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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I'm too old to pounce CP.
20/Jan/10 8:12 AM
You're too old to pounce CP? And you think WE need drugs?
Had to do it. I know Judy's off eating lunch.
20/Jan/10 8:16 AM
20/Jan/10 8:50 AM
And here I was going to post about George Clooney!
20/Jan/10 8:50 AM
Maybe I better come back later with that conversation.
20/Jan/10 8:51 AM
Have to go the the physiotherapist first and get my neck sorted out.
20/Jan/10 8:52 AM
And of course, breakfast would be a good start!
20/Jan/10 8:52 AM
Well, let me re-phrase that .... Tigger I'm not. C'est la vie!
20/Jan/10 8:53 AM
all! Picked you in a second Vici! Wonderful detailed descriptions Plum! With your vibrant words I can just picture in my imagination ice that think on the pathway. My own home would be a similar nightmare in such conditions.
20/Jan/10 8:56 AM
'thick' ice!
20/Jan/10 8:57 AM
Plum - thanks for the wonderful snow/ice scene descriptions. Whilst I'd love to see them, it would only be fleeting. To be honest, I like the climate where I live.
I have this within miles of where I live!
20/Jan/10 9:45 AM
I'm with you Cyn. They can keep that ice and snow stuff right there! Swimming pools and beaches are better.
20/Jan/10 9:47 AM
Yay Girls, I'm with both Cyn and Vicki! Brrrrr!
20/Jan/10 9:59 AM
Anyone who has ever worked with kids, had kids, has had this experience or a version of it!

*The Winter Boots *

(Anyone who has ever dressed a child will love this)

*Did you hear about the teacher who was helping one of her reception
class pupils put on his More...
20/Jan/10 10:11 AM
Aha - the 3 Brissie girls are in unison!! Anyone for the beach?
20/Jan/10 10:12 AM
From Melbourne,
I certainly recognise on of those face. Hi Vici!
20/Jan/10 10:57 AM

Foxes whine as babes:
lawns are crisp with snow:
flesh hardens into iron,
and moisture loses flow.

Creatures seeking warmth,
move the drowsy night.
They skate o’er snow and ice;
dark shadows cast on white.

Some shake in cold and fear:
as More...
20/Jan/10 11:14 AM
Vivid descriptions Plum and Thyra. Along with the beautiful email I just got from Stella, I can almost feel the icy air.
20/Jan/10 11:59 AM
...but I'm glad I'm not there!
20/Jan/10 12:00 PM
2.27 Oh, there's our very own Lanky Yank and her beautiful elves.
20/Jan/10 12:07 PM
Finally warm again!!! Today it rained so hard that we had a 3" in depth river running from the parking lot to the playground and into the classes! Then just as we are getting ready for lunch, a tornado watch comes up - no kids leave the rooms! We just had lunch delivered by sodden adults and no bathroom breaks for anyone!
20/Jan/10 1:46 PM
My jacket got soaked and my blouse was drenched, and my jeans were drippy all day! Ever have a pair of skinny jean sopping wet on you then dry? I found out they stretch out!!!
20/Jan/10 1:48 PM
Skinny jeans? Surely you jest ...
20/Jan/10 2:27 PM
What a huge difference there is between the Haitian people's reaction to an earthquake and that of the Indonesians in in Aceh.
20/Jan/10 3:45 PM
CP - every once in a while I go out for an evening with a group of like-minded, silly women, and we take in a meal and a movie. One of our members always tries to get us to go to some clever, serious film, and inevitably we end up at the daftest chick flick showing. I noticed Georgio Clooney's More...
20/Jan/10 7:38 PM
I vote for the beach too
20/Jan/10 8:00 PM
OK, that's the Brisbane contigent in agreement, thanks K!
20/Jan/10 8:55 PM
Well are we are all in agreeance(sp hehe)??????
20/Jan/10 10:39 PM
Nite all, big day today and going out on the boat for the 4 days over Aussie Day. Should be back after that more often.
Stay safe and happy.
20/Jan/10 10:44 PM
Rayray...nice little ditty, but I didn't know owls were fish eaters.
20/Jan/10 11:32 PM
Or conversely...how often do you see a perch on the ground? Don't mind me...I'm just being silly like Fiona and her girlfriends!
20/Jan/10 11:37 PM
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