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Easy Sudoku for 19/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/Jan/15 12:02 AM
'Morning Joe.
19/Jan/15 12:09 AM
, y'all! What a CUTE kitten!
19/Jan/15 1:04 AM
That is one chubby kitty!
19/Jan/15 1:41 AM
We have heavy rain this morning. Unfortunately, I need to go out to buy more vinegar so I am able to continue with the wallpaper glue removal. I had to stop yesterday when I ran out. Just half a wall to go....the end is near!
I am taking the day off tomorrow to have lunch and play More...
19/Jan/15 1:48 AM
19/Jan/15 1:58 AM
For fun, I've uploaded 3 new pics, all unrelated. Christmas lights 5k (check out those knee socks!), waving at the Google car as it was driving by in a shopping/dining area, and all the cups that I hauled out of our cabinets yesterday.
19/Jan/15 2:19 AM

HalT - Check Peter's comment at the end of yesterday about Roman Numerals.

Continuing the conversation about living in the same home for an extended time, I've lived in this house for 30 years in June and don't have plans to move.
19/Jan/15 2:20 AM
Cute, cuddly, and chubby, kitten today.
19/Jan/15 2:55 AM
24 years is unusual for us - with Silverguy's job, we thought we'd stay for 7-9 years at most. I was military growing up, but even there we didn't move all that much, every 2-5 years. When we retire, we'll make one last move... to the mountains.
19/Jan/15 2:55 AM
Slow today.
19/Jan/15 2:56 AM
Thanks, Dottie.
And thanks also to Peter.
19/Jan/15 3:00 AM
Silvergal, you have a cup collection like I did. I think I had 39 plastic cups.
19/Jan/15 3:54 AM
Good morning to all! 'How much is that kitty in the window?' A cutie.
19/Jan/15 3:55 AM
What a cute little chubby kitty.
19/Jan/15 3:55 AM
So, who is pulling for who in the NFL playoffs? I like New England and Green Bay, but both matches will be tough for all involved.
19/Jan/15 3:57 AM

A day late.

1) gene + ration = generation
2) con + verse = converse
3) for + tune = fortune
4) ham + mock = hammock

In the today we have Kathy, Judy, and Joyce. A small fortune for the winners.
19/Jan/15 3:59 AM
My general football stance is pro 49ers and Steelers and anti Patriots and Browns. Of the 4 remaining teams I'd like to set the Packers make it. Between the Colts and the Patriots I don't particularly care for the Colts but I'm all about the Patriots losing.
19/Jan/15 4:03 AM
19/Jan/15 4:43 AM
I'll cheer for the Packers and Colts. Too many arrogant players on the Seahawks for me to like them, and I can't get past Belichick's cheating a number of years ago.
19/Jan/15 5:29 AM
Silvergal: Check out 'Ladder' picture on my page. (not exactly recommended practice, especially considering my reputation RE ladders...)
19/Jan/15 6:21 AM
19/Jan/15 6:23 AM
Morning all,kitty playing hide and seek.
19/Jan/15 6:44 AM
Silvergal ..... are you doing Peter Walsh's 30 day organizational clean up? (cups removed)
19/Jan/15 6:45 AM
No organization program, Jeanine. I had to find a home for new Pampered Chef items, and one thing led to another! That's usually how it happens around here.
19/Jan/15 7:44 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone, I'm running a bit late getting off to work this morning - I decided to have a run before work rather than at lunch time and a little over 11km later, with cooling down/showering/having breakfast I find it's already 8:30!
19/Jan/15 8:31 AM
Yikees! I only did half that amount of running this morning!
19/Jan/15 9:34 AM
...If there's one thing I detest in American football is conservative coaching when a team has the lead (ie. play calling to 'preserve the lead'). Not only is it boring to watch, it often backfires, especially against a championship team. Disappointed in Green Bay: Anemic runs up the middle led to Seattle getting the ball back with plenty of time left.
19/Jan/15 10:40 AM
19/Jan/15 10:55 AM
19/Jan/15 11:01 AM
I started drifting away from watching a lot of pro sports several years ago. Football is a good example. I still support the 49ers and hope they do well every year, but seldom watch any of their games. I got put off by so many of the players showing awful sportsmanship, acting like privileged, More...
19/Jan/15 1:37 PM
Well stated, Keith.
19/Jan/15 1:55 PM
Keith, I agree completely.
19/Jan/15 3:02 PM
Gee still on page 1. I have been to a talk on dementia and then to lunch. Came home and had a nap. It has been a lovely cool day.
19/Jan/15 5:48 PM
I was hoping someone would help to take us to page 2 but a bit late for that now.
19/Jan/15 11:19 PM
It has been a nice cool day so it will be nice to curl under some covers tonight.
19/Jan/15 11:20 PM
It should be a nice day to catch up on some ironing tomorrow but not something I think I can do one handed. I think it will be wearing unironed clothes for a few more weeks.
19/Jan/15 11:21 PM
I did manage to make some plum jam yesterday. Hubby had to get it out of the microwave and pour it in the jars for me.
19/Jan/15 11:23 PM
This waterproof cast is great, although with the cooler weather it did feel a bit damp inside for longer. I do not think it would be as comfortable in the winter if it made the limb cold and damp. I do find I drip for about 5-10 minutes after I have had a shower.
19/Jan/15 11:25 PM
Enough rabbling about nothing. I can now turn the page.
19/Jan/15 11:26 PM
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