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Easy Sudoku for 2/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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best wishes to Scott for his 5th birthday.
hope he gets lots of pressies and has lots of fun.
Yor a spoiltsport Rose. Ya know that. Too clever by far.
you're right Loza, it has that advantage, but no joke, if I see another fairy cake I'll crack up completely!!
Rose, Scott had his party yesterday, so hoping or a quiet day today!
hope he had a fun day then, and now you can recover with a swim in the pool today!
thanks Rose, now we just need the sun to come out!
Happy Birthday Mickey... I hope that you are keeping well and that the wee babe is sitting tight til the 16th (my guess). Maen all.

Had a wonderful walk yesterday - over the hills- Some early bell heather was out- Checked out an ancient broch and then though sand dunes and along the sands. JOY!!
fiona I empathasie!
we have a different kind of problem - 2 birthdays in december, plus christmas, plus new year ... then a week into january our wedding anniversary which by the time it comes along I have completely forgotten! (and they say it's only the men who forget. not true)
Loza - I can tell you that the comment that Gath deleted was my one about how the yanks got their nickname after I read 8 pages full of cráp.

Wonder if the Lord and Master will see fit to delete this one as well? Come on big boy, bring it on.
here's to a sunny day for fiona and her family:
Hello Rose, Ang, Col, Fiona, and all,

Hope that you are well... The number of postings is incredible.. I only read the first and last page.. and noted that you nearly hit 600 yesterday!!

Just checking in - but no time for Sudoku or chat. Internet connection is costed by the minute.

Take care,,
Maybe I speak too soon, but it looks like the West Coast Wimps have had their wings clipped.
Beehive. Any chance of an update
Wimps 9 pts down 29 min in last
Fi from NT now in scotland
lovely to hear from you fi, pleased you are having a great time. make sure you take lots of pics for us to see on site when you return. enjoy your holiday with all the family.
The House of Pain has been renamed The House of Gain. First bloody Freo and now the Wimples, and with Juddy too!

Baz, www.afl.com.au, or are you just trying to stick it up us West Coasters. Haha.
Arent you pleased I dont get into arguments on footy now beehive?
No Beezy, I am having a huge problem with that site at the moment. But what the hell, that puts the Crows on top - it's lonely up there.

And what about that percentage!
Beezy you have taken this like a man. I am proud of you! The Wimples? Tee hee! That raised an out right giggle from me
buzzy on line??
Mickey i too must apologise for spelling your name wrong.hope you had a good birthday.
have the sunny smilies worked yet fiona?
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happy birthday mickey
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Baz, I can just imagine that giggle too. Sort of like the tee hee on MSN.

Come on Rose get stuck in. Real supporters dont let their team take crâp like that.
3:45 Hi to all and another beautiful day here!

Happy Birthday Michelle - Have a wonderful day x

Happy Birthday Scott with a cherry on top x

Thought for the Day:

Aspire to inspire before we expire!

Buzzy not signed in
yes they do, they laugh at the silly inane comments from the non supporters trying to bag us!
Especially us collingwood supporters - you either love us or hate us!
thank you to k, col, loza, fiona, fi and ap (I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did sorry) for the birthday wishes.

Col, guess what???? the head is finally back on the car, he has put it all back together and we just got home from shopping, the first time my car has left the driveway since 6th May....YAH
and thank you andre, your message wasn't there when I was typing the last comment
Fiona belated birthday wishes to your son hope he had a fun day.
Mickey just a day more remember...
just tried to bake one for u mickey with all my hearts..believe me..
Mickey, the head is NOT supposed to be on the car, it is supposed to be engaged pending his arrival into this wonderful world.
Happy Birthday, to you !! Hope you had a good day.
Awwwww Rosemary. Are we a little miffed at the píss weak perfomance of Collingwood? Could the Collywobbles be coming back? Is Eddie now having a nervy turn? Don't think for a moment that I am enjoying this. Oh no! Not me!
You 'n' me Baz. Can't wait for the Crows to looze. A day of mirth then, I can tell ya.

Come on Rose you can do better than that. If the Pies performance is as weak as that comeback, they wont even make the 8!
B & B
what a pair of jokers!!
Beehive, I have nothing but respect for you and the WCE. Although today put the Crows on the top of the ladder, lonely place that is, I absolutely refuse to gloat. We could be knoicked off any tick of the clock. Well, maybe any two or three ticks of the clock, so I am magnanimous. I absolutely refuse to gloat!
No really, no gloating here!
Pity Baz, but I really can't see the Crows losing any from here in. Damnation! They are just too bloody good.
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