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Easy Sudoku for 18/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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beautiful day in OK
18/May/16 12:01 AM
18/May/16 12:01 AM
18/May/16 12:04 AM
18/May/16 12:04 AM
Another day with a doctor, he will decide if I need an MRI.
18/May/16 12:07 AM
I am ''doctoring'' again today, too. Off to the orthopedist soon.

I'm wondering how Wolf is doing today.
18/May/16 12:21 AM
But! Before I go....
Poozle Time!

My first is in kendo but not in Olympics.
My second is in hurdles and in hunting.
My third is in bowman and in bowling.
My fourth is in cycling and in golf.
My fifth is in flying and not in swimming.
My last is in running and not in More...
18/May/16 12:35 AM
18/May/16 12:41 AM
Woohoo got my fav number!!! Oh, manners!
18/May/16 12:42 AM
Sometimes sunny.
Have a great day, everyone!
18/May/16 12:45 AM
Good morning.
18/May/16 12:54 AM
Not off to the doctor today.
18/May/16 12:56 AM
But I've got a blood test instead.
18/May/16 12:57 AM
Fasting - means I can't have my usual cup of hot milk now, or tea, or ....
18/May/16 12:58 AM
Somehow a cup of hot water is not the same!
18/May/16 12:59 AM
I'm almost certain we recently had a lost world discussion.
18/May/16 1:44 AM

In the today we have Judy and Sarah. Ribbons for the winners.
18/May/16 1:45 AM
I'm off, but not to the Dr. I need to pick up the preschooler.
18/May/16 1:46 AM
Oh, speaking of doctor visits, guess who I ran into at our GP's yesterday.
18/May/16 2:31 AM
It was my own 4T.
18/May/16 2:31 AM
The doctor thought we came together, but I told her I wouldn't even have known he was sick if I hadn't run into him.
18/May/16 2:33 AM
18/May/16 2:34 AM
That was the wrong smilie, it was supposed to be
18/May/16 2:35 AM
Time I was off again, especially before Keith catches me.
18/May/16 2:37 AM
18/May/16 3:08 AM
Beautiful photo, today, with an apt title.
18/May/16 3:40 AM
Looks like I won't need an MRI after all. I had a rather bad fall last week, landed on my left side. The top of my arm and head took the brunt of my fall. My orthopedist seems to think that I am just badly bruised, maybe a pulled muscle or two. Will go back in 2 weeks for another check up. Good thing is he doesn't thing it is my rotator cuff, done that once and that was enough.
18/May/16 6:25 AM
Today is our 18th day of rain. It is so gray and gloomy!
18/May/16 6:35 AM
Ah, there is now a story on the radio how this weather is devastating Little League and other other kids' sports. Games keep getting cancelled because of rain.
18/May/16 6:45 AM
It's also cold - average temperature in April was lower than Alaska! - and we have no heat since the building was switched to air conditioning at the end of April.
18/May/16 6:48 AM
We've sometimes had summer begin in April. Now it's May and still winter.
18/May/16 7:42 AM
What did I do in the past almost hour? I was sitting right here, doing what? Other than a CP, that is.
18/May/16 7:44 AM
Morning all, this pic is so apt for our morning...we are fogged in !🌫🌫
18/May/16 9:15 AM
Funny, here we're having our June Gloom (cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons, overall temp is in the 70's). Only problem is that it's May!
18/May/16 10:29 AM
This year's schedule has been crazy. Usually I start the planting of marigolds with all my students so that we'd have a flowering plant by Mothers' Day. That day has come and gone and we're just starting the life science unit.
18/May/16 10:31 AM
And because of the new standards for science was officially adopted in 2013, I've been busy making new lessons to keep up with the new demands. So the ice cream making event (cold is needed to change a liquid to a solid) which I taught to third graders before I retired, came in handy for second graders because that standard was pushed down a grade.
18/May/16 10:34 AM
All the science FOSS kits became geared for the wrong grade level and I've been busy trying to move the big boxes from grade to appropriate grade. Don't think I've done so much before I retired! Luckily the teachers trust me enough to give up their FOSS kits for other FOSS kits!
18/May/16 10:37 AM
Well, lookee here, I've pushed us to the bottom of the page!!!
18/May/16 10:38 AM
Guess I better hurry . . .
18/May/16 10:38 AM
18/May/16 10:38 AM
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