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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Jan/11 1:48 AM
Happy New Year
02/Jan/11 1:50 AM
I think our baby Jesus would have preferred the ride in the red wagon, Appy. Our little grandson snatched ours out of the creche, dropped him, and broke his head off. I hope that doesn't bode poorly for our futures! A dab of glue ... and little Jesus was happily returned to the manger.
02/Jan/11 2:18 AM

I, too, slept through all the excitement last night. My intentions were good, but I woke up in my chair, covered snuggly with a blanket (thanks to hubby) at 1 AM.

Judy, when my daughter was little, she would More...
02/Jan/11 2:54 AM

A quick peek in before I go downstairs to watch the Rose Parade on TV. My coworker & family helped decorate floats a few weeks (!) ago, so will look forward to her handiwork on the Farmer's Insurance float.

Great kid stories from JudySD and Kathy/MD
02/Jan/11 2:59 AM
It is now the New Year with the begining of the Parade. Hope you are watching - Hallmark Channel (KTLA) or Home & Garden TV for you cabel watchers.

Watch for "3-2-1 Dig" from La Cañada Flintridge!
02/Jan/11 3:01 AM
Good maen all Y'all. Happy New Year to you.
02/Jan/11 3:04 AM

Realizing the NEED, I will keep the coffee brewing for those who “REALLY NEED IT”, this morning.

02/Jan/11 3:05 AM
Hi Jerry,

Where's the coffee then?
02/Jan/11 3:06 AM
The answer (that I had) to yesterday's puzzle:
The odds (numbers) are stacked against you (letters read downwards).
The to shield possibly red, watery eyes after last night's celebrations, go to: Greg, Peter, and Colo Jim. Extra credit goes to Sarah, who thinks, "Your name is downright odd!"
02/Jan/11 3:06 AM
Welcome back Phantom, Ya leave me in a tough position trying to uphold my reputation.

02/Jan/11 3:09 AM
02/Jan/11 3:09 AM
That ought to hold Neil for a bit. Anyone else?
02/Jan/11 3:10 AM
02/Jan/11 3:12 AM
To start the New Year off right:

Your task is to change ONE letter in each of the following eight words to discover a common theme.


Answers to the "Loin and steel? Is this X-rated?" inbox, please.
02/Jan/11 3:15 AM
Off to de-forest the family room....Goodbye
02/Jan/11 3:16 AM
Sorry Jerry,

for the above 'sort-of complaint' for the crossed posts (aka my slow typing).

Your over-generous supply will keep me going for about another hour.
02/Jan/11 3:16 AM
Ah, Good.
02/Jan/11 3:19 AM
Some, this morning, have been rumored to have been overheard saying “I think I have ‘the flu’….” Poor baby (ies)…

02/Jan/11 3:20 AM
Kathy - Love the coffee smilies!
02/Jan/11 3:21 AM
02/Jan/11 3:26 AM
Oh boy-oh-boy.
Coffee - pots of it - all over.
Just what I need in the middle of sushi-manufacture.
Thanks for the 'save the sushi' move.
02/Jan/11 3:28 AM
Hi Rayray,

How can you 'manufacture' sushi - it's supposed to be raw.

Probably, Jerry's over-generous supply of coffee, will help - if you drink it, rather than using it in your gastronomic, culinary preparations.

Did I accidentally post a tautology?

02/Jan/11 3:40 AM
For those interested in today's Rose Parade, here is a link to a page that will let you see concept pictures of all the floats with a description...

http://www.ktla.com/entertainment/roseparade/ktla-roseparade2011-floats,0,2375804. htmlstory

Remember - make sure there are no spaces in the link after pasting.
02/Jan/11 3:42 AM
Bye all, for about 14 hours at the minimum.
02/Jan/11 3:44 AM
KTLA has been covering the Rose Parade, almost from the time TV was invented. It generally has some of the best coverage - their telecast is on the Hallmark channel. HGTV used their coverage, until they decided to do their own. It is also on ABC & NBC (NBC will probably cut away before they get the the LCF float - since it is the 88th of 94 entries).
02/Jan/11 3:49 AM
Thanks for the info Eve. As I have no TV, I must rely on finding a stream that is lo-res enough that I can watch it on a slow connection computer...

02/Jan/11 4:07 AM
As It's been an hour - another pot is ready.

02/Jan/11 4:09 AM
Just got up. My neighbor and I split a bottle of champagne last night. She just lost her husband, so we watched the illegal fireworks from her kitchen window and saluted our late husbands.
02/Jan/11 4:20 AM
Jerry I really need that coffee, even after the alka selzer last night.
02/Jan/11 4:22 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Jan/11 4:40 AM
We are enjoying the Rose parade. Thing II yells touch down each time a band shows up. Thing I is not showing much interest. Wait Sponge Bob, just showed up, now she is interested.
02/Jan/11 4:43 AM
The family will be arriving anytime. I have the pleasure of fixing lunch today. Have all the prep done, just waiting until it's time to cook.
02/Jan/11 4:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Kate.
02/Jan/11 4:53 AM
Well, we're all finally in 2011. I hope it is a good year for all!
02/Jan/11 4:54 AM
Just saw the 3 2 1 Dig. That was cool. Could not change Thing I's mind that the float was not Sponge Bob.
02/Jan/11 4:55 AM
With no offense meant to any nationality, Internet Help-Line Service in Australia....

02/Jan/11 4:56 AM
The 3-2-1 DIG float was really cute, Eve!
02/Jan/11 5:15 AM
02/Jan/11 5:16 AM
Why not???
02/Jan/11 5:16 AM
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