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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Guess I should keep going
20/Mar/13 2:10 AM
That should have been, guess I should get going, need to get out of my jammies so we can leave.
20/Mar/13 2:12 AM
Cute little Skye Terrier. Wonder if he brings the cows home?
20/Mar/13 3:06 AM
HalT, thanks! I've been leaning heavily toward using Weebly ... always nice to find come to Sudokuland to find a panel of experts! Cheers
20/Mar/13 3:22 AM
20/Mar/13 4:07 AM
I can't even figure out the instructions to Kathy's repeated challenge!

Kathy, how about some more explanation? Though, actually, I am not likely to return to a computer in time to submit any answers a clue would turn up.

Although we just recently thought he'd not reach it, my More...
20/Mar/13 5:59 AM
Morning all,cute little dog.
Sarah, my Mum is having her 90th birthday today, we are giving her a party on Saturday.
20/Mar/13 6:29 AM
I might be over thinking it, but I didn't even know where to begin with yesterday's poozle. I was kind of hoping to see the answer today.
20/Mar/13 6:31 AM
Is that little feller watching the sheep by himself? He looks more like a lapdog than a work one!
20/Mar/13 6:39 AM

Anyone who enjoys hawks, give this site a try:


The photos, as well as the narrative, are magnificent.
20/Mar/13 7:00 AM

Be sure to click on the photos for an enlargement
20/Mar/13 7:01 AM
Let me see if I can simplify the directions for the poozle.....

There is ONE in EACH group that share a unique characteristic. Which five are they and what characteristic do they share?

Does that help?
I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but HalT got it.
20/Mar/13 7:02 AM
20/Mar/13 7:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's nice to see the guard dog is on duty!
20/Mar/13 7:26 AM
Okay a serious debate on this please, as several women on the site claim they can multi-task. The greatest living Scottish thinker, Billy Connolly, asked the following question about multi-tasking:
'If women are so bloody perfect, how come they can't have a headache and make love at the same time?' Well?
20/Mar/13 7:32 AM
Because you can only use the ''I have to wash my hair'' excuse so many times.
20/Mar/13 7:37 AM
That's a cop out Serena.
20/Mar/13 7:45 AM
Kathy, an answer is travelling through cyber-spacw on it's way to you.
20/Mar/13 7:47 AM
Also cyber-space!
20/Mar/13 7:52 AM
Glad you clarified that, Greg. I was looking in my spacw-box.
20/Mar/13 7:58 AM
Greg, I can. And have.
20/Mar/13 7:59 AM
Off to a meeting!
20/Mar/13 8:00 AM
Home from the massage lady aka the torturer.
20/Mar/13 10:21 AM
Some aspects of the massage were painful, but my back and neck do feel better.
20/Mar/13 10:22 AM
Remember this was a remedial massage, not a relax one.
20/Mar/13 10:23 AM

Greg, would you & Billy Connolly really want us women to consider making love a 'task'?
20/Mar/13 10:24 AM
Lovely and sunny outside, and not as cold as yesterday.
20/Mar/13 10:24 AM
Mr P departs Australia this evening - he's off to Japan - without me - sniff!
20/Mar/13 10:26 AM
Happy 90th birthday to Sarah's Dad & Amelia's Mum!
Sarah, might your dad settle for sparkling cider instead of champagne to celebrate his big day? And maybe you could put his candles in something other than a cake?
20/Mar/13 10:27 AM
Hello CP. I had a massage today, too. I treat myself to that luxury once a month & really look forward to them. I think they really help with my back pain along with my TENS unit. Do you have one of those?
20/Mar/13 10:29 AM
Like maybe pureed prunes, Kathy?
20/Mar/13 10:31 AM
Sorry Sarah. Hope your dad has a good sense of humor.
20/Mar/13 10:36 AM
1:38. It's a Westie! Good afternoon everyone.
20/Mar/13 12:44 PM
Wow, 90th birthdays! May Sarah's dad and Amelia's mum enjoy their day. to them!
20/Mar/13 2:01 PM
Well, it looks like I not only get to work with the 5th grade math team, now I get to work with the 4th grade math team as well. How do I end up doing these things???
20/Mar/13 2:03 PM
At least we're finishing up our kindergarten books tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, ready for Open House.
20/Mar/13 2:04 PM
Can't believe we're having Open House this week, in March no less. When I was teaching, it was traditional to have it towards the end of May.
20/Mar/13 2:05 PM
I know I better get off the computer and prep up for the joint 4th and 5th grade math team meetings, that's how I ended up with both. The 4th grade team sponsor dumped them on me!
20/Mar/13 2:06 PM
Hmmmm. . . so close! Is Karen around? I think I saw HalT going to bed already.
20/Mar/13 2:07 PM
20/Mar/13 2:07 PM
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