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Easy Sudoku for 20/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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page 2?
20/Dec/11 3:36 AM
Hah - Karen must still be figuring out what Thing II was wanting fixed!!
20/Dec/11 3:37 AM
Now I am off - might make it back later.
20/Dec/11 3:37 AM
I am not one to rest on my laurels.....well, okay, I rested on them for awhile but Hal got upset.

Here we go!

What is represented below?

"Left or Right?"

Femur: "I'm not sure"
Fibula: "Ummm"
Tibia: "Either is good with More...
20/Dec/11 3:51 AM
Regarding that puzzle answer, all I can say is - "HUH?"
20/Dec/11 4:06 AM
So.... I guess I'll not answer any more puzzles until after the holidays. TTFN
20/Dec/11 4:11 AM
20/Dec/11 4:33 AM
from So. Oregon

Gotta lot to do today - hope I remember everything. I have to accomplish today. So I'm off on my rounds.
20/Dec/11 4:39 AM
Sour grapes, Captain? Are you sulking? Santa is shocked.
20/Dec/11 4:40 AM
Beautiful picture. I look at that and am so envious, since it's cool and muddy here, and far from enjoyable. We're going to have a muddy brown Christmas.
20/Dec/11 4:48 AM
20/Dec/11 5:06 AM
I don't know if Kathy (Valrico) will have a chance to post today, but probably not, so I'll give the reminder that today is a big day!! She and Rob are flying to Buenos Aires today. They will spend several days there, then it is on to conquer Antarctica!! Bon Voyage, Kathy and Rob!!!
20/Dec/11 5:18 AM
Pretty good SNL skit about Tim Tebow.

20/Dec/11 6:45 AM
20/Dec/11 6:53 AM
Buenos Aires; if my memory still works: the Blues Brothers freeway.......the one that just ends mid air. Perhaps the finances ran out. Evita's grave, the very wide main avenue, the tourist guide talking excessively about Maradonna the soccer player and of course the Tango District.
20/Dec/11 7:07 AM
Love Argentina! Jaime and I have spent a lot of time in B.A. - back when we had our marketing research business. We came very close to buying an apartment there, and then Jaime went and bought a time-share ski condo in Chile instead - which we never used and lost money on when we finally sold it. More...
20/Dec/11 7:51 AM
20/Dec/11 8:03 AM
All the cows are at the sale barn. It is a little sad. I cleaned out the stock trailer when TM got back. Have I mentioned that cows have Irritable Bowel? Skating party tomorrow, as a cold front and snow are heading in.
20/Dec/11 8:04 AM
Now off to the kitchen to bake more cookies!
20/Dec/11 8:05 AM
I have driven passed there many times and it is different every time
20/Dec/11 8:23 AM
Merry Christmas to all my Sudoku friends. I know it is a few days early but we leave tomorrow and will be back after Christmas.
20/Dec/11 8:58 AM
Jackie! Safe travels!
20/Dec/11 9:14 AM
Merry Christmas, Jackie!
20/Dec/11 9:20 AM
Merry Christmas Jackie, enjoy your holiday!
20/Dec/11 10:00 AM
everybody. We are in Miami getting ready to board our flight to Buenos Aires in a few minutes. Thanks again Linda for inspiring me to make this trip & providing updates on our progress. Also, Happy Birthday, Jamie. Bye for awhile.
20/Dec/11 10:57 AM
Just popped in again after another lenghty absence to wish all members "A Very Happy Christmas" & "Successful 2012". Take care over the coming days, drive carefully if travelling to family for Christmas & above all enjoy this special season.
20/Dec/11 11:11 AM
Hi Sudoku WORLD....
Jamie...May your special day be as special as I think you are....and that's pretty special! Have a blast!
Win...Sending special birthday wishes your way also...hope you have a blast! More...
20/Dec/11 11:53 AM
2:03 Good morning one and all!

Most people photograph the apostles from the other direction. Makes a change.
20/Dec/11 11:56 AM
I was in Buenos Aires five years ago when Argentina won the World Soccer Cup.

Never go into a hairdressers to get a haircut if you don't speak their language. I did in Buenos Aires and showed the hairdresser how much I wanted off and he thought that's how short I wanted it.
20/Dec/11 12:00 PM
Forgive my poor manners folks...Meant to thank everyone for all of the good wishes and congrats on the birth of my G. Grand....I have been having a blast and am greatly enthralled with this little one, as we grand moms usually are. Its so fun having a baby in the house anytime, but pretty special More...
20/Dec/11 12:05 PM
20/Dec/11 12:46 PM
Good afternoon everybody..
Happy birthday Win.
Kathy.. have a wonderful time in B.A..one of these days...
Mama..you would have to be the most wonderful gran.. delight in the joy ♥
Jackie..have a wonderful Christmas and safe travels..
Jack..when were you in B.A.? Its on my list.. as More...
20/Dec/11 1:33 PM
hmm..looks as if my brain had already left the room...in case you didn't get the message... I really am out of here!!
Once again..BFN
20/Dec/11 1:35 PM
Caution About Drinking and Driving this Holiday Season

I would like to share an experience with you all, about drinking and driving. As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on our way home from the odd social session over the years.

A More...
20/Dec/11 1:48 PM
Jim - love that joke!
20/Dec/11 1:55 PM
Jim - Lots of new pix in your gallery! Don't have time to look at/comment on all of them tonight. Will try to get back later.
20/Dec/11 2:31 PM
But right now...
20/Dec/11 2:32 PM
we are getting near...
20/Dec/11 2:33 PM
the bottom...
20/Dec/11 2:33 PM
of this page. So...
20/Dec/11 2:33 PM
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