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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to a new day in Sudokuland!
19/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. Good job at pinning FPOTD, Wolf. I was back on yesterday's page trying and failing to make a cp before time ran out. Oh, well.
19/Nov/17 12:02 AM
Comparing pix yesterday and today I can say that art imitates life?
19/Nov/17 12:09 AM
2:11 Good night all!
19/Nov/17 12:22 AM
19/Nov/17 1:13 AM
19/Nov/17 3:23 AM
Good morning to all! That mollusk probably needed some bridge work for it's teeth.
19/Nov/17 3:33 AM
19/Nov/17 4:09 AM
19/Nov/17 5:27 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
19/Nov/17 5:54 AM
Morning all, good one Greg !
Put the golf on this morning to see its being played at Jane's old stomping ground of St Simeon Island.
19/Nov/17 6:05 AM
19/Nov/17 6:10 AM
It's great being home again, I love the caravan but the bed is a little too short, my feet hang over the end.
19/Nov/17 6:11 AM
Good morning.
19/Nov/17 6:13 AM
We are off in the can next weekend, Amelia - just for the weekend down to Braidwood for the Hanging of the Quilts from all the upper storey veramdahs of the shops and so on in the main street.
19/Nov/17 6:16 AM
THe event is held every year on the last week in November and this'll be the first time we have gone. Something always comes up.
19/Nov/17 6:18 AM
Just realised in my second post I said that we are going aaway in the can. That may be a Freudian slip. We are actually going away in the Van.
19/Nov/17 6:20 AM
Where is Braidwood? Just over an hours drive from here on the way to Batemans Bay on the coast.
19/Nov/17 6:21 AM
It is a town that was settled early on Australia's history.
19/Nov/17 6:23 AM
1800-ish, give or take 50 years.
19/Nov/17 6:24 AM
19/Nov/17 6:24 AM
Good morning Keith, Peter, Joyce - and any other 22 likers.
19/Nov/17 6:25 AM
Fun photo today!
19/Nov/17 6:26 AM
One more for the double CP.
19/Nov/17 6:26 AM
Shoulda been quicker!
19/Nov/17 6:27 AM
Ha. I took 'can' to be another Aussie term. It fits just fine.
19/Nov/17 9:32 AM
Just a reminder about the 1&4 poozle. There seems to be agreement that it is a bit tougher than usual, but so far three out of three have scored 100%. Also remember you don't have to get them all right.

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through More...
19/Nov/17 10:27 AM
Don't wait for an entry from me this time, Wombat -we are off frolicking iwith one of our daughters in Denver. Today we did a holiday house tour... fan-ceee!
19/Nov/17 10:49 AM
Haha, since some camper/caravans appear to be silvery like tin cans, I too thought it might be an Aussie term, Sarah!
19/Nov/17 10:52 AM
I'm sorry you can't make it Joyce.
19/Nov/17 10:53 AM
But have a lovely time in Denver with your daughter.
19/Nov/17 10:54 AM
I don't know what the favourite tipple is in Denver or within your family.
19/Nov/17 10:55 AM
But this being beer o'clock, have one for Peter.
19/Nov/17 10:57 AM
We're going to an indoor quilt show tomorrow, CP; seeing them hanging from upper storey verandas must be quite spectacular - might you have pictures when you return? Hope you share them if you do...
19/Nov/17 10:58 AM
Greg is becoming quite the humorist - keep the giggles coming please!
19/Nov/17 10:59 AM
Since I'm not a beer drinker I have no answer for you other than one of the many 'Craft' beers from a local brewery which are popping up everywhere across the country. So I'll have some Malbec instead!
19/Nov/17 11:04 AM
I hadn't heard of Malbec Joyce, but I see it is becoming increasingly popular. As yet we don't have a number linked with Malbec. Perhaps someone could suggest one.
19/Nov/17 11:10 AM
Sent answers to Wombat's poozle.
19/Nov/17 1:02 PM
Nearing my bedtime.
19/Nov/17 1:03 PM
But my team is playing tonight. And it's time to...
19/Nov/17 1:04 PM
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