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Easy Sudoku for 19/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/Mar/17 12:08 AM
Where is Thousand Islands?
19/Mar/17 12:09 AM
Good Maen!
19/Mar/17 12:09 AM
In the same section as the Mayo, Ranch and vinaigrette...sorry, couldn't resist.
19/Mar/17 1:00 AM
Good Maen - good one JEB
19/Mar/17 1:16 AM
However I do believe it is closer to French then mayo
19/Mar/17 1:17 AM
Trumatic experience with salad dressing, remember when they would come in the three pots, thousand Island, French, and wasn't me ranch?. My dad accidentally dumped it on me when we were out to dinner. I didn't eat salad dressing on my salad for years - it is voice correcting me I'm just gonna go with it
19/Mar/17 1:19 AM
Now you can read my Midwestern accent
19/Mar/17 1:20 AM
Morning, all.
19/Mar/17 1:32 AM
Quick thinking, Jeb!  On the other hand, since I live not too far from them & they are considered one of New York State's tourist attractions ...the 'real' answer:

The Thousand Islands are a collection of many more than a thousand islands in the St. Lawrence River, the river which exits the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, as it creates the Canadian border between NYS. 
19/Mar/17 2:00 AM
...and nice to see you comment, robinw!
19/Mar/17 2:01 AM
19/Mar/17 2:24 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
19/Mar/17 2:25 AM
Well today I shall see my latest grandson, one day old! And then take off with his older brother until his parents come home with baby!
19/Mar/17 2:26 AM
Golly trying to think of places he hasn't been! Between his other grandparents (who are considerably richer than us. Knew my son's FIL as the competition in sailboat racing. He had several yachts and one of the smaller ones was in the same rank as ours. Later he bought our boat. Guess we More...
19/Mar/17 2:33 AM
Good to see you posting, robinw!

I was glad to read that Greg is recovering well from surgery. And, I'd like to thank whoever posted for him. Sending and wishes your way, my friend!
You have been missed.
19/Mar/17 2:41 AM
Shosho, I flew to NC to take care of the two toddlers while Mom and Dad did the ''baby thing''.
Because of her blood pressure issues, they were there for 3 days. Fortunately, there was a playground within walking distance of the house, so, I loaded them in a wagon and we spent a lot of time More...
19/Mar/17 2:52 AM
Happy Saturday!
19/Mar/17 3:39 AM
Been there. Done that. Beautiful spot.
19/Mar/17 4:10 AM
Right place.
19/Mar/17 4:38 AM
Right time. Gallump.
19/Mar/17 4:38 AM
19/Mar/17 4:39 AM
Time to put the Shamrock to bed.
19/Mar/17 4:41 AM
Morning all,I'm not a camping person unless it's in a caravan.
19/Mar/17 4:49 AM
I had better go back a day and look for Wombat's poozle.
19/Mar/17 4:59 AM
This year I am in charge of programs for the monthly meeting of a club I belong to....I have been sitting here making up an Easter bingo game for the club members for next Tuesday's meeting. I have printed out a 5x5 grid and a list of Easter themed words. My idea is the ladies fill in their grids More...
19/Mar/17 6:54 AM
If that fails, I've also made up an Easter trivia quiz. I felt as though I was going to post a poozle here.
19/Mar/17 6:57 AM
Another deft touch Kathy, after they've filled them in make 'em swap with someone else - anyone leaving a blank space becomes a 'joker'.
19/Mar/17 10:35 AM
RIP Chuck Berry, 90.

Roll Over Beethoven.
19/Mar/17 11:39 AM
Good maEn, good people. I am at a weekend 4-H Robotics workshop near Cadillac, Michigan with my daughter Skye and my friend Shari and 5 other members of our CountyRobotics club. Everyone say 'hi' to Shari. I'm trying to describe our online community to her and she's amazed.
19/Mar/17 11:42 AM
You know, we ARE pretty amazing.
19/Mar/17 11:42 AM
Hi Shari. Everything she says is true.
19/Mar/17 11:44 AM
Whew. Wombat, I printed out your 1&3 and was having problems. Now I can finish it.
19/Mar/17 11:46 AM
Dang, that hits pretty close to home Chuck being gone. He used to ring our ding-a-lings mostly when we had no particular place to go. Got a bunch more of his stuff on my ipod.
19/Mar/17 12:30 PM
1:37. Good afternoon everyone.
19/Mar/17 12:39 PM
Hi, Shari! We are a unique group, that's for sure!

I love that idea, Peter! Thanks!
19/Mar/17 12:52 PM
Hi to Shari. Nothing to be amazed about. We're mostly just regular people who enjoy one another company.
19/Mar/17 1:16 PM
Well, what Kathy said too.
19/Mar/17 1:17 PM
It's time for... drum roll.
19/Mar/17 1:18 PM
Bye bye page one.
19/Mar/17 1:19 PM
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