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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Off to Phoenix for a wedding. See you next week!
20/Oct/16 12:00 AM
20/Oct/16 12:15 AM
1:48 Good night!
20/Oct/16 12:55 AM
Happy Wednesday!
20/Oct/16 1:30 AM
Good Maen to all. Even to those missing in action today!
20/Oct/16 1:39 AM
Denny, I hope you didn't miss my post to you from yesterday.

Morning, all.
20/Oct/16 2:15 AM
Bust some moves on the dance floor,Wolf!
Great fall day here, with blue jays and chipmunks getting their morning ration of peanuts.
20/Oct/16 2:21 AM
Gorgeous fall weather here - we are off to do the final closing chores for our 'summer' place; it's planning to stop being summer any day now! Even Mother Nature seems as reluctant as I with 'giving up summer' this year. Have a good day.....
20/Oct/16 2:30 AM
20/Oct/16 3:57 AM
3 lovely ladies.
20/Oct/16 3:58 AM
We are having a more summer like than fall day here as well. It's great to be able to comfortably enjoy how gorgeous the fall leaves are.
20/Oct/16 3:59 AM
Its ok. No need to panic. I'm just lurking waiting to pounce on Keith.
20/Oct/16 4:39 AM
Hmmmm I'm thinking that didn't sound like I intended it to sound.
20/Oct/16 4:39 AM
CG is probably doing a Johnny Cash impersonation over his Blue Jays losing streak.....or, (I just checked), he could be celebrating a 5 -1 win in the 4th game. Someone must have opened a can of whoopass.
20/Oct/16 4:47 AM
Heading off to Sydney on Friday to see My Fair Lady at the Opera House. Funny, we saw the Sound of Music last month and Julie Andrews is the Director of My Fair Lady. Spooky coincidence.
''Come on Dover, move your bloomin' arse!''
20/Oct/16 4:59 AM
3 lovely dresses on 3 lovely ladies.
20/Oct/16 5:01 AM
Good afternoon to all! Lovely outfits on those ladies. Does anyone know who they are?
20/Oct/16 5:22 AM
Yes, Toronto did win yesterday. The bats finally came alive and they got some runs. Big mountain to climb though. They need three more wins in a row to get to the World Series.
20/Oct/16 5:24 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
20/Oct/16 5:39 AM
Back in time.
20/Oct/16 5:44 AM
20/Oct/16 5:44 AM
20/Oct/16 5:44 AM
Good morning all.
20/Oct/16 6:54 AM
The temps are warming slightly, but the rain continues. We've barely had a week since April when it hasn't rained on multiple days. Getting pretty sick of it!
20/Oct/16 6:56 AM
Asparagus picking is reasonably easy, but very hard on the hands. The stems are snapped off and if they are shortish your knuckes gets gravel rash and the skin the thumb splits with the friction of the sandy soil.
20/Oct/16 6:59 AM
I'm looking for ways to protect my sore paw, before I go again tomorrow.
20/Oct/16 7:00 AM
Any way - enjoy your day folks.
20/Oct/16 7:01 AM
Morning all, dress up day for some function perhaps.
Our weatherman keeps telling us that it will rain, we get the clouds even stormy ones next time you look up they have gone.
20/Oct/16 7:17 AM
Sorry, uno hu, I hadn't read your comments when I went for 22. I should have been deathly afraid. Instead, I was left in blissful ignorance, which is actually a rather pleasant way to wander through life.
20/Oct/16 7:49 AM
Based on the dresses, I'd say the lady in the center is Scarlet O'hara.
20/Oct/16 10:30 AM
Sacky, they say a certain bodily fluid does a good job of toughening up the skin for rough jobs. I'd also avoid the oh-so-soft-and-smooth soaps for the wash afterwards.
20/Oct/16 11:47 AM
This hot weather will be great for Shiela, providing a real beach vacation well after beach season. I'd still rather have fall weather.
20/Oct/16 2:24 PM
Hello saltie, I haven't seen a comment from you before. Welcome !
20/Oct/16 3:05 PM
🐻🐻Cubs Win🐻🐻
20/Oct/16 4:53 PM
We are in Oregon- picked up my Son at his apartment for a day trip to Mt Hood and Bend - found out an 1/2 hour later a gas explosion occurred one block over- he able to stay in his place - no power
20/Oct/16 4:56 PM
The building cross the street windows blew out ! There wasn't a spare room at our hotel and Scott wanted to be in his own dark 'home' plus he snores !! So he watched the Cubs win - yeah!!! We drop him off to take a tram to his place - calls us - the tram is not running as there was a car struck on the track !!
Able to pick him up quickly and took him half way back
20/Oct/16 5:03 PM
They say things happen in 3's. my my what will it be !
20/Oct/16 5:04 PM
First responders were a major reason - plus shops were not open yet - that saved lives
20/Oct/16 5:06 PM
mymare, At Mt Hood, don't miss Timberline Lodge. Every 'out of towner' I've taken up has said It's worth a look...
20/Oct/16 5:19 PM
So close.
20/Oct/16 5:20 PM
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