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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Can I be first, please?
19/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Yipppeeeeee !!!

Good Maen, one and all.

There's robins in my front yard, so all you northerners will have wait a while longer for spring.
19/Feb/11 12:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Feb/11 12:01 AM
Yes! You are, Jeanine!
19/Feb/11 12:02 AM
It is Battery Day.

I appreciate batteries.
19/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Good morning. Interesting sign.
I have been to a friends to dinner so now time to also say "Good Night".
19/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Is everyone sleeping in, or out partying?
19/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen all. I hope everyone is well today, and that your day is a great one! ... and thanks, all, for your kind words yesterday.
19/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Seeing Karen's remark, I'm now wondering if I should go out and commit battery on someone.
19/Feb/11 12:04 AM
Jeanine, we've had robins all winter up here, too.
Have no idea how they are surviving.
But send the rest up! We'd like them to bring spring.
19/Feb/11 12:04 AM
But what can I say... Don't look the gift horse in the mouth!
We've had major melts the last couple of days.
For the first time all winter we can see grass in our yard!
19/Feb/11 12:07 AM
Just want to be clear....

I know the difference between can and may......

I know it wouldn't help to ask permission, so I was wondering if I was going to be able to.

Hope all are having a good day.

Aussies....enjoy your weekend...
Yanks and such.....TGIF
19/Feb/11 12:07 AM
from gorgeous Orlando! Took the dog outside at 7 AM in t-shirt and bare feet! So much better than all that snow and ice...
19/Feb/11 12:09 AM
Oh, there has been big fat Robins in my yard and several sighting around town, I don't think they made the flight down South !
19/Feb/11 12:12 AM
hmmm.. one seldom sees a dog in t-shirt.. but then again, I've led a sheltered life.
19/Feb/11 12:13 AM
We still have our shoes on when going out for the papter Glenn - but it is nice out
19/Feb/11 12:15 AM
What is it with the Robins this year, mymare?
Maybe they thought global warning was happening immediately???
19/Feb/11 12:15 AM
Yes, Captain J, they don't give dogs shirts at the shelter!
19/Feb/11 12:16 AM
I know, strange to see the Robin along with the Juno ---- not usually here, usually off to work, but late arrival - watching that Boy packing up and trying not to Mother Hen to much. -- oh, the path of a Mother - can't butt in, but yet, all of a sudden you may be needed !!
19/Feb/11 12:17 AM
off to put some items in the front room -- little things that the Boy - Yound Man, I should say -- may forget .....
19/Feb/11 12:18 AM
Great description, mymare.
(Hang in there.)
19/Feb/11 12:20 AM
19/Feb/11 12:20 AM
Yound = young and wanting them to be a-round?
19/Feb/11 12:22 AM
Good Morning all. So nice to see green grass!
19/Feb/11 12:30 AM
Amazing to see, isn't it, Nancy?
19/Feb/11 12:38 AM
19/Feb/11 12:41 AM
It is amazing Shiela. Although it would be nice to see more blue and maize.
19/Feb/11 12:48 AM
No, no, no, Namcy! Green is beautiful!
19/Feb/11 12:51 AM
LOL Shiela. Ok a compromise. We can have green grass and blue and yellow flowers in the garden. Now you sure have to agree to that.
19/Feb/11 12:55 AM
Good morning ladies, and Capt J.
19/Feb/11 12:57 AM
and Glenn and everyone else.
19/Feb/11 12:58 AM
Hello Dorthea.
19/Feb/11 1:05 AM
19/Feb/11 1:06 AM
I'll go and put the coffee pot on.
19/Feb/11 1:07 AM
Yes, Nancy, I'll go for that!
19/Feb/11 1:10 AM
19/Feb/11 1:10 AM
To Dorthea's COFFEE!!!!
19/Feb/11 1:11 AM
Coffee is ready. I'm out of milk, but there is Hazelnut creamer.
19/Feb/11 1:15 AM
I'll take it black, please!
19/Feb/11 1:21 AM
19/Feb/11 1:22 AM
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