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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/Apr/15 12:00 AM
Morning Hal.
19/Apr/15 12:25 AM
Hal and Keith!
19/Apr/15 12:38 AM
Something is about to take her breath away.
19/Apr/15 1:22 AM
Happy Saturday!
19/Apr/15 1:32 AM
19/Apr/15 1:38 AM
Oooh getting close to my fav number!!!
19/Apr/15 1:38 AM

Here's flying to everyone!!!
19/Apr/15 1:39 AM
She will be leaping up in...5...4...3...2...1
19/Apr/15 1:42 AM
And a to boot!
19/Apr/15 1:43 AM
What's the surprise?
19/Apr/15 1:48 AM

Alone, lone, one

In the today we have Judy, lonewoof, Kathy, Canuk Greg, HalT and Mads. Congratulations to all.
19/Apr/15 1:50 AM
19/Apr/15 2:10 AM
I have been away for awhile. I attended a seminar in Denver, then went to Trinidad to check out my (possible) new digs. Then back home to await the decision of the Colorado board. FINALLY!!!! In a couple of weeks, I should have a licence with stipulations. Back to Colorado!
19/Apr/15 2:13 AM
In the meantime, finishing projects, packing, goodbyes....
19/Apr/15 2:14 AM
Peter - I sure do know about ''Keeps me off the streets''.
19/Apr/15 2:22 AM
Woo Hoo!!! Congrats, Sarah Beth!!!
19/Apr/15 2:24 AM
Sarah Beth! It's been a long haul and you certainly deserve it!
19/Apr/15 2:40 AM
Sarah Beth. Nice to see things working out for you.
19/Apr/15 2:47 AM
Wonderful weather for a Saturday here. High expected to be about 75 F today. Lots of sun and very little wind. Opened up the kitchen window and both doors. I think I need to open more windows! Too bad this is only sticking around for the day.
19/Apr/15 3:05 AM
Is Keith around?
19/Apr/15 3:08 AM
Nope. 22's all mine, mine I tell you!!
19/Apr/15 3:09 AM
Haven't got a 22 in ages.
19/Apr/15 3:10 AM
Good afternoon to all!

''Splish, splash
She was takin' a bath
Long about a Saturday night... yeah!
Just relaxin' in the tub
Thinkin' everything was all right.''
19/Apr/15 3:11 AM
It's a favourite number of mine too.
19/Apr/15 3:11 AM
Play that on my ukelele sometimes,Greg.
19/Apr/15 3:12 AM
Well done CP.
19/Apr/15 3:12 AM
speaking of which, there;s a reheatsal this afternoon.
19/Apr/15 3:13 AM
I was thinking more of today's photo!
19/Apr/15 3:13 AM
Rehearsal, CP, rehearsal.
19/Apr/15 3:13 AM
Got up because I couldn't sleep. but after a cup of hot Milo, I'm ready to have a snooze on the lounge at least.
19/Apr/15 3:15 AM
, y'all! Been scarce the last few days working on a video project. (More on that later.) I'll catch up on the news in a bit, though I do see that Sarah Beth is heading back to Colorado! Congrats!
19/Apr/15 4:02 AM
First, though, I've posted rebus puzzle for the last 3 weeks so it's time for a break - with Double-Speak Proverbs! Decipher the 10 phrases below into their commonly known counterparts. Answers to my 'Twofold Articulations' inbox. Winners announced Monday, good luck!

1. Exercise your More...
19/Apr/15 4:08 AM
My Scout troop will be sponsoring a workshop for teenage girls on domestic violence awareness: signs of an abusive relationship (it's not always physical), the violence cycle, how to protect yourself, and the resources available to someone needing help.
19/Apr/15 4:10 AM
For an intro, I've put together a 3:30 video based upon 'Love is patient, Love is Kind' with some great stock photos... segueing into the total opposite of love with victims of domestic violence followed by the stats.
19/Apr/15 4:15 AM
The research just for the video has been incredibly eye-opening regarding the demographics of the victims, how abuse begins (not physical) and gets worse, and why victims remain silent about their abuse.
19/Apr/15 4:16 AM
Though we're focusing on girls and women, what I've learned most about is domestic violence where the woman is the perp and her man is the victim. It happens more than most of us would guess, and men are more likely to remain silent.
19/Apr/15 4:18 AM
All I need is some royalty free music to go along with the video, and I'm done. With a CP+, I'm done here for a bit, too! Next? Who'll turn the page?
19/Apr/15 4:19 AM
I Can't leave it here.....
19/Apr/15 5:12 AM
Let's move on.....
19/Apr/15 5:13 AM
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