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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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page 2?
20/Jan/12 3:05 AM

I haven't noticed what my horoscope has been saying, Fiona. Today I am supposed to listen to my inner voice rather than my inner fears and doubts and I will feel in my bones that the future is a lot brighter than the past.
I will see if I have feely bones tomorrow and let you know.
20/Jan/12 3:09 AM
Kathy - I think your inner voice is telling you to get a new pair of blue jeans and celebrate!!
20/Jan/12 3:13 AM
Okay - pretty picture on medium - time for math work.
20/Jan/12 3:14 AM
I haven't paid attention to my Horoscope either, but this "It's in the final days of the year that you're able to give your personal life your attention." makes me think it hasn't been changed for a while.
20/Jan/12 3:15 AM
Heavens Jamie, don't give her ideas - batwoman, just keep listening to your inner voice!
20/Jan/12 3:15 AM
Good morning. We were promised precipitation today, but I awoke to only partly cloudy skies - just like yesterday.

RE horoscopes: The moon is in my chart, my ear is on the ground, and my finger is on the pulse.
20/Jan/12 3:16 AM
And for Popcorn Day, I offer the following:

Now here's a funny story
I hope you understand
Listen very closely
If you possibly can
It's a story of
Two popcorn kernels
In a red hot pan
One turned to the other
And said, Hey man

I'm too pooped to pop
And More...
20/Jan/12 3:20 AM
You'll get a sore neck if you stay in that position Linda.
20/Jan/12 3:21 AM
I live in blue jeans.
Someone pick up Fiona, she's swooned onto her couch.
20/Jan/12 3:33 AM
I live in blue jeans, too, Kathy.
Right now mine look a bit s8xier since they have become a bit tighter recently!
20/Jan/12 3:39 AM
all. I just got dressed & had not yet read any of today's comments. Guess I picked the right thing to wear - I put on my blue jeans!
20/Jan/12 3:45 AM
Shhh. Don't tell her. I'm also wearing a sweatshirt.
20/Jan/12 3:47 AM

Nobody thought she’d a clue,
but a geneticist, named Doctor Who,
moved genes to a carrot -
from the egg of a parrot,
and the carrot then chattered and flew.

She next passed into rattlesnakes’ eggs -
a centipede’s numerous legs.
But, as chance More...
20/Jan/12 3:47 AM
I never read the horoscopes.
20/Jan/12 3:47 AM
The spell-check is dyslectic when it comes to punctuation !!
20/Jan/12 3:49 AM
You could make a snarrot, Ray. A long wiggly orange vegetable.
20/Jan/12 3:55 AM
Time to take my haute couture self off to make lunch!
20/Jan/12 3:56 AM
Have you got a picture of "a snarrot"?
Are they good to eat?
How about a "Car-snake".
But, you'd need to tie it to the gear lever.
20/Jan/12 4:09 AM
Fiona, Fiona, Fiona, you are a gorgeous woman, I cannot imagine you looking bad in a pair of jeans.
I am in my favorite, jeans today, they are on the verge of becoming fashionable, by becoming religious. The seems are fraid(?), but oh so comfortable. They fit so right and so soft, I can even More...
20/Jan/12 4:44 AM
There was a man, who bless his heart, would walk in my line of vision, because I do not have wondering eyes, each morning. His jeans were wonderful to look at. The jeans fit his tush just right. And he was so kind to walk in front of me often.
Oh, wait, this is Women in Blue Jean day, got off there for a moment.
20/Jan/12 4:47 AM
Morning all.
20/Jan/12 4:52 AM
EARTHQUAKE REPORT; 19th January 2012
Subsequent to, and possibly as a consequence of, the two significant earthquakes in the South Shetland Islands on 15th January, two identifiable quake-strings have developed.
The first involves events as follows:
(i) COQUIMBO, CHILE; 2012/01/17; M More...
20/Jan/12 5:00 AM
Today sounds like a perfect day for me. Bluejeans and popcorn. Add hot chocolate to the mix and I'd be in heaven.

Now I have to make some.....
20/Jan/12 5:54 AM
I'm trying to get a mental picture of a combo carrot/snake/parrot/centipede. Ain't easy.
20/Jan/12 5:58 AM
20/Jan/12 6:11 AM
Moving slowly and rebooting the pooter...have I mentioned that will be my first big purchace after a job happens?
20/Jan/12 6:12 AM
With the windchill factor, it is 7F here. I am wearing my cordorys. Watch for fires in central Kansas. My new favorite jeans are som "Mom" jeans I got for $2 in a thrift store. Th Christmas weight is gone, I seem motivated, so maybe I'll get back into my s@xier numbers before summer. I don't usually wear blue jeans in the summer...it is too hot!
20/Jan/12 6:15 AM
I will have a second interview for the wound care job sometime soon. I also have a couple of other leads with that recruiting company. Another company called me today with a family practice job with the air force in Wichita. Something has to pan out.
20/Jan/12 6:17 AM
Good afternoon
20/Jan/12 7:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! That looks rather remote Wendy.
20/Jan/12 7:04 AM
Been a busy morning here.
20/Jan/12 7:04 AM
A heck of a day on the site. We have wiggly snarrot snakes crawling up the pant legs of women wearing jeans to get at the popcorn they're eating. Boggles the mind!
20/Jan/12 7:08 AM
Are you busy fighting off snarrot snakes Sue?
20/Jan/12 7:10 AM
Morning all,have yet to travel the Nullabor Plain will have to get hubby moving again.
DOA, I'll back you in the golf saga...pick a course for us to protest at.lol
20/Jan/12 7:25 AM
2:10 Morning All
20/Jan/12 7:31 AM
20/Jan/12 7:35 AM
Did I get back in time?
20/Jan/12 7:43 AM
I'll call that a maybe.
20/Jan/12 7:44 AM
Welcome to page 3.
20/Jan/12 7:44 AM
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