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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Last one for today -

Tom, a handsome dude, walked into a sports bar and sat down next to a blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV. The 10:00 news was on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump.
The blonde looked at Tom and said, More...
2:06- argh, still can't break the 2 min mark.
Hi Baz, you missed a great Feast at Judy's/ SD. She cooked roast (Aust) Lamb yesterday. It was delicious. Shame you missed it
Talking of lawyers
Whats the difference between a dead kangaroo and a dead lawyer lying on the side of the road?

Answer next post
Needy child?
Well, there would be skid marks in front of the kangaroo.
That waxing story was hilarious. Especially as i have done exactly the same thing. But tried to get it off with normally writing paper instead of a bath. I was bruised in that area for days. i got the wax of though. lol.
ROTFLMAO that was an hilarious waxing story, I couldnt see the keyboard for the tears.
Nan, I got the pix of your lovely little family. Thanks.
Victoria - You and all the other silly women that wax deserve all the pain you get. Haven't you heard of the new e-pen?
Nancy ,
got the pics of your beautiful new puppy, what a cutie and the cat looks most miffed at the return of another pup.
LK thank you for the photos
very handsome Bob and your beautiful wife as well.
KATHY don't listen to Catherine's weather forecast - she lives somewhere where it's always cold!! It HAS been chilly here lately, only 22-24° in the south of France which is cool for June but it will steadily get warmer and by the time you arrive it should be in the high 20s. You won't need a scarf and gloves, but take a cardi and a decent jacket! When do you leave exactly?
coucou Fiona, tu oublies la suisse et l'altitude: je maintiens qu'il faut une laine!:)

WARNING: Although E-Pen has been promoted heavily on television through commercials,
it can work as claimed.

Pay no attention to the nameless one, try the E-Pen, what-ever that is
And that photo is not me. I have far perkier breasts
another lawyer joke..but then couldnt figure why so much animosity!!!!!
A man walking along the beach found a bottle. When he rubbed it, lo and behold, a genie appeared.
'I will grant you three wishes,' announced the genie. 'But there is one condition. I am a lawyer's genie. That means that More...
Sorry I left my name off my E-Pen posting, but please don't take my word for it google E-Pen and you will get all the info. Also www.quack.com for a scientific view on it.
A man walked into a bar with his alligator and asked the bartender, 'Do you serve lawyers here?'.
'Sure do,' replied the bartender.
'Good,' said the man. 'Give me a beer, and I'll have a lawyer for my 'gator.'
At a convention of biological scientists one researcher remarks to another, 'Did you know that in our lab we have switched from mice to lawyers for our experiments?' 'Really?' the other replied, 'Why did you switch?' 'Well, for three reasons. First we found that lawyers are far more plentiful, More...
Yes, Bronte is quite right, the pen is totally useless. However if you do have $60 to waste go ahead, and also a great deal of time is needed, as you treat one hair at a time!! Over and over and over again, treating the same hair, I mean.By the way ap I don't get your kidney joke. Is it meant to be funny that all the lawyers in the world only have one kidney ??
ok ok i'll stop..you neednt have to read it any more....me just bored and found these stuff..so thought better bore you guys too..just a good deed hai na??lol..well guys peace be with you all
me just off for some days and be back afte say a week or so..Hastha manyana till then
Perhaps lawyers wouldn't be seen as arseholes if they didn't have to represent morons all the time.
Mary what a picture you painted for us.Talk about LOL !!
sounds like a working knowledge of the Kama Sutra and an advanced gymnastic ability would be needed
1:49 Mary kew - the lawyers wouldn't have any kidney's & guess what happens then?
Lawyers don't have to represent morons. They choose to. And that is not the reason that they are seen as arseholes anyway. They are seen as that because that is what they are. They are seen to make money purely from other people's mysery, because they do. Ask anybody who has gone through a sticky divorce. I haven't, so don't head down THAT road
Gee what sweeping generalisations. I would think all you teachers out there will be grinding your teeth!!
doctors make money from other peoples misery too, and dentists and probably accountants LOL
while teachers just make people miserable
Hi everyone! good to see baz is back and in fine form? I think calling lawyers a***holes is a bit over the top, but that is just my opinion, I am not saying they are not but there are some out there who really do care about their clients, and does work their butts of for them! ok of to the chatroom to see who is there????
You beauty. Plonkers. Good to see them putting some sort of name to their posts.

Mary - How do you watch the ads? With a bag on your head? If you had seen them you would know they come with a patch for doing large areas.
Maybe Victoria needs a lawyer to help her read the instructions on the use of cold wax.
Just saw who is playing tonite. CARN the Bombers! Well at least turn up then.
Not all lawyers are arseholes! But they have to be grouped. So, as a generalisation, which I do, they are.
Beezie, you have probably noticed that confidence in the Crows is not terribly forthcoming tonight. Not since the Richmond debacle!
And everyone! That game is not broadcast here in Normanton until 9:00pm, so I would appreciate NO MENTION until tomorrow. Now I KNOW you will all co-operate
I'd love the Bombers to win ... but I haven't backed them.
Beehive, you surely don't believe that story applies to me. I received it as an email and knew it would amuse the ladies on this site. I certainly wouldn't wax myself - professionals do it so much better.
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