yet no man on either side has reached second base. How can this be?
17/Sep/11 12:11 AM
And the second one andwers to "math is cool" inbox please.

A man wanted to get into his work building, but he had forgotten his code. However, he did remember five clues. These are what those clues were:

The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.

The More...
17/Sep/11 12:12 AM
Thx. I get to celebrate 2 days. Aint Sudoku grand.
17/Sep/11 12:13 AM
And I got Anne's 13. And a CP.
17/Sep/11 12:14 AM
Oh well no CP.
17/Sep/11 12:15 AM
Again time for this to say and do the thing.
17/Sep/11 12:17 AM
Nite all.
17/Sep/11 12:17 AM
Yes, not a ripple.
17/Sep/11 12:19 AM
Oh, goodie.
17/Sep/11 12:20 AM
17/Sep/11 12:20 AM
& on my birthday ... well, first of my 2 day celebration.
17/Sep/11 12:20 AM
17/Sep/11 12:22 AM
Yahoo, Keith! You deserved to get 22 on your Sudokuland B'day!
17/Sep/11 12:45 AM

17/Sep/11 12:55 AM
Happy Friday and
We leave for Quebec tomorrow, then board the cruise ship on Tuesday for more ports in Canada and New England, returning Sept 30th (our 30th anniversary present to ourselves)
17/Sep/11 12:57 AM
Safe travels, Aileen.
And happy anniversary.
17/Sep/11 1:05 AM
Good morning. I went to bed without feeding the cat (trying to get my grand daughter to go to sleep) so the cat just woke me up by walking all over me. If I had to get up for the cat may as well check in here!
17/Sep/11 1:11 AM
Man had to much excitement this morning. Around 3 this morning, there was 5 deer on the road, Man saw them and slowed down and told the driver behind him. Man hit one of the deer, he said it was either hit the deer or flip the truck. Lucky for Man he just has a really dirty truck now. Not so good More...
17/Sep/11 1:20 AM
3 - Third Important Lesson - Always remember those
Who serve.

In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less,
10-year-old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and

Sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in

Front of him.

17/Sep/11 1:25 AM
HI all! Just slid off my couch to post a puzzle and see that Mr C is well into the swing of things - well done, you can do the weekend stint too as you seem to be enjoying yourself!
Forgot to post the puzzle winners from the other day - Plum, Peter, HalT and Kathy (no, not that one, the other More...
17/Sep/11 2:24 AM
Keith, enjoy your double birthday!
17/Sep/11 2:24 AM
Pictures don't get more peaceful than today's. *sigh*
17/Sep/11 2:28 AM
17/Sep/11 2:44 AM
Keith! Enjoy your two days!
17/Sep/11 2:46 AM
The Kansas State Fair is so late because, well, it always has been. County fairs are held after the harvest is over, and before school starts. That was August in Kansas. The winners from the county fairs advance to the State Fair. The county fairs are happening earlier and earlier, but the dates More...
17/Sep/11 2:56 AM
Just took a phone call from a Masters program. Another Catch 22. I thought I would study for my Masters to increase my employability. However, you have to be employed as part of this Masters program.
17/Sep/11 2:58 AM
One more for a CP, then I'm off to start my adventures for today.
17/Sep/11 2:59 AM
I think I've made the connection, Sarah Beth. Your Avatars are the two halves of the same picture. Very clever.
17/Sep/11 3:04 AM
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