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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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or ...who knows???
(Supposed to be sunny, but no sign so far.)
02/Aug/13 12:00 AM
02/Aug/13 12:00 AM
02/Aug/13 12:02 AM
Here early, now must go.
02/Aug/13 12:03 AM
too. Very foggy at the beach house this morning.
02/Aug/13 12:06 AM
1:47. Hi and good night all.
02/Aug/13 12:10 AM
Hi Sarah Beth. Bye Sarah Beth. Hi Shiela and Hal. Stomped all over Vici's #, but I did think of her once I knew I'd gotten it.
02/Aug/13 12:10 AM
& Chris.
02/Aug/13 12:11 AM
& shosho.
02/Aug/13 12:11 AM
I like light rays. Not as much as sunsets, sunrises and rainbows, but they still make the list.
02/Aug/13 12:15 AM
Here are the answer to yesterday’s puzzle:

1. Pen - Coop
2. Carve - Cut
3. Caress - Pet
4. Save - Salvage
5. Whirled - Spun

Today in the crowded we have we have Shiela, HalT, shosho, judy, Canuk Greg, Sarah Beth, Pam, More...
02/Aug/13 12:17 AM
Nice light and dark cloud shot.
02/Aug/13 12:19 AM
How about a logic puzzle? (That's a strictly rhetorical question.)

Five women bought five different types of flowers for different reasons on different days.

Names: Julia, Amy, Bethany, Rachel, and Kristen

Flowers: Roses, Daisies, Lilies, Tulips, and Carnations
02/Aug/13 12:24 AM
One of my grandsons is quite good at Vowel Movement. He and Lynne and I have already played it while walking on the beach as well as while sitting in the living room. He has made up a whole set of them, which is what I'll put up the next time I take a turn at offering the daily puzzle. I'll wait until we get back home before I do that, though.
02/Aug/13 12:28 AM
02/Aug/13 12:29 AM
Keith, I would hang around and help move things along towards your magical number, but I need to slice strawberries before my gelatin sets.
02/Aug/13 12:31 AM
Glad you grabbed it, Keith!
What a gorgeous sky!
02/Aug/13 12:32 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Aug/13 12:57 AM
Spiderman's Day
02/Aug/13 12:58 AM
Does anyone else have a pause, or a giggle, when you read vowel movement?
02/Aug/13 12:59 AM
There are plans for the day, but so far no umph to start them.
Really, need to since, we will be at Pappoo's for a good part of the weekend.
02/Aug/13 1:01 AM
To you dear Keith.
02/Aug/13 1:02 AM
02/Aug/13 1:14 AM
Thank you, Keith! Here's good luck flying to you!
02/Aug/13 1:15 AM
Speaking of flying, must go quickly, too! Grandie is back for caring.
02/Aug/13 1:17 AM
Well, so far, everybody's missed their number.
02/Aug/13 1:19 AM
Good morning to all! A better photo today than we had yesterday. This looks like one that would show up on an inspirational songs/thoughts site.
02/Aug/13 1:35 AM
I was planning to weed my small garden today but it has been raining heavily all morning. I can take a hint Mother Nature!
02/Aug/13 1:36 AM
Mr Cee is going walk-about again this weekend, so I will try to keep you busy with a few pozzles folks.
02/Aug/13 1:38 AM
White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.
02/Aug/13 1:39 AM

PA is one of only three states to have an official toy. And, what might that be you wonder? The Slinky®
02/Aug/13 1:43 AM
Daplap, and the other two are?
02/Aug/13 2:13 AM
I found that the official state toy of Mississippi is the teddy bear. I can't find a third state.
02/Aug/13 2:24 AM
Has anyone heard how Anne From Albany's trip is going? It's been a month & I haven't heard a thing.
02/Aug/13 2:24 AM
02/Aug/13 2:25 AM
Rush Hour Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


02/Aug/13 2:42 AM
Well, taking out the trash led to an hour and forty-five minutes worth of little tasks. I do have my electronics in the living room connect, instead of laying useless on the floor by the television.
02/Aug/13 2:48 AM
Girls keep asking when we are going to see the Smurfs. I did not know it was a we were going to see the Smurfs. I thought, it was Daddy going to take his girls out on a date, to see the Smurfs. Looks like I will be spending the day saying, 'Ask your Daddy.' I do encourage them to use the phone and call him, but so far no one has done that.
02/Aug/13 2:50 AM
You know I am going to try to do it.
02/Aug/13 2:51 AM
Bye-bye page one.
02/Aug/13 2:51 AM
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