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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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18/Feb/13 2:57 AM
Karen, I am glad MIL is doing better.
18/Feb/13 2:58 AM
Karen, there are Blue Bell creameries in Brenham, Texas, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sylacauga, Alabama. I've only seen the one in Texas.
18/Feb/13 3:00 AM
... look what happened while I was doing ''research.''
18/Feb/13 3:02 AM
18/Feb/13 3:20 AM

Spent the morning looking at paint colors. Hubby and I get along very well except when choosing paint. I won.
18/Feb/13 3:24 AM
8/8! Yea, me! I must admit I've never heard the term ''ocker''. I understand it means an unsophisticated person in Aussie slang. Where in the world does it come from? Is it an abbreviation of a longer word? Do any of our Aussie people have an explanation? I'm curious......
18/Feb/13 3:29 AM
We are in the car on our way home. It got down to 34 deg.F. at Fripp last night & may be that cold in Valrico tonight! We left early today so we could get home in time to move and/or cover tender plants.
18/Feb/13 3:32 AM
Keith,I love Bluebell ice cream! My favorite is Moo-llenium Crunch. Karen, did you know they have coupons on their website? Glad your MIL's BP is down. Hope they will help her figure out why it's spiking like that & get it under control.
18/Feb/13 3:39 AM
Thanks Keith, I had no idea that Blue Bell expanded. That is good, everyone should know BB goodness.
18/Feb/13 3:40 AM
Kathy, what color did you pick? That can be hard sometimes. We have learned to always buy a sample amt. for $3 or so & try it out in the room to be painted. The lighting can make a big difference!
18/Feb/13 3:44 AM
Kathy, that is a Moo-Ilenium is a favorite here too. And yes, I am a member on their website. I also, know that two times a month, the pickup store in town, runs a sale either 2 or 3/half gallons on sale and during the hot months, they are even cheaper. And that there are two or three half gallons More...
18/Feb/13 3:45 AM
MIL is doing great. She now has Dr. Morgan taking care of her. Man said, since they arrived, M has been taking care of his mom. When the nurse came in, to check on her, M helped with the blood pressure machine and told MIL to be very still. When the nurse how MIL was doing this morning, M answered, More...
18/Feb/13 3:49 AM
Kathy (V), that is what we did, or I did, during color selecting. Just to get an idea of what the color would like throughout the day.

I have been looking at the same splotch on the living room wall for 5 years. I love the color, but it is no longer available, and I never came across the again. Of course, now it does not matter. May have taken me a while to pick the color.
18/Feb/13 3:52 AM

I spent nearly three days, trying to find a suitable location and erect a TV antenna. After dark, last evening, I finally in desperation lashed it to the fork frame on a forklift. With the antenna nearly thirty feet in the air, I was able to ''pull in'' ten stations. On one, I More...
18/Feb/13 4:00 AM

Geez, DoA, you're getting pretty crotchity in your old age.
18/Feb/13 4:11 AM
Happy Sunday day off!
Will try Mr Cee's challenge (I might improve my 4/4 score from yesterday)
18/Feb/13 4:12 AM
Hal, I've been ''pretty crotchity'' my whole life. But then you knew that.
18/Feb/13 4:16 AM
Sue - 'Straight, No Chaser' was a very good show. We both enjoyed it.
18/Feb/13 4:35 AM
Beautiful photo of a beautiful place. Wonder who took it, and where it is?
18/Feb/13 4:42 AM
I'm not into watching television either. Don't even what programs are available. When I do turn on the TV I'll watch the science channel, the medical one, or the food channels. I'm getting impatient in my old age and usually go channel surfing between those channels. But warning - don't go from a food channel right away to a medical one because the view may take away your hunger!
18/Feb/13 4:43 AM

18/Feb/13 4:44 AM
Did the puzzle and then Mr. Cee's offering. I think I got them all today.
18/Feb/13 4:44 AM
One more for a cp . . .
18/Feb/13 4:45 AM
18/Feb/13 4:45 AM
Oh, forgot to mention the avatar is in honor of the cherry blossoms soon to come! I can just barely see the buds!
18/Feb/13 4:46 AM
DorA: Commercials = capitalism at it's finest! Gotta make a buck...
But the endless drivel gives an old geezer like you plenty of time to visit the bathroom... ;-)

But I agree the commercials can get to you.
18/Feb/13 4:49 AM

Aileen!!! you got a perfect score in Mr Cees poozle, nothing wrong with 4/4 ust cause there were 8 has nothing to do with it
18/Feb/13 4:57 AM
Jim ''BRB's'' are good, but 25% of my time watching commercial messages for items which I have no need for or desire to own is a ''little much''.

Propaganda (advertising) is one of the classes in high school that I paid attention to. I've remembered most of what I was taught. Not to say I don't support the economy, it's just that the TV ads don't address any of my needs or wants.
18/Feb/13 5:00 AM
I have sent my answers to Mr. Cee. So, I've accomplished something today!

The paint samples at the store we were in (Sherwin-Williams) were pretty pricey at $7 for a large sample. Looked to be maybe 1/2 quart. We ended up getting a quart of my choice (Mexican Sand) We'll see More...
18/Feb/13 5:45 AM
Morning all, a beautiful misty morning or so high up it is low cloud.
18/Feb/13 5:50 AM
I do word games during commercials. My handy-dandy Kindle Fire is close at hand.
Speaking of word games...Kathy(Valrico)I have you to thank for introducing me to ''7 Little Words''. I went beyond the free ones and bought many more. Totally addictive!
I shall return the favor. Download ''Rummikub'' and you may never get out of your chair.
18/Feb/13 5:51 AM
We record all the T.V. shows we like so that we can watch them whenever we want to & fast forward through all the commercials!
Kathy (M) - I may live to regret this, but I will now go search for Rummikub. Rob may also regret that he bought me a hot spot so I can use my Kindle Fire in the car! We still have about 3 more hours to go.
18/Feb/13 6:13 AM
18/Feb/13 6:31 AM
Found Rummikub & realized I have played it with real tiles at our NC daughter & SIL's. They were much better at the regrouping than we were. I suppose practice helps. Checked out the online Hall of Fame - wow,some of those people play a lot! Will I be seeing you there soon, Kathy? Any other Rummikub players here in Sudokuland?
18/Feb/13 6:47 AM
1:48. Good morning all.
18/Feb/13 6:53 AM
Kathy, I have played Rummikub with the real tiles. It used to be a favorite when visiting Mom.
18/Feb/13 7:11 AM
Since you're talking about game apps, my latest addiction is Flow Free. If you like puzzle type games, don't try it unless you have a lot of time on your hands.
18/Feb/13 7:14 AM
I just submitted my taxes for the 4th time. Hope they go trough this time.
18/Feb/13 7:14 AM
trough = through. Think that is part of the problem FFS
18/Feb/13 7:15 AM
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