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Easy Sudoku for 19/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I'm enjoying the comments and getting to be intrigued by so many people (some particularly - red pill/blue pill gooners!, Depp depraved chocolate loving joke tellers, naked moonlight dancers et al) and there are so many comments, that the sudoku is no longer the only reason for visiting the site. More...
Gloria - I think this site has become 'latte-sudoku' - more social than hard core puzzling (if there is such a thing). Amazing so many round the world are here. Maybe sudoku could cause world peace?
3:38 Fiona, Ginger and Lily, I'm with you re Johnny Depp, he is rather scrummy. Lisa you can start pushing after midnight if you feel like it, so feel like it OK?!Hey G from D - good hol so far? I was in the land of nod by 9.30pm last nite due to my advancing years... Hey Andre,k,donna et al,hope you're all well. Where in England do you reside Andre with Gruff and Hormones?
hi all - me thinks i shall be winning the lisa's baby wagers!!!
posts just keep growing, this one was a no brainer.
Gloria & Steve(Sydney)welcome guys, it certainly is not a 'latte sudoku' site. Far too much(or not enough)red/white/even gluggable wine drunk by far too many fellow sudokuers for this to be labelled 'latte'. A superb International group of genuine sharers(possibly not so sharing when it comes to chocolate for some of them).
Billy(perth) did you see 'little Oberon'(tv movie a couple of weeks back)? If did, would like your opinion of young fellow that played the minister/priest.
Thanks anon (ghost who sudokues?). Ah - 'gluggable' wine....French term is it? I think I know the wine though. Problem is you have night time whilst we are working.....um sort of. I can get away with sudoku but can't drink at my desk all day (which is probably a good thing).
My time in New Zealand at this very moment is 8.45 pm.I got a picture of a hawk this time,i wonder whats next.....
Wally from Canberra - I would get back to work if I could. My specialist job position I'd had since 1987 was disestablished (don't you just love the new PC jargon) a couple of months ago.
Anyway, time to get stuck into today's puzzle. I can't seem to bring myself to do it now until I have caught up with all you guys first.
Hi Andre.
Love the Scrabble joke!! Your one for the day:
Where do geologist go for entertainment?
To rock concerts.
SweetRascal From South Carolina, good luck with the band comp. My kids are all in bands in Melbourne, and the older 2 will be in the Commonwealth games opening ceremony next year. Yeah!!! As to the comments about 'gluggable' wine, I can only manage 'Chateau Collapsable in this house' (ie. cask wine)
Ted S - I should've seen it but I have an aversion to Sigrid after seeing her in the Blue Room (play).Who was the actor that played the minister then? I have seen a lot of Aussie films lately - Look Both Ways, The Oyster Farmer and Little Fish - enjoyed them all, hope to see The Proposition next (written by Nick Cave).
Greetings. 2:52
5.12 is long enough to boil eggs for the salad. Any sooner and they would be runny.
finally, everyones asleep, House is on soon so I'd best hurry. Cheers all.
Happy Birthday K(B)'s son!!
G from D how is 'L' not all comments are hidden in the archives!
Billy i reside in Sutton Coldfield, the gruffs and hormones, however, live in their bedrooms apart from giving food and water we try not to communicate with them, a fatal earbashing is More...

and 'Age is just a number'
cont'd - and looks startingly like Johnny Depp in my dreams....
'startingly' what is that - 'startlingly is that right god help me!!
3:21 Is that a Bald Eagle (American) or a Fish Eagle??
Andre - have you been drinking? Its only 12.30 in the UK...
3:53, my first try here
Du bist schön. Soviel ist sicher.
Und du wirst so bleiben.
Ich hab dich lieb.
Aber ich weiß nicht, ob ich immer so bleibe, wie ich jetzt grade bin.
Du glaubst an mich.
Aber grade das ist es, was mich manchmal so fertig macht.
Immer noch. Nach all der Zeit.
Und es tut mir weh More...
This is my third puzzle and I’m addicted
,oh and my time was just under 8 min.
I guess I need to work on my speed

My first time....12:07
Just discovered the game Monday
Sarah from Surrey i wish.
Khalid Al-Fadhel google is a beast!! but is the translation correct??
You are beautiful. As much is safe. And you will remain in such a way. I love you. But I do not know whether I remain always in such a way, as I am now degrees. You believe in me. But degrees More...
cont'd -mes. I do not know yet, who I am, and I do not know yet, where I belong. I want that you knows
Khalid very poetic i think google may have overdone itself.
4:20 Good morning everybody!!
I like this game 1:22 I wish
Khalid and more importantly tell Ted how you feel!
Hi people just got introduced to Sudoko. Yesterday was the first time i played it ever I LOVE IT!!!! i'm hooked!!! will be a regular here once i learn how to use this site properly lol
Hi Trevene and Hi Steve. Is it nice and warm in Trinidad and lets cut to the chase 'do you have a small villa by the sea that is vacant that you let all your 'new sudoku friends' use at any time of year????
All this talk of great times and not one word about the unfortunate yellow bullhead who will be hawk food shortly....what a shame
So andre, are you a comic writer by any chance? Lisa you can have a rest for now! A beautiful storm - thunder/lightning and some rain. Mini gruff and mini hormone were so excited about the possibility of the power going out and having to use candles. Mum could only think about how to get to the drinks fridge downstairs in the dark.
I'm trying to figure out why Khalid from Saudi Arabia wrote a poem in German?
Andre why are you dreaming of Johnny?
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