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Easy Sudoku for 18/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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didn't do the puzzle just wanted to be first - one and only time this will happen
6:24 but its early morning!!!
3:05 - i am not improving for some reason. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. Andre, I think you're heading for another blocking! OOOHHH just watching Live Aid 85 and Bowie is singing Heroes, having a hot flush here, must go..
Thought I would beat every one, sweetie, but at least I did the puzzle

3:33 - is that dog laughing at me?
3:01 sorry about that Andy from Sydney, I promise, it's the one and only time I'll do that!
Happy Monday afternoon everyone!
Say 'cheese'!
Forgot to set the timer, but probably not a big loss. Couldn't get online all weekend so I've been dying for my sudoku fix!
hi everyone - had the weekend away from the sudoku but don't think it's cured me of the addiction - couldn't wait to get back to see the comments - k from Brissie, I checked out the origins of 'crikey' - 19th century slang for Christ apparantly - were you aussies around in the 19th century?!!! and before you shoot me I'm only joking!
4:33, can't seem to get moving this morning - same old excuse! Monday morning here, and a beautiful fall day. Already had my coffee and a walk, now on to the day. Have a good one everybody!
05:02 17.10.05 no, carol, it's laughing at me.
2:56 Monday morning here, too. But if I pretend hard enough, I can believe today is Tuesday and get rid of my Monday blues.
My eyes are still filled with sleep, and the puzzle took me TEN minutes. Oh well, its a good way to wake up and enjoy another day.
Good Monday morning to everyone. i am still trying to consistantly do the puzzle in under 10. too embarrassing to post until i am better!
Still working at my clutter in basement today, why on earth have i saved all this stuff, my kids dont want it and we sure dont need it...
3:13 Frell... couldn't beat the 3 minute mark today... sigh, oh well
i did the puzzle with my baby on my knee. i think he already likes suduko!
3:03 - great pic of the dog - he's definately laughing at us. Morning Ginger - you're up even earlier than me!
howling at my lousy time - Hi yall - I'm back from the 24 hour bug - if i offended anyone while i was cranky - sorry - had 4 nights of guests in the middle of it - but I am now alone with my sudoku and my indvisible friends.
1:58 =)
second time to break 2 min barrier (although very close to it)
bad time -not posting. Hi fiona (france) only a few proto types around in the 19th C. hopefully we've improved the slang since then -all except Steve Irwin that is.
3:53 not bad as eyes kept wondering!
Mon from melbourne:
Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says 'Dam!'
Billy thats why i waited to post :)
Congrats Sweetie x
6:02 - personal best so far... need more practice! a nice 64 degree morning here (or 18 degrees for those who use Celsius)!!
Just getting the hang of it.Absorbing. Slow hope to improve
1:59 A slow moving morning for me. Went camping all weekend and all that fresh air and hiking made me so tired this morning. Hopefully in the swing of things by Tuesday morning. Have a great day everyone. 'So where does that nurse work (in the unusual place)'?
3.14 very slow tonight,but then it's quite late here.Hey Andre,these two guys walk into a bar and one guy says to the other,'WHO THE HELL PUT THAT THERE?' Your fish joke reminded me of this one,which admittedly has whiskers on,but is something of a classic.On a friend's pc as I don't own one,so may only appear every few days.
3:04-pretty easy- so why cant i get under 3 mins? no unusual sounds from Bloor St yet Lisa..
this puzzle was really hard until i found the solution in other words I CHEATED!!!!!!!
UUUUGGHHHHH! You guys are just too funny for this time of day!
02.53 quickest so far for me....
5:50 - this is addictive, isn't it?
It's 12:30 pm in Toronto and still no Lisa. Maybe the full moon helped!
Not bad for first time doing this puzzle 10:00.
di from mackay oz I nearly put that one :))
Donna, SweetRascal works in a men's prison. She must get to deal with some horrendous things, but we won't go there. Hi andre - a good job you did yesterday - not one question about the timer! Thanks, Jean I haven't got to those sites yet, but did a few on jigzone(after the kids went to school). I More...
Didn't start the timer properly. :(

Typical Monday here. I've got the start-of-the-work-week blues. Now I need chocolate.
There hasn't been a post from Lisa since some time yesterday. Must be she's busy. Hoping for the best.
experience - something about the chemical composition (got to be careful here, don't want to get andre-ed) of received donation - so if you used an 'eraser' Lisa then it wouldn't make any difference.
Hi Max, I'm still thinking of one. Leanne, didn't anyone teach you to share with your friends?
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