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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Nov/14 6:42 AM
Oops, forgot Tigger.
20/Nov/14 6:42 AM
Greg, you're immortal now. (I've sent you the link), one of those quotes I shared on a car forum.
20/Nov/14 7:01 AM
Morning all,that sock will need to go in the wash after using it for a hankie.
20/Nov/14 7:07 AM
Good morning everyone. Rain forecast today. Haven't been around much lately. Busy catching up on stuff around here.
20/Nov/14 7:13 AM
Have planted half the vege garden, weeded 1/4 of the ornamental area and almost ready to tackle the native garden. That area needs revamping as its a bit out of control. Chainsaws will be need for starters.
20/Nov/14 7:16 AM
I am qualified to use a chainsaw from a time when I studied horticulture. Hubby kindly bought me one for my birthday. I have never used it, but he finds it very handy! There are several self seeded gum trees that need to come down. They should provide a few years of fire wood!
20/Nov/14 7:19 AM
But today's job is preg testing heifers. We gave some ready to sell, but at least 2 aren't in calf do the vet has been ordered to sort them out! No long glove on the arm, they now use ultrasound.
20/Nov/14 7:21 AM
Have a good day everyone.
20/Nov/14 7:21 AM
Yeah, I saw it Jeb! Well done, and of course you will always be immortal!
20/Nov/14 8:13 AM
Can't remember when I last saw JEB here.
20/Nov/14 8:22 AM
Jeb lurks CP, but yes, he is around!
20/Nov/14 9:16 AM
20/Nov/14 10:12 AM
Just as well I'm here early today!
20/Nov/14 10:12 AM
Here's 55 - all mine?
20/Nov/14 10:12 AM
One of these days I'll figure out how to add some artwork!
20/Nov/14 10:16 AM
I'm baaaaack!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and best wishes - the surgery went really well and I'm home on no pain relief at all (at the moment!) The surgeon reckons it'll only be a couple of weeks before I can get back to light jogging and I just got the clearance from my boss to More...
20/Nov/14 11:22 AM
1:46, not too bad considering!
20/Nov/14 11:25 AM
Glad to hear everything went well Chris. Take it easy for a few days chum!!
20/Nov/14 11:29 AM
20/Nov/14 12:33 PM
I kinda figured your surgery would go well, Chris.
But, a word of advice: get off of the pain pills ASAP. Those things are powerful.
20/Nov/14 12:57 PM
... But oh so much fun.
20/Nov/14 2:29 PM
1:38 Good morning one and all!
20/Nov/14 2:44 PM
Fun, Keith? Hmmm. That may explain some things.
20/Nov/14 3:05 PM
or maybe it should be for me
20/Nov/14 3:07 PM
Time for some . Night all.
20/Nov/14 3:07 PM
one more for good luck
20/Nov/14 3:07 PM
After my shoulder surgery, I had a button to control how much pain killer was going into my IV. The pain relief was nice, but more fun was getting to control how far I drifted into euphoria. Once the Dr. caught on to how much fun I was having, he took my button away.
20/Nov/14 3:42 PM
23/Nov/14 7:04 AM
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