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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Jun/18 12:04 AM
Howty, HalT.
02/Jun/18 12:10 AM
91 posts yesterday????
02/Jun/18 12:19 AM
Oh, sorry. I got SO excited....
02/Jun/18 12:20 AM
I liked Arachnid's suggestion that everyone post a quote from a parent to one's self. My Mom used to threaten us with, ''Do you want me to get up?'' when we were doing something inappropriate. She never did. I might add the woman was 5 feet tall, weighed shy of 100 pounds, and never laid a hand on us. The power of the parent.
02/Jun/18 12:30 AM
Quote from my mother ' I am not buying any more biscuits. They just get eaten'.
02/Jun/18 12:48 AM
Always hungry me ' Mum, what's for tea?'
Mother ' A bit of this with a bit of that on it !'
02/Jun/18 12:50 AM
02/Jun/18 12:52 AM
My Grandfather would say to me when I quite young, 'You will be a man before your mom!'
02/Jun/18 12:54 AM
all. I have lots of Mum quotes. My favourite - 'Wash up as far as possible, and down as far as possible. Then wash 'possible'.
02/Jun/18 12:57 AM
My Dad used to say that to my brother too Denny.
02/Jun/18 12:58 AM
02/Jun/18 1:00 AM
Whenever we sibling would complain, mom would always say, 'Monku, monku, monku (complain, complain, complain)' And to my chagrin, I said enough times to my sons, one got me a t-shirt that has monku monku monku in white letters on black!
02/Jun/18 1:03 AM
Mum used 'possible' too Snowbird
02/Jun/18 1:25 AM
Sunny - may have a pop-up rain storm later.
Hope your day is sunny!
02/Jun/18 2:50 AM
My Mom used to say 'I'll find you something to do!' when we said we were bored. It usually meant some kind of chore!
02/Jun/18 2:51 AM
Do as I say not as I do, I don't know said this first but I remember saying this to my children.
02/Jun/18 3:58 AM
My Mom also said, If you are bored, I will find you something to do. Yes it always meant chores.
02/Jun/18 4:03 AM
Yesterdays amount of posts reminder me of days of gone by.
02/Jun/18 4:06 AM
Beautiful day here just too hot for me to be outside.
02/Jun/18 4:07 AM
School is finished here, getting adjusted to not having my great nephew come here after school.
02/Jun/18 4:11 AM
Keith, since you are not here I take 22 for you.
02/Jun/18 4:13 AM
Doing his job pollinating!
02/Jun/18 4:14 AM
02/Jun/18 4:19 AM
Good Morning, folks! :)
02/Jun/18 7:18 AM
...and so to bed
02/Jun/18 7:18 AM
Morning all, 91 posts yesterday , wonderful to see.
Welcome back Judy, great seeing our old friends posting.
02/Jun/18 7:55 AM
My Mum used to say, if you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about, worked like a charm.
02/Jun/18 8:01 AM
02/Jun/18 8:04 AM
My Mum had so many sayings when I was a kid, many I see here, but I have a mental block trying to remember one.
But I do remember my Dad used to say - 'eat your crusts and you'll get curly hair'. I religiously ate all my crusts. What he didn't tell me was that I would have to pay a hairdresser to get curly hair.
02/Jun/18 8:24 AM
It doesn't look like we'll even fill one page today. I'll come back and check for a while.
02/Jun/18 8:25 AM
My Granddaughter turned 18 about 10 days ago but her big party is tonight. We had to turn down invites to a 50th party, a 60th party, and a 74th party. It doesn't rain but it pours.
02/Jun/18 8:28 AM


This week's Saturday poozle is a 3&4 poozle, It is very similar in the skills required to our previous ones I will work through the alphabet giving you the third and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random More...
02/Jun/18 8:35 AM
Wombat - 1&4 INBOX or 3&4 INBOX???
Not critical I suppose, just curious.
02/Jun/18 9:17 AM
02/Jun/18 10:57 AM
all. I'll push us a little further today, after our busy day yesterday. My Mum also had a couple of expressions when we asked what was for supper (we were always hungry too) - either 'two jumps up the cupboard door and a bite in the middle' or 'wait & see pudding'. So many memories!
02/Jun/18 11:05 AM
I'm determined to get us to page 2 at least. It will take a little while to recall some of my childhood memories of expressions. I have twin younger sisters, so one or the other was always in trouble.
02/Jun/18 11:14 AM
The twins had a phenomenal ability to attract trouble. They mailed the cat for instance and my Mum was caught by the mailman reaching into the mailbox trying to retrieve the cat.
02/Jun/18 11:17 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
02/Jun/18 11:20 AM
I can't leave it sitting on 39 posts!
02/Jun/18 11:21 AM
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