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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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You betcha!
Oh why not?!?
20/Jan/09 2:31 PM
A cp and it's off to the NC for me!
20/Jan/09 2:32 PM
I went for a colonoscopy yesterday. My brother had an op for bowel cancer late last year and that makes me high-risk. Anyway, after a horrible Sunday evening drinking 3 litres of prep, all went well yesterday and my result was that I was completely clear - in more ways than one. I have to go back in 5 years time (although I have been told to re-do it in 3 years time to be safe).
20/Jan/09 2:43 PM
I recently went through one of those too. Judy's right, the prep is the difficult part. They send you to LaLa land (sorry shosho) for the procedure, so you don't even know it happened.
20/Jan/09 3:07 PM
Good night worldly people

20/Jan/09 3:33 PM
2:23 from Beijing, where Spring Festival is almost underway.

I've been back in Beijing for a week after a wonderful three weeks in the USA, saved in part by our son's heroic efforts driving through a blizzard from Portland to Vancouver, BC to bring his dad home for More...
20/Jan/09 3:49 PM
Jim, I have seen photos of the Harbin Ice Festival and it looks absolutely unreal!!! Look forward to seeing lots of photos when you get back.
20/Jan/09 4:01 PM
Good to see you back online Jim. Hope your time at home was wongerful.
We all think your son is a hero, what an effort!
20/Jan/09 4:28 PM
Good Afternoon everyone.

Still only 1221 words written - but the good thing is that there is a greater proportion of good words in that so I am moving forward.
20/Jan/09 6:56 PM
Hi everyone. I have just received an email from my son, who will be 40 on 3rd Feb asking for donations to a charity instead of any gifts. I knew nothing of this charity 'The Smile Train'. Please take a look at the following link, not to leave a donation, though one would be most welcome, but for More...
20/Jan/09 10:03 PM
Smile train? Ah, I get it, surgery to repair cleft lip and cleft palate in developing countries. It's hard to believe that anything medical can be accomplished with such a small donation. How wonderful!
20/Jan/09 10:18 PM
He's a good boy Mo!
20/Jan/09 10:45 PM
You should be a very proud Mum, GMo!
20/Jan/09 10:52 PM
I am very proud, his elder daughter also asked for donations from the invitees to her 10th birthday but for a different charity. Hers was CWIN - Child Workers In Nepal, another small worthy charity in an area that needs much help, when you read up about it.
It brings back faith in the future when the young think charitably, long may it continue.
20/Jan/09 10:59 PM
As adults we need to foster that attitude in the young or else there's no reason for them not to think selfishly. Unfortunately, it's something that's caught more than taught -- if I'm not doing it myself, my kids won't understand that it really IS that important to emulate. GMo, you can be proud because I suspect it's in your son and granddaughter because you instilled it when he was young.
20/Jan/09 11:07 PM
Thank you Plum. In fact we get it from my mum. She collected and helped with Workers for Mother Theresa. Right into her seventies she would be sorting jumble and clothing donated. Natural fibres were sent to India, man-made were sold on to pay for the shipment to India. They also collected costume jewellery which they sent to form a dowry for the girls in her(Mother Theresa) homes.
20/Jan/09 11:12 PM
Yes GMo, I sometimes wonder that some of the young have lost their way, but then you meet others who makes your heart soar that the future is in good hands.
20/Jan/09 11:13 PM
Well, that certainly got the tear ducts working again Mo!
I'll see what I can do.
20/Jan/09 11:59 PM
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