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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi All, Hope today is better than yesterday for everyone. If yesterday was great, today will be wonderful...Enjoy.
Bill, hope you find your way to the discussion page. Many interesting opinions and a few chuckles too. While in more section, check out the 'Flicks' page too for commentary about movies if you are into them...also good reading.
19/Apr/07 4:01 AM
1:52; how cute!
19/Apr/07 4:02 AM
everyone. Changed my youtube, (Suite) Madame Blue from Styx. I was hoping to find an original video but no go, had to settle for a recent one. They were great in concert the last time I saw them, Tommy Shaw still has 'it'.
19/Apr/07 4:09 AM
Hi AP, Welcome back to Boston....don't worry about the weather...its been changing every other day. Hope you experience some sunny, warm weather soon. Enjoy your visit.
To all who are traveling this weekend...stay safe and have a great time!
19/Apr/07 4:09 AM
everyone...here is a great joke for you and since some of you may not know our monatery system here in the US. We have 1,2,5,10,15,20,50,100, 500, 1000 dollar bills.

Read on...

Bubba found a printing press at a garage sale, printed some
counterfeit More...
19/Apr/07 4:18 AM
Great pic! Good joke, Dave, except I've never seen a $15 bill here! :)
19/Apr/07 4:21 AM
Karen, you must be a college graduate...[
19/Apr/07 4:27 AM
Hi everyone
19/Apr/07 4:37 AM
I'm clicking my heels and heading home to Kansas. Talk to you when I get back!
19/Apr/07 4:43 AM
AP-I was wondered where you've been! Sorry about the nasty weather I was hoping for 75F and sunny but when you arrived we have had a cold and wet spring.
Bill/Texas- to get to the discussion page go to the top of this page and click on more then scroll down to open forum D & D thats where its at,theres all kinds of places to go in there!
Susan/Ingham- I agree with you !
to all!
19/Apr/07 4:45 AM
Bye Sarah Beth~~~ have a safe trip!
19/Apr/07 4:45 AM
Sun continues to warm Ireland.
We got marmalized by Sri Lanka at cricket.Don't even mention the score. suffice to say it was all over by lunchtime.At least the flying pigs can continue to rest.Its all over for us now,but,it was fun while it lasted.

Ap; what is it about Boston and posting first?
19/Apr/07 4:54 AM
No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

'Dreamt' is the only English word that ends in the letters 'mt'.? (Are you doubting this?)

Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

The sentence: 'The More...
19/Apr/07 4:55 AM
ANZAC Day next Wednesday - don't forget!
19/Apr/07 4:59 AM
Thank You
19/Apr/07 5:09 AM
Hugh - very interesting stuff. The one I knew about was 'the quick brown fox...' the first sentence you learn to type in typing class. And being a secretary those classes came in very handy! Thanks!
19/Apr/07 5:10 AM
HUGH ...

''Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.'' ... at your age, you must have HUGE ears!

''If the population of China walked past you, 8 abreast, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.'' ... they can do THAT while they're walking in line??
19/Apr/07 5:19 AM
Judy - Those who live in glass houses.....
19/Apr/07 5:29 AM
... shouldn't walk around nekked!
19/Apr/07 5:31 AM
especially if their ears and noses keep growing, YIKES!
19/Apr/07 5:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! Does this little guy play Sudoku?
19/Apr/07 6:02 AM
NEW You Tube for my Irish fiends and all others to enjoy. Chieftans, Coors and more in a wonderful jamboree! Corky, Nurn (haven't heard from you lately) and all who enjoy good Irish music, give it a listen!
19/Apr/07 6:08 AM
Too bad the wrong things stop growing and the wrong things keep growing.
19/Apr/07 6:11 AM
2.47 really slow
19/Apr/07 6:12 AM

How do you suppose they test the memory span of a gold fish??? Hard to attach those electrodes to that tiny head!! What a mental picture that is.
Hugh: What's ANZAC Day?
19/Apr/07 6:36 AM
I have posted to my Flickr Sudoku Group set a couple photos of Celia from Toronto & her mom Amy who came to Valrico for a visit with Rob & me yesterday. We had such a nice afternoon together & the time flew by.
19/Apr/07 6:58 AM
Kathy From Maryland

ANZAC Day is the day we Aussies and Kiwis remember our fallen servicemen. We kick off with a dawn service and later the ex and serving members of the armed forces march to the local memorial where we hold a service an lay a wreath. After that we go and drink to our absent mates, perhaps play some two-up and generally reminisce.
19/Apr/07 7:05 AM
Judy - the Chinese are very inventive - probably why there is so many of them!

By the way - you callin' me big ears?
19/Apr/07 7:07 AM
Morning everyone, after reading Hugh's list I feel like I'm sooo brainy lol. Even though its grey skies here there's no rain about. Enjoy your day/night, cheers
19/Apr/07 7:07 AM
Catch you all later - off to bed now.
19/Apr/07 7:08 AM
Hi all!! How is it goin?
waht exactly u ppl do here?
19/Apr/07 7:42 AM
7:55 (yawn) morning all. luv this north american baby, but want to know what is is.
19/Apr/07 7:50 AM
maEn everyone! Had a hectic time - 4 birthdays, daughter coming for 10 great days, then going on the same flight as other people arrive on. In laws have had doctor/Xray/hospital appointments.. paving for our driveway should have been delivered last Thursday should (!) be delivered tomorrow. Loads of planting out.. what a great time of year! 'Scuse my lack of participation,please.
19/Apr/07 7:53 AM
Adroit (India): We play Sudoku and interact as an international community of friends. Please feel free to join us!
19/Apr/07 7:54 AM
Liz - welcome to France!!!!!!!!
19/Apr/07 7:58 AM
The picture looks to be a baby opossum. Aren't they America's only marsupial?
19/Apr/07 8:03 AM
2.45 slow
lovely cute face
all those travelling, enjoy your trip and stay safe
19/Apr/07 8:17 AM
I believe you are right Judy. There is only one marsupial in North America, and that must be the one! (just kidding, of course.) That would be cute example of the Virginia Opossum, the only native North American breed of marsupials that I am aware of. Cute little bugger isn't it?
19/Apr/07 8:18 AM
change of colour for today
19/Apr/07 8:21 AM
time to fly to the next page .............here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
19/Apr/07 8:22 AM
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