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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/May/15 2:31 AM
Yay!! Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
20/May/15 2:31 AM
Wonder if that would work on waxy crayons, D or A. This child, me and crayons are not getting along lately. Last week, she put clothes in the laundry, which contained crayons and now the inside of my dryer has nice streaks of green and red. Crayons were left in my closed up car. And now her More...
20/May/15 2:51 AM
I do not think I will ever say my house is clean again. I have small children her, that I believe they have the right to actually live in the house too. They do know how to clean and pick up after themselves. There are also 3 four legged companions, that as much as I try, they refuse to clean up after themselves. It will be presentable.
20/May/15 2:55 AM
20/May/15 2:56 AM
shosho, I knew you were just too fast for me.
20/May/15 2:57 AM
Has anyone else noticed the name of one of our new members? I shouldn't say anything, I went out with Les Ferm and Willie Creamer ...real people. I also went to school with Les Seaman and Peter Orazem. So, if that is your real name, Mr. Richard Dribble, I apologize. If not,
20/May/15 3:19 AM
LOL, Sara, Beth! I actually went to school with Harry Pitts ... gee, that sounds really bad ... and my daughter's physician is Dr. Paine! Why do people GIVE their poor children these names??
20/May/15 3:50 AM
, y'all! 1:55 on the puzzle, BEEEEYOOOOOtiful sky!
20/May/15 3:52 AM
We had a 'Latrina' as an employee when I headed up accounting for a fast food chain. No joke.
20/May/15 3:53 AM
Yes, DorA, Karen always helps us ''pick up the numbers''! When the site is moving slowly, there is no more effective cathartic than our dear Karen!
20/May/15 3:53 AM
MIL sees a Dr. Pyle. He's not a gastroenternologist... but should be.
20/May/15 3:54 AM
Either that or a proctologist.
20/May/15 4:29 AM
is it a toll bridge?
20/May/15 4:49 AM
Keith, I have sent you a PM.
20/May/15 5:51 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
20/May/15 6:53 AM
20/May/15 7:19 AM
Morning all,that is a long bridge.
20/May/15 7:50 AM
A quick Google of Confederation Bridge reveals that it's 12.9km (8mi). It's a toll bridge when you're leaving Prince Edward Island. So instead of getting you coming and going... they only get you on the way out!
20/May/15 8:53 AM
That's longer than the 7 Mile bridge in the Florida Keys (actually 6.79mi or 10.9km). Both are shorter than the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana (23.8mi or 38.3km - continuous) or the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China (longest span 16.6mi or 26.7km continuous, and 25.8mi or 41.6km in the aggregate). I love stuff like this.
20/May/15 9:06 AM
As a teacher, I had some oddly named children, complete with birth certificates that proved that the parents gave them their names - the Garcia boys, Sonny Boy and Sir Lawrence. I think the older child was in the same grade as Girly Eleanor. Oh boy!
20/May/15 10:16 AM
There was a child named La-sha. There was some speculations as to how to pronounce this. I thought La sha. But according to the mother it was La dash sha!
20/May/15 10:18 AM
Love these names! I went to school with a Rhoda Booke and a Mike Stand. But, my all time favorite was a guy hubby worked with.....Dick Rasches!
20/May/15 12:02 PM
My mother knew a kid named Harry Legg
20/May/15 12:16 PM
Bed time. Night all.
20/May/15 12:18 PM
20/May/15 12:20 PM
We were touring the Eastern Provinces of Canada in a rental car when we visited Prince Edward Island. We very cleverly took the car ferry over, so that we could drive the bridge and pay the toll on the way out. They were very nice and let us pay full price.
20/May/15 2:01 PM
Today's meeting with the Cardiologist was just a lot of talk and planning.
20/May/15 2:04 PM
Good news, Keith. Thought you might end up on medication at least.
20/May/15 5:26 PM
I dislike the name of our new member, Dick......... Have complained about it.
20/May/15 5:28 PM
But your posts above have made me think perhaps the name is real.
20/May/15 5:28 PM
A friend's brother is a proctologist. The sign on his front window says 'Please come in the back way' - seriously!
20/May/15 5:30 PM
And I'm off - goodnight.
20/May/15 5:31 PM
It's a good thing I no longer do these puzzles in the same room as my sleeping mother! I laughed right out loud at those names and I don't think I could have prevented myself from making noises.
20/May/15 6:55 PM
There was a NASCAR driver named Dick Trickle. So who knows?!
20/May/15 9:17 PM
Snuck in to maybe snag the last post.
20/May/15 10:31 PM
But heck, I can't leave it here.
20/May/15 10:33 PM
I'll pull a Karen....
20/May/15 10:33 PM
Or a Shosho....
20/May/15 10:34 PM
Or maybe a Hal......
20/May/15 10:34 PM
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