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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Happy All Saints' Day! Halloween was great! We have no candy left out of two full grocery bags. The Trick-or-Treaters were out in full force! Great Day!
Lily, what's your address? Just kidding - I really don't need any of that left-over candy. We bought chips (crisps) this year, but plenty of people in the office have brought in their left-overs! Donna from Ohio, I wish I could come to your PC party, but I too have been banned by my husband - I just love kitchen gadgets and there isn't anywhere else to get the quality of PC stuff!
3:48, getting my times back down after a few slow days

4.54 My dog looks just like that:)
Donna & Tracey, I love PC, I would have a show once a month if I could, but I can't afford it. They have the best products ever!!
For the older set, it's a nice gift to give them a gift card to the local 'chemist' for their necessaries, like medicine, vitamins, even nicer hand creams, etc. My aunts all love that. Most of the big chains have gift cards, and local fund raisers sell 'scrip' to these stores.
Hi All,

Lisa, thanks for submitting your baby pics - I will post them when I get a free day to work on the site. Hang tight though, it won´t be too much longer.

Thank you Gath, you will make an old man very happy.
I do enjoy the chats as much as the Sudoku.
2:50 best time yet!! woohoo!!
Yeah, Gath! Can't wait to see Liam.
Christine: I've been buying older generation gift certificates to their favorite restaurants. Also, Omaha Steaks has pretty good deals online and they'll deliver to her home. If she's still driving, how about a gas gift card. Amaryllis bulbs are always nice. Takes them 8 weeks to grow and bloom into glorious flowers.
Tracey(C), I am hosting the party, my friend is just starting out so I thought I would help her out. In our house, my husband does most of the cooking. He wants to do it, and he only has to tell me that once. I have a sign in my kitchen that reads, 'Keep this kitchen clean, eat out'.
2:46, last year I bought 300 pieces of candy, didn't have much left. This year I bought the same and have about 1/2 left. 'Were have all the children gone.....' Sounds like a song.
Looking forward to seeing Liam's pics online.
I've been having trouble accessing the site and posting comments. This must be THE most popular site online. Sudoku helps me pass the time while I am waiting for my ruptured achilles tendon to heal. Loooong slow process.
6:00 and no pic!!! Good grief, I'm slow as molasses! Bill from Woolwich: It never ceases to amaze me how some people are blessed with the gift of languages, while others, like me, struggle to pronounce a few understandable phrases. When I travel, I usually bring a small phrasebook to help me out More...
Sounds painful Elizabeth. Donna, could it be you're thinking of 'Where have all the Flowers Gone?'
continued.. Heck, one could just download images from the internet and print them on ordinary paper!
I'd get that nice grandmother some chocolate! Or nice pears.
Janet from GA, nice pairs of what? Must nip down to the doc and get my ears de-waxed...
So sorry, Elizabeth. How'd ya do that? How long are you going to be laid up?
Halloween is dying! So sad. Gonna be able to scare lots of people if I keep eating all this extra candy.
Gath is my hero!
Gath is God.
Two elderly men pushing shopping trolleys bump into the each other at the supermarket. They both apologise and one says, 'Sorry, I'm looking for my wife and wasn't paying attention.' The other says, 'I'm looking for my wife too. What does yours look like?' The first man says, 'She's 22, More...
4:08 today. Oh well... Have a great day all!
A sign in my kitchen reads 'This is a self-cleaning kitchen; clean up behind yourself!'

what's everyone making for dinner tonight?
There was plenty of children around. But the problem is they are looking for the fast grab and go. So Unless you live were there's a dense grouping of homes particiating the kids go somewhere else. When I was a kid I walk for mile just to gather 1 container a candy. But today kid want a truck load a candy in only two blocks.
Had no idea puzzles were so popular.
2:58 - fastest time ever for me - must be getting the hang of this at last!!
Tooo slow to post. Must be Melbourne Cup after effects. Didn't win on the sweep, but enjoyed the race (and the bubbles). Looking forward to seeing Liam's pic, thank you Gath
Have a nice day
45 seconds what a record i finally understand
2:58 Just under the bar as you say!Raining out, so suduko is a great pastime at times like these.
How are you all you zany sudukoists?TFTD if you want something done properly hire an expert {saves electricution in some cases}
JH - I was playing indoor soccer - I guess the body is older than the brain thinks it is. Been off work for 7 1/2 weeks, and another 2 to go. Out of plaster last week. Was doing good with physio til I slipped over on Monday and hurt it again. Too scared to go back to the surgeon in case I have to go back in plaster.
mornin' all....
hi amber, andre(e), ted s, k(brissie), kel(brissie), hh, susan(i), lisa(toronto), liam(toronto)
i still suspect liam's doing the puzzles instead of lisa - explaining the lgihtning fast times...
thanks, gath! cant wait for liam's pic, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont post it on a weekend!!
03.49... not bad, not too good either!! oh well maybe some jokes will help, onto medium.
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