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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:03 Where has everyone got to??
18/Feb/16 12:14 AM

We've got to stop meeting like this.
18/Feb/16 12:58 AM
Yes, Keith.
That feels better. It was very warm and humid at badminton tonight so I've just had a nice relaxing Playing for 2-3 hours in that heat never used to worry me. Must be getting old.
18/Feb/16 1:20 AM
another beautiful day in OK.
18/Feb/16 1:43 AM
The energy inspector is wandering outside around the house checking who-knows-what. Hubby warned me not to call the cops if I notice someone peering in my computer room window.....he'll just be looking for loose caulk.
18/Feb/16 1:44 AM
Phone says we will be near 70F today. This is when I wish the foot wasn't broke, could be out in the yard plying in the dirt.
18/Feb/16 1:46 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Practice makes perfect.

As a reward for their perfection, Dottie, Aileen, Judy, Joyce, Mads, Wombat, and Sarah receive the ''Good Old Original Bat Crown''
18/Feb/16 1:48 AM
Kathy, we replace all the windows and sliding doors, air ducking in the ceiling, heating unit in the storage. I now keep the thermostat 4 degrees cooler and it is as warm or warmer than before. My last electric bill reflected was several $$ lower than it had been.
18/Feb/16 1:51 AM
Take out the was it makes more sense.
18/Feb/16 1:52 AM
Time to go see Harry, I spent several hours there yesterday, even had lunch there. I have decided the chef salad is eatable.
18/Feb/16 1:54 AM
And, for today.....

In each of these 5 words, change the upper case letters to produce 5 new words.
The new letters spell a fruit. What is the fruit?


Answers to my ''Change the D to L'' inbox, please.
(hint, hint, hint)
18/Feb/16 1:56 AM
I never knew there were flags at Mount Rushmore.
18/Feb/16 2:08 AM


In the today we have Judy, Wombat and lonewoof. It would be fitting to give them nothing as a prize. Instead, I have these.
18/Feb/16 2:11 AM
The schools had a snow day here yesterday, although it was more of an ice and frozen rain day. It is amazing how much less gets done around here when the 4 yo is home.
18/Feb/16 2:14 AM
/ Sun going in and out today.
I'll take any bit of it!
18/Feb/16 2:36 AM
Good morning to all!
18/Feb/16 2:51 AM
We ended up with 51.2 Cm. of snow yesterday, a little over a foot and 6.5 inches. The city is still digging out today but getting back to normal.
18/Feb/16 2:53 AM
Good morning to you, Greg, and to everyone else who is around.
18/Feb/16 2:54 AM
That's a lot of snow for one day.
18/Feb/16 2:55 AM
My page print has gone to tiny, how do I fix it?
18/Feb/16 2:56 AM
I found some magnifying glasses, they help.
18/Feb/16 2:58 AM
18/Feb/16 2:58 AM
Sorry Keith, the devil made me do it.
18/Feb/16 3:00 AM
Not the DorA devil.
18/Feb/16 3:00 AM
Big computer is definitely dead, I'm on my big laptop.
18/Feb/16 3:01 AM
A 17'' one. Mr P wants to keep it as the main computer now, rather than buy a new desktop. GRRR!
18/Feb/16 3:03 AM
Big laptop as opposed to the little 8'' one, which travels well and works well.
18/Feb/16 3:04 AM
Wow, CG! We only got about an inch of snow last night!
18/Feb/16 3:06 AM
Since hubby retired, I've had to fight for computer time. Seems the 'Think I'll buy a laptop for my new desk.' went by the wayside!
18/Feb/16 3:08 AM

That's a lot of snow, CG. I think I heard Rochester, NY got the same amount on the news. So no wonder Joyce talked about her digging things out to get to her bird feeder(s).
18/Feb/16 3:19 AM
If you're looking for a few chuckles, go back to yesterday's pages since The Joker reappeared with a few groaners.
18/Feb/16 3:20 AM
Two computers (and different rooms!) probably saved our marriage when hubby retired.
18/Feb/16 3:32 AM
2 hours and the inspector is still here. I think he and hubby have bonded. They are now discussing the merits of different flat screen TVs.
18/Feb/16 3:37 AM
Happy Wednesday, but last day of my staycation
Back to the salt mines tomorrow...
18/Feb/16 3:39 AM
Good day all - yes we are seeing lots of white! We had everything shoveled (& snow-blown) by nightfall, except for the ever increasing pile at the end of the driveway as the street plows made hourly runs & the front porch steps & walkway to the sidewalk.........
18/Feb/16 4:30 AM
Since we have 2 other exits I just finished the front porch steps; hubby did the driveway earlier. The weight of the snow grew overnight since rather than temps hovering near zero, now we're into a thaw.
18/Feb/16 4:37 AM
Page turners should be hovering & I'm not staying to play today - have at it CP, Keith, Shosho, or maybe even Sacky..............>
18/Feb/16 4:38 AM
Snow as fine and grainy as sugar covered the
windows in and sifted off to the floor and
did not melt
18/Feb/16 5:02 AM
Where do frogs write things down?

On lily pads!
18/Feb/16 5:06 AM
Where does a judge eat lunch?

At the food court!
18/Feb/16 5:07 AM
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