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Easy Sudoku for 19/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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And again...
19/Dec/10 2:29 AM
May I come back now? I waited patiently, Neil.
19/Dec/10 2:31 AM
Grandma's are too tough.
19/Dec/10 2:31 AM
Hi Kathy,

Patient- you?

Are you in hospital?

19/Dec/10 2:32 AM
Depends on how you cook them, Neil.
19/Dec/10 2:33 AM
I must admit patience is not by strong suit, but, for you, anything!
19/Dec/10 2:34 AM
"What's that in the road ahead?" or
"What's that in the road, a head?".
19/Dec/10 2:34 AM
by??? MY!!

19/Dec/10 2:35 AM
Get a room, you two!
19/Dec/10 2:35 AM
Go away Judy. Neil and I are playing with our commas....
19/Dec/10 2:42 AM
Hi Kathy,

I am sure the local hospital will be able to tell you how to cook Grandmas (Roast Grandmas usually need a big oven - but not always).

Otherwise they would have to put them into the mortuary.

However, all the health services have to minimise their costs, and Roast More...
19/Dec/10 2:45 AM

There's room for you too.
19/Dec/10 2:48 AM
Well, there's my Christmas dinner menu! Where's my roasting pan??
19/Dec/10 2:48 AM
And, Hal, bring your road kill!
19/Dec/10 2:50 AM
Oooooooh! I've been propositioned! Made MY day!
19/Dec/10 2:51 AM
As someone who sometimes writes poems, which are very demanding of accuracy, I beg to differ with Neil over punctuation. Accurate punctuation often eliminates ambiguity - and - more than that it shows careful thought has gone into language used. Language is not only for immediate and pragmatic More...
19/Dec/10 2:51 AM
Just what tough old bird do you intend to pop in the oven, Kathy??
19/Dec/10 2:52 AM
It seems hard at first to discipline oneself into accurate expression, but it very quickly gets easier and a matter of habit. The process also enriches the thought process - permanently.
19/Dec/10 2:53 AM
OK - tell me I'm a pedant - I don't care !!
19/Dec/10 2:54 AM
On a more serious note....
Santa is shocked, shocked, I say at how few answers were sent to my inbox for yesterday's puzzle!!
In the spirit of the season, I am posting it again to give you slackers another opportunity to get back into his More...
19/Dec/10 2:56 AM
The Dublin story is my one and only attempt at writing an Irish joke. I have a long way to go !
19/Dec/10 2:56 AM
Hi Rayray,

I agree with a lot of what you say in your recent post about punctuation.

However, I did post a comment above about the difference punctuation makes (my comment includes phrase which starts 'Don't').

Language changes over time - 'evolution', not 'erosion' is the norm.

19/Dec/10 3:02 AM
I didn't realize it was a "Ray original"! Very good!
19/Dec/10 3:04 AM
It does change over time. Things that were incorrect when I was in school are now accepted. Drives me nuts.
19/Dec/10 3:06 AM
Rayray, I admire accuracy in all things! Although Neil says punctuation doesn't matter, deep down in his heart I think it does! I fear that in another generation or two of texting, no one will know how to spell or punctuate anything correctly. I notice so many errors in More...
19/Dec/10 3:11 AM
As my second attempt to write an Irish joke, this is specially written for, and in the style of, CG.

The Rarery Bird

Last year Paddy gave Murphy a young bird chick for Christmas.
Murphy likes pet birds, so he was delighted with the gift.
He asked Paddy what kind of bird it More...
19/Dec/10 3:12 AM
When I wrote I "had a long way to go !" it triggered the next one !
19/Dec/10 3:14 AM
Neil, Kathy, Hal, Judy, Rayray - fun stuff!
You're ALL witty & entertaining.
19/Dec/10 3:16 AM
Thought of going running but it's been raining for two days and it's rather wet outside. We're not used to rain so when it sprinkles my students go into a panic about getting soaking dripping wet! You can hear the screams from the playground!
19/Dec/10 3:16 AM
I wandered off to facebook for a while and missed a lot of fun. Ah well. A good time was had without me.

As a retired English teacher, I'm saddened to see some of the erosion/evolution of language. Change from laziness is erosion. Logical evolution is more acceptable.
19/Dec/10 3:17 AM
You have a new career ahead of you, Ray! Excellent!
19/Dec/10 3:18 AM

I did not say that punctuation did not matter.

What I said was that it was not important if what was being said, if either type of punctuation did not change its meaning.
19/Dec/10 3:19 AM
I think the problem of adverbs arises from the irregular frequent one "well". In trying to iron out that irregularity people started to use "good" instead - as an adverb.
e.g. "He did that really good"
That immediately led to a further erosion:
to: More...
19/Dec/10 3:20 AM
So, I agree with what Keith was writing while I was writing my 'save the adverb plea'
19/Dec/10 3:21 AM
I try to use "it's" for "it is"
and ---
"its" for the possessive.

I think that's a personal rule rather than a general one
19/Dec/10 3:23 AM
Ray Ray -
19/Dec/10 3:24 AM
Rayray, am reading "The Adventure of English" by Melvin Bragg. Interesting historical development of the English language from it's Friesian (not to sure of spelling, can't find the book right now) somewhere near Belgium start (linguists say very close to this, even seeing it written, can recognize the gist of it) to it's inclusion of Latin, French, Spanish, Germanic dialects and so on.
19/Dec/10 3:24 AM
Hi Keith,

I agree with your comment above about 'Logical evolution is more acceptable.'

I would suggest that you, and any other people with an interest in languages, check out the derivation of 'Creole languages' - and please don't think that 'Creole' is only USA based - it is not.
19/Dec/10 3:24 AM
According to the American English, you are quite correct! At least that's what we teach the kids!
19/Dec/10 3:25 AM
Sorry for the confusion - I was referring to Rayray's it's, its rule!
19/Dec/10 3:27 AM
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