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Easy Sudoku for 19/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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shabayah From nimbin.. facinating spot - how long have you lived there? is it real?
2:46 -- improving every day.
stoney - you need to study the game first and then be quick with the mouse
Maybe there's a timing variance--do you start your time with a blank puzzle, or do you start after you have filled in some possibilities? I assume the slowpokes are starting at a blank puzzle. Is this an even playing field we're measuring?
4.19. I can live with that.
4:30 -not bad for me.whoohoo LET IT SNOW!!!!
10 seconds!
Slow today...but still under 3 minutes...so I'll take, especially since I'm sick and going on just a few hours of sleep...
Actual: 2:59
Amber-I'll be up sort of your way to help little bro shut down his cabin by Gaylord.
Robin-I grew up going to Coldwater-still ride my jetski there occasionaly-LOVE that lake.
Darn--forgot to set the timer, and then I breezed through the puzzle! And when I remember to set the timer, I always seem to have a hard time. Oh, well.
lil from TO..yep Nimbin is real alright..a truly beautiful spot..lots of alternative thinking, fantastic community spirit..and the belly dancing!!! We have a Mardi Grass festival every year at harvest time...and the Gunja Faeries bellydance along the main street leading the parade!! I've lives up this way for 15 years now. Love it!!!
What in blazes are your IQs if you can do this in under 10 minutes?
Hi everybody!
Anyone there from Portugal? I begin to feel a little lonely...
Wednesday morning here - cool and cloudy!!! Damn - guess that means I'll just have to sit in front of the computer playing Sudoku again.. Still haven't heard from Don about his grand-daughter - hope no news is good news. Lisa - you've missed my predicted date - never mind.
taking my last vacation day for this year cuz it's my birthday (still Tuesday the 18th over here)!
see ya--off to lunch with my mom while hubby is at work and kid is at school.
Hi All...Anuschka...i'm not from Portugal, but believe my ancestors were....anyway, just to let you know that I had a wonderful holiday in Lisbon and Porto this summer - Obrigada!!
Late start, pretty hungover...2:17. Maybe it is survival of the fittest. Just like the lion grabs the weakest wilderbeast, alcohol kills the weakest brain cells only leaving the strong to conquer SUDOKU?
Fiona from France, Depp and debauchery? Sounds like a MUST SEE!
Hi Anuschka I am from Portugal I just discovered this site of suduko and i do like doing the puzzle. About you.
Love the pics
I want to go to Florida!
6:17 on a warm, sunny texas afternoon
ever so slow 5:38
For Shabayah - I haven't been to Nimbin but have been to Bellingen and through the Dorrigo Mountains - Dorrigo is one of the most picturesque places I have seen and Belligen is a wonderful relaced community. Both are near Nimbin if I am correct.
Sian from wales - yes this seems to be where people vary in their times - I start the timer as soon as I start looking at the puzzle. I think all the studying of the grid os part of solving the puzzle hence my times are always around 4 mins. But if you study it first then go with the mouse to quickly fill it in - your time would be less. So really you are just timing for yourself.
Morning all - 6:30 am here and the sun is shining - it's going to be a beautiful day. Hope you all have a good one.
3:52. Now I'm on the quest to break 3 minutes.
3:03 -- bet if I didn't check out the clock while doing the puzzle I might have beat the 3:00 mark :o)
Hi Susan, i took your comments on board and started the game then looked, i still managed to complete it in 2.52
Ok Sian, so I'm slow! Guess it's just doing it before anything else in the day and I'm still waking up. Or maybe I'm just slow - haven't managed to break three minutes yet.
Haven't heard from HH lately, unless he's gone undercover, or was HH the undercover name? And what happened to Don's grand-daughter? Bill from Virginia, everyone has their own technique. I work the numbers in order and work in a logical manner but still only manage in the 3 to 4 minute range. Under 2 mins seems amazing!
Ginger - we think alike - that's exactly what I thought when I read that note - 'Depp & debauchery'- a must see for sure.
no posting so far from lisa but there's still time. 11.pm here in uk but earlier in toronto, does anyone know exactly how much?
Morning all........going to try and crack 2mins but don't know if this is poss. Hey Shabayah....I lived in Nimbin in the 80s...great place and great times.
3.31...........boo-hoo.....cannot seem to physically do it faster. If a thousand monkeys had a thousand sudokus for a thousand years............would they be bored?
pinoy, not sure you want to come visit us here in Florida until we can verify that Hurricane Wilma going to pass us by. Have to admit though, these past few days while I've had to go to work have been absolutely gorgeous.
3:33 love those numbers! It doesn't matter if someone else if faster than me. I find some of the easy ones hard to do and some hard easy - depends on your mindset at that particular moment in time.. :-)
The jacarandas are just busting into bloom, beautiful spring morning.
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