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Easy Sudoku for 2/July/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Jul/19 12:19 AM
Hi, Buddy! Where the Hal is everyone?
02/Jul/19 12:22 AM
Hey, Judy, we're here too
02/Jul/19 12:31 AM
Good morning to you, fellow West Coaster!
02/Jul/19 12:33 AM
DOA - I thought about disabling Norton, but I can't figure out how, and not sure I want to uninstall it.

For those who wonder what DOA and I are talking about, I'll repeat my original post:

I need some HELP. I recently bought a new laptop to replace the old desktop that I've been More...
02/Jul/19 12:33 AM
Hi there, Judy. Have a great trip.
02/Jul/19 12:36 AM
, Hal! What's not to like about forests, lakes, and mountains?
02/Jul/19 12:44 AM
02/Jul/19 1:15 AM
2:19. Good Morning, all. Ladybird vs. Ladybug: just a difference in language, or are they different creatures?
02/Jul/19 1:23 AM
02/Jul/19 1:35 AM
It's regional thing, both are names for the same insect. In fact Lyndon B Johnson gave that his wife the nickname Lady Bird.
02/Jul/19 1:39 AM
Judy, great first comment.
02/Jul/19 2:39 AM
02/Jul/19 3:14 AM
We call them Lady Bugs here , but Lady Birds are the same insect.
02/Jul/19 3:50 AM
everyone & a Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 I'll have a glass of Pinot Grigio, Rage with a couple of ice cubes. Our summer weather has finally arrived with a high of 30C expected today and a humidex of 33C. Guess we'll put on lots of sunscreen while watching the parade.
02/Jul/19 4:01 AM
! I don't know how that happened. The post was ar 9:49 last night, and here it is again. Must be that ghost post everyone talks about! 👻👻👻
02/Jul/19 4:06 AM
02/Jul/19 4:26 AM
Interesting comments on Lady Bugs vs Lady Birds
02/Jul/19 5:35 AM
Morning all,our Lady Birds are black with red spots, I've never seen any this colour.
02/Jul/19 6:49 AM
Ian,hope all is well with you and Anne.
02/Jul/19 6:53 AM
Beautiful pattern on that bug. I, too, have never seen any without orange or red dots on a dark background.
02/Jul/19 8:26 AM
Actually, reverse that, dark spots on a red or orange background.
02/Jul/19 8:28 AM
Google found this:
Not all ladybugs have black spots on them, though, and not all ladybugs are red, either. There are many different species of ladybugs and they all look a little different in their colors and patterns.
02/Jul/19 8:29 AM
Here I come, a blast from the past. Popping in to say thank you to those who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday. A year older but not necessarily wiser, I will try to check in more often. Off on travels again soon, this time to WA - with the caravan - will be away about 8 weeks Love to all here, More...
02/Jul/19 9:01 AM

Run a search with 'norton won't allow proprietory software to be installed' and there are plenty of answers to your question
02/Jul/19 10:45 AM

Unusual looking critter. must be Egyptian Lady Bug with hieroglyph markings on shell.
02/Jul/19 11:26 AM
02/Jul/19 12:08 PM
Brilliant suggestion, Rage!
02/Jul/19 12:38 PM
02/Jul/19 3:46 PM
G'day folks. I have come out of my cosy burrow to wrap up this puzzle. There was general, but not unanimous agreement, that it was easier than the previous one, and the results tend to confirm that. Even including the three puzzle makers, there were only ten people who sent in solutions. They More...
02/Jul/19 4:25 PM
What a pleasant surprise to hear from CP and know that she still returns to the page from time to time. I hope you enjoy you caravan trip to the West. You must go down to Albany to see Anne. It is a lovely part of the world there. Cheers.
02/Jul/19 4:32 PM
It seems as though many Sudokuist are planning to have holidays and they are making me envious with their varied itineraries. I hope that everyone has a very enjoyable holiday. Like Sarah, I think Rage scored a few points with his Egyptian Ladybird.
02/Jul/19 4:36 PM
It seems appropriate to offer Rage an 'Ice Cold VB' to recognise his witticism and I invite everyone to join him, having their favourite tipple of course.
02/Jul/19 4:40 PM
I can't let the opportunity to claim a CP go by without responding, especially as it is CP's birthday time.
02/Jul/19 4:41 PM
1:52. Good evening everyone.
02/Jul/19 7:20 PM
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