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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
20/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Mornin', John! Good Maen, everyone!
20/Jan/10 12:10 AM
Good morning (for you) John and Shiela!
20/Jan/10 12:13 AM
Good morning, John, Shiela, and CynB!!!
20/Jan/10 12:16 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Grmeval!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
20/Jan/10 12:17 AM
So nice to be able to see you... even if it is just in passing, CynB!
Hello Shosho!
20/Jan/10 12:22 AM
2:21 Good Maen, good people. More freezing fog! I thought it was "bad" here, but I took a long drive yesterday and as I got further inland from the Lake (Michigan), the ice on the trees got heavier and heavier. It was like driving through a true Ice Forest. The roads were fine by More...
20/Jan/10 12:39 AM
Plum - what a fascinating description for someone who lives in a warm climate like I do and has yet, at my advanced (ahem) age to see something like that. Thank you!
Hi to Shosho and Plum also. Happy Birthday to grmeval. Enjoy your day.
Night all - past my bedtime now!
20/Jan/10 12:47 AM
Good Maen friends!
Plum - I've seen freezing fog once in Reno, Nevada. It made all the trees look so beautiful.
Sweet dreams, Cyn!
20/Jan/10 1:00 AM
Plum, I am also absolutely fascinated by your description, but unlike CynB, have no desire to experience it in person!! However, like CynB, I also am heading off to bed, and only came in here to turn off this computer which has developed a rather noisy fan! Up late tonight after bridge, which More...
20/Jan/10 1:02 AM
Hey Vici, sorry I missed you!! Night!!
20/Jan/10 1:04 AM
Oh my gosh! I submitted this photo years ago...me and my 2 nieces at Christmas (2007).
Can you tell we were having fun playing with my new camera?
20/Jan/10 1:05 AM
Sleep well Bluey - good catching you here...even if it was for a sec!
20/Jan/10 1:06 AM
Beautiful, but distructive. We've had several ice storms in our area over the years. Until we cut the Korean elms down, we sometimes ended up with over sixty 15 to 20-foot long limbs down in one storm.
20/Jan/10 1:07 AM
CynB - everything was indistinct and misty looking, especially at a distance. The bare deciduous stands were oddly topped with pale gray - it was like it was there, but not there. The evergreen conifers didn't look as weighed down as they would with an ice storm - but they definitely looked encased More...
20/Jan/10 1:11 AM
Thanks, everyone. Glad I can offer those foreign to winter a little idea of what it's like.
20/Jan/10 1:14 AM
and Plum a photo would have given a still more clear picture of the scene described..
20/Jan/10 1:23 AM
I find no picture in Plum's page!!
20/Jan/10 1:24 AM
Pun of the day:
The evil molecule couldn't be prosecuted during the day, so it had a nitrile instead.
20/Jan/10 1:25 AM

Getting close to 22!
20/Jan/10 1:55 AM
20/Jan/10 1:56 AM
Ha! Gotcha
20/Jan/10 1:56 AM
Great photo of Vici and nieces!
...so maybe the photo I submitted may appear in another year or so?...
20/Jan/10 2:04 AM
A dreary day here, so it's nice to be greeted by Vici's smiling photo!
20/Jan/10 2:33 AM
Wonderful description of the area weather, Plum!
20/Jan/10 3:00 AM
Years ago we were driving across country to Arkansas and came to an area that had just had a freezing rain in Missouri. There was clear ice on everything and the sun was out. It was like a crystal palace and so bright one could barely keep there eyes open for the glare!
20/Jan/10 3:02 AM
I didn't think it could happen, but it appears that nobody got 22 today!
20/Jan/10 3:10 AM
My apologies to CP for not mentioning she had a winning answer to Greg's "Q" question yesterday! She gets an for answering both my (somewhat confusing) puzzle AND Greg's!
20/Jan/10 3:12 AM
Oh, Thyra, I really enjoy those sunny, diamond-crusted ice scenes. Once the sun it out it disappears so quickly, but it's so eye popping magical while it lasts. In contrast, this has been a very subtle thing - but fog is by its nature a massive subduer of the landscape.
20/Jan/10 3:13 AM
Oh, now I know why I'm still so dragging tired at 11 a.m. I've had breakfast, researched glucosamine chondroitin's potential side effects, done sudoku and kenken (and something of a travel tourism blog ), plus birthday party planning and spelling and vocabulary and math (which were at the More...
20/Jan/10 3:20 AM

There was a burning building with a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde at the top. The firemen are yelling to the redhead to jump into a blanket and she jumps off the building and right as she was about to safely hit the blanket they moved it and she dies. They yell to the brunette to jump but More...
20/Jan/10 4:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! A nice looking group of young girls. That looks like Vici, and those other two must be her sisters.
20/Jan/10 5:04 AM
Neices??? I never would have guessed!
20/Jan/10 5:06 AM
CP, I glad someone lined up to get the correct answer yesterday!
20/Jan/10 5:07 AM
A quiet day.... which makes for a good day yo post some riddles I would never post....

Why does a milking stool have only 3 legs?
Because the cow has the utter.

How do crazy people go through the forest?
They take the psycho path.

What do you call cheese that isn't More...
20/Jan/10 5:10 AM
One more just for the cp of it!
20/Jan/10 5:11 AM
Good morning to all. It is a blustery, stormy day here. A perfect day for reading by the fire!
20/Jan/10 5:26 AM
2:43 Maen! Lotsa smiles!
20/Jan/10 5:32 AM
Once again, Greg...

(but, I'm laughing!)
20/Jan/10 5:37 AM
Checking back for a riddle or puzzle ...
20/Jan/10 5:43 AM
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