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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Over we go.
02/Jan/11 10:35 AM
First topper of the year.

Oh, what a feeling.
02/Jan/11 10:36 AM
We are all in 2011 by now.
I hope it is a good year for everyone.
Today, Jerry's coffee was a life and sushi saver.
I was very busy in the kitchen.
The work was worth it because it turned out as a marvellous meal - a combined effort.
02/Jan/11 11:57 AM
everybody. Is anyone else as glad as I am that life can now return to normal again? Good onya for getting your tree down, Kathy. Amelia, I don't feel like taking our tree down yet either . I figure since we were gone for more than a week I should allow myself a week longer to look at it. That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it!
02/Jan/11 12:17 PM
Judy & Shiela, the whole Big 10 played terrible today, not just MSU & UM!!

Where is Jane today? Must still be hungover

We were at a New Year's Day brunch this morning & only saw a little of the Rose Bowl parade. Eve, thanks for posting those sites to check out the floats. I will get to that later.
02/Jan/11 12:21 PM
Big day for the Big Ten, huh, Judy? Five losses in one day... has to be some kind of record.
02/Jan/11 12:26 PM
Would loved to have been there to share your sushi Rayray.
02/Jan/11 12:26 PM
2:07 Good morning everyone!
02/Jan/11 12:52 PM
MY FIL must be rolling over in his grave - with the way the Big 10 fared today. But, most of all he was an OSU fan and would be holding out till...
02/Jan/11 12:55 PM
Yep, Eve ... the Big Ten really stunk today! You're probably right about that record, Hal. Geesh!
02/Jan/11 1:47 PM
02/Jan/11 2:58 PM
Enjoyed a sleep-in this morning, and a late brekky reading the paper.
02/Jan/11 2:58 PM
Then, Mr P and I thought we'd get out of the house for a while, and go and get some fruit from the fresh food markets.
02/Jan/11 3:00 PM
Wrong! It was closed. The popular markets where some produce is available, as well as all sorts of goods - closed. The fruit and vege shop nearby - closed!
02/Jan/11 3:01 PM
We had a nice cup of coffee at an outdoor café, sitting in the shade of an umbrella, did a tiny bit of window shopping (shops were closed) before coming home to hide from the heat!
02/Jan/11 3:04 PM

How come it's called the Big Ten when there are 11 teams and what are you going to call it after July when the University of Nebraska–Lincoln joins in?

And just where do the Blues fit into all of this?
02/Jan/11 3:08 PM
So many questions, Peter ... ... and so little time ...
02/Jan/11 3:20 PM

Now, what kind of answer is that......I can only deduce that you simply don't know. do you?
02/Jan/11 3:25 PM

And as for five losers...there will always be five losers unless there is a draw!!!
02/Jan/11 3:27 PM
I wish you could have here for the sushi.
I made two balls each person - one with prawn, one with smoked salmon. Two cups - one with dressed lobster, and one with white crab-meat.
There were also 2 pieces of sushi roll each person, with smoked salmon and cucumber. Served with More...
02/Jan/11 4:26 PM
Geez, Rayray, here it is bed time and now after reading your menu, I'll have to find a bedtime snack...
02/Jan/11 5:14 PM
Nite all Y'all
02/Jan/11 5:15 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/Jan/11 5:55 PM
Good evening everyone.
It has been a warm day here, inside the house is awful.
I have just put the air-conditioner on in the bedroom and I might shortly go and read a book in there.
Well here we are in a new year. 2011.
02/Jan/11 8:07 PM
CP lots of businesses open here in Port Macquarie, but then we are a tourist town.
I think every tourist was at Flynn's Beach with us today.
02/Jan/11 8:09 PM
Finally finished taking down all the christmas lights we had outside.
02/Jan/11 8:10 PM
Enough talking to yourself V.V. Off to do some puzzles.
02/Jan/11 8:11 PM
Great shot of Circular Quay.
02/Jan/11 8:17 PM
Nite all.
02/Jan/11 9:07 PM
Goodnight all!
02/Jan/11 10:11 PM
Good evening friends. Hope your day has been as enjoyable as mine. The weather has been mild, and hubby and I have pottered outside, started rearranging a room that has been a hide-all for far too long and also fitted in a pleasant drive.
So far, 2011 has started off very positively :)
02/Jan/11 10:30 PM
02/Jan/11 11:59 PM
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