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Easy Sudoku for 2/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello - all I get is my own echo!
02/Sep/13 7:20 AM
I'll do some jigsaws & see who's here when I've finished!!
02/Sep/13 7:20 AM
Good morning.
02/Sep/13 7:49 AM
I'm awake - I think.
02/Sep/13 7:49 AM
Just read yesterday's last page.
02/Sep/13 7:50 AM
And saw Mr Cee's puzzle.
02/Sep/13 7:50 AM
I think I can safely say I won't be attempting it!
02/Sep/13 7:51 AM
Hello CP!
02/Sep/13 8:02 AM

Whilst hunting for answers for Mr Cee's poozle I came across this for a Californian........

Urbandictionary says this of Shosho.......Beautiful girl inside and out...Smart and funny.angelic, nice and outgoing.kind, sweet, loves everyone.(sic)

Couldn't believe my eyes!

02/Sep/13 8:18 AM
Well, it certainly sounds like our shosho, Peter!!!
02/Sep/13 8:42 AM

Kathy Kathy Kathy.

02/Sep/13 9:07 AM

Peter Peter Peter

Where is #4?
02/Sep/13 9:09 AM

Greg Greg Greg

See above comment
02/Sep/13 9:12 AM

Halt HalT HalT

#10 Nope Guess again
02/Sep/13 9:13 AM

C'mon Grass-Hopper you can do it.

You know you can.
02/Sep/13 9:15 AM
And a repost just because I can.

1. Old Old Tasmanian -> Squeeze
2. Queenslander -> a commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.
3. Marylander -> Other half of Kim
4. Californian -> Of or pertaining to any person, place, thing or idea that is contrary to More...
02/Sep/13 9:18 AM
Good Afternoon all. Lovely day here again.
We do need some rain though.
02/Sep/13 12:07 PM
02/Sep/13 12:52 PM
Good night all.
02/Sep/13 1:14 PM
One day a teacher was talking about marriage in class.
Teacher : What kind of wife would you like Johnny?
Johnny : I would want a wife like the moon.
Teacher : Wow! What a choice... Do you want her to be beautiful and calm like the moon?
Johnny : No, I want her to arrive at night and More...
02/Sep/13 2:06 PM
Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid.

And the main reason women are crazy
is that men are stupid. -George Carlin
02/Sep/13 2:13 PM
Men socialize by insulting each
other, but they don't really mean it.

Women socialize by complimenting
each other, and they don't really
mean it either.
02/Sep/13 2:16 PM
I like that one DOA - the socializing one!!
02/Sep/13 2:54 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/Sep/13 3:20 PM
The first one definitely deserves a slap 'up side the head', DorA.
02/Sep/13 4:00 PM

For everyone........you should all know this stuff.

02/Sep/13 4:54 PM
Thanks Peter (Y)
02/Sep/13 6:20 PM
Oh that is a thumbs up. Thought I was on TOS.
02/Sep/13 6:21 PM
Cee, that's the simplest quiz question you've ever asked. Number 4 lies buried deep in the recesses of your devious mind!
02/Sep/13 9:12 PM

Only if you read that far down Peter.
02/Sep/13 9:17 PM

CG, his mind is devious but it's not big enough for anything to be buried very deep.
02/Sep/13 9:18 PM

02/Sep/13 9:18 PM
1. Hugh -> Hug
2. Broni -> Bron
3. Kathy -> Kath
4. Judy -> Jud
5. Hal -> Ha
6. Kamel -> Kame
7. Fii -> Fi
8. Appy -> App
9. Chris -> Chri
10. Gail -> Gai

Peter Quick off the mark and even knows who Hugh is but missed More...
02/Sep/13 9:40 PM

Jud = Of or pertaining to any person, place, thing or idea that is contrary to established norms.

Mr Cee, this has obviously gone over my head, can you please explain it to me or show me your reference.
02/Sep/13 9:54 PM
Google Define Jud then go to Urban Dictionary.

1. jud

Of or pertaining to any person, place, thing or idea that is contrary to established norms.
An adult male wearing shorts and sandals with socks is jud.

Used in a sentence: 'Look at Jud over there, wearing the L.A. More...
02/Sep/13 10:00 PM
Very obscure and in reality I have never heard of it either but it is there.
02/Sep/13 10:02 PM

Just as well we weren't using the German language.
02/Sep/13 10:08 PM

Oh how did I know you would go there.
02/Sep/13 10:09 PM
I don't know Cee. Number 10 is correct, just not your answer, and Peter/Hugh is also correct as Pete and pet. You're a tough marker.
02/Sep/13 10:23 PM
CG, I agree with you on #10.
02/Sep/13 11:02 PM
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