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Easy Sudoku for 19/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good maen everyone.
19/Jul/11 12:00 AM
19/Jul/11 12:00 AM
Now to the puzzle...
19/Jul/11 12:00 AM
Hot and humid today... will be 90+° F all week.
(That's 32°C - 36°C.)
Tears or sweat? ...It's a toss up!
19/Jul/11 12:02 AM
1:14, straight-forward 1 through to 9 today. Good night all.
19/Jul/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen everyone!
My dad came through his surgery very well and should be moved out of ICU today. He's in great spirits and improving rapidly. Thanks for all your prayers and positive thoughts
19/Jul/11 12:08 AM
1:40 It's goodnight from him and goodnight from me.
19/Jul/11 12:08 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's paraprosdokian:
"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research."
19/Jul/11 12:12 AM
Speedy recovery to your father, Vici.
19/Jul/11 12:12 AM
Sweet Woody - you are adorable. Blessings to you and your owner. Rest well, sweet boy.
19/Jul/11 12:12 AM
Good Maen, good people. My oldest daughter, Starr, is engaged and starting to make wedding plans with Quill. Simple, small and soon, this winter sometime, probably. Of course, you're all "invited"!
19/Jul/11 12:17 AM
Straight 1 to 9 today
19/Jul/11 12:22 AM
19/Jul/11 12:23 AM
Vici, I'm so glad for your dad and your family that he's doing well. Plum, our two daughters' weddings were so much fun (and work...) to plan and prepare for. One had an outdoor wedding in a local historic park. The other had a destination wedding. Both were wonderful.
19/Jul/11 12:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Jul/11 12:25 AM
National Get out of the Dog House Day.
19/Jul/11 12:25 AM
That is wonderful news, Plum. Congratulations to Star and Quill.
19/Jul/11 12:26 AM
Went to bed at 5 AM this morning and got up at 8 AM. Do not think that was very smart of me, since my Things are well rested and raring to go this morning and I am not.
19/Jul/11 12:28 AM
Good morning.
19/Jul/11 12:29 AM
What else is happening today?
19/Jul/11 12:30 AM
Never mind me, I am just rambling in the posts.
19/Jul/11 12:31 AM
Until 22.
19/Jul/11 12:31 AM
OK, now I will go see what others or doing.
19/Jul/11 12:31 AM
Good evening from Thailand
19/Jul/11 12:38 AM
Anybody there?
19/Jul/11 12:39 AM
Hello Huahinian.
Have missed you so much.
Everything alright over there?
19/Jul/11 12:40 AM
Is talking to myself a sign of something?
19/Jul/11 12:41 AM
Hello, Huahinian. Nice to 'see' you here!
19/Jul/11 12:41 AM
Fine thanks Karen. Unusual for me to be online at this time.
19/Jul/11 12:42 AM
Congratulations to Starr & Quill, Plum.
19/Jul/11 12:43 AM
Hi Shiela - you've got good eyesight!
19/Jul/11 12:43 AM
maen, all Y'all

Pull up a stump and grab a cup...

19/Jul/11 12:43 AM
19/Jul/11 12:43 AM

to Starr and Quill! Enjoy the planning, Plum. I have had the pleasure of planning two weddings. It seems to take over your life. Months and months of preparation for the More...
19/Jul/11 12:44 AM
Timing is everything, as Karen would say..
19/Jul/11 12:44 AM
Perfect timing, Jerry! Been thinking of another cup of coffee!
19/Jul/11 12:44 AM
Hi Huahinian! Good to see you posting!

And here's the coffee! REALLY nice to see you, Jerry!
19/Jul/11 12:48 AM
Karen - why'd you go to bed so late?
19/Jul/11 12:48 AM
Well, the plan was to go to bed around 10, but decided to prep the figs. Then I got back on this machine and the game I play, I generally get to level 34, then bomb out, last night I made it to level 124.
19/Jul/11 12:51 AM
It's time Karen.
19/Jul/11 12:51 AM
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