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Easy Sudoku for 18/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good evening one and all!
18/Apr/16 12:00 AM
18/Apr/16 12:00 AM
G'day Anne.
18/Apr/16 12:01 AM
We celebrated my wife's birthday with a dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I gained 3 pounds. The problem, I realize, is eating out is very unhealthy - but fun!
18/Apr/16 12:02 AM
Good morning all - happy day, all day!
18/Apr/16 12:02 AM

Good one Anne, not often anyone beats Hal or Wolf for top spot!
18/Apr/16 12:02 AM
Mrs Wolf
18/Apr/16 12:04 AM
1:58 A bit slow tonight. Must be bedtime for me.
18/Apr/16 12:07 AM
18/Apr/16 12:11 AM
Peter, your navigator tale was quite interesting. However, I see a couple of problems. First, December has 31 days, not 30. And the new century did not begin until January 1, 1901.
18/Apr/16 12:28 AM
Good morning and what a beautiful day!
18/Apr/16 12:28 AM

You didnt need to send inclement weather over here Orianne!!
18/Apr/16 12:45 AM
Yea, but, what kind of navigator cares about small details?
18/Apr/16 1:39 AM
18/Apr/16 2:13 AM
Good morning.
18/Apr/16 2:30 AM
My navigator does, Keith.
18/Apr/16 2:31 AM
In some areas. he's ultra picky and OCD (obsessed with certain details!).
18/Apr/16 2:32 AM
Yet he's a good and lovely man I wouldn't be without (AWWW!).
18/Apr/16 2:34 AM
Happy Birthday, Mrs Wolf!
18/Apr/16 2:35 AM
Time to run.
18/Apr/16 2:46 AM
18/Apr/16 2:47 AM
18/Apr/16 2:47 AM
Yea, my guess would have been that all navigators do.
18/Apr/16 2:48 AM
As a former navigator, I must say that the proof is in the details.
18/Apr/16 2:57 AM
One of the ways to have fun with snow.
18/Apr/16 4:31 AM

Close enough is good enough just isnt appropriate in some instances hey Hal
18/Apr/16 4:49 AM
Morning all, just looking at snow makes me shiver.
I see Keith got his 22 today !
18/Apr/16 6:02 AM
18/Apr/16 6:18 AM
Happy Sunday afternoon!
18/Apr/16 9:24 AM
Hal, I forgot to mention that the navigator and captain had been splicing the main brace and got their dates mixed up. However the 20th century began on the 1st Jan 1900......they got that bit right.
18/Apr/16 10:42 AM
Peter, here's one of those things that I suspect that we will have to 'agree to disagree.'
When I was first learning history, I had a problem understanding why the 12 hundreds were referred to as the 13th century, the 17 hundreds as the 18th century, and so on. When it was explained to me that More...
18/Apr/16 12:26 PM
My brain hurts. I'm going to bed. Night all.
18/Apr/16 12:46 PM
Hal, I don't agree with Wikipedia.
To simplify the issue I'll explain it as I see it.....
We start at 00 to 09 = First ten
10 to 19 = second ten
20 - 29 = third ten and so on.......

Now, apply that to centurys and voila, 1900 to 1999 is the twentieth century.

18/Apr/16 3:36 PM
Sorry Peter, but I have to agree with Hal. If you start with the premise that there was no year 0, the first year was year 1. That would make the last year of the first century year 100. That makes the first year of the second century year 101, so ... LOL.
18/Apr/16 3:55 PM
Ah, but Keith, there is a year 0. It is not a complete year as it increases with time to become 1, so between 0 and 1 there is a part year and at the end of it we have the first year - 1

I recall doing this in maths at school and infinity comes into the equation to complicate things.
18/Apr/16 5:05 PM
Another way of looking at it is to consider when you were born. I doubt that you remember the event but you weren't one for another twelve months - are you saying you didn't exist during this time? I think you did!
18/Apr/16 5:10 PM
Boys! Boys! Boys!
18/Apr/16 5:48 PM
Exactly, Peter. You haven't lived 10 years until you have completed the tenth year. And a century isn't complete until you get to the end of 100 years.
18/Apr/16 11:28 PM
Anyone going for the page change.
18/Apr/16 11:33 PM
18/Apr/16 11:33 PM
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