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Easy Sudoku for 20/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
20/Sep/16 12:01 AM
Good Morning all!
20/Sep/16 12:01 AM
Guess great minds think alike!
20/Sep/16 12:02 AM
beautiful day here in OK
20/Sep/16 12:30 AM
Hello all! Our summer just keeps on keeping on...and as nice as it is to not be shoveling snow, some of us are sorta over this non-ending heat!
20/Sep/16 12:41 AM
It could be said that some folks are never satisfied... & I'd agree that I am one!
20/Sep/16 12:44 AM
Joyce, we are headed to 96F today. I thought summer should be over by now.
20/Sep/16 1:10 AM
20/Sep/16 1:23 AM
Actually, this smilie would be more appropriate this morning
Hubby just came in and stated the obvious....''You won't need to put the sprinkler out today''. Brilliant observation.
20/Sep/16 1:48 AM
20/Sep/16 1:53 AM
Yay! This time when I encountered a male coyote while out on a run, I had time to whip out my phone and take his picture!!! Finally! Usually I encounter the female and she quickly runs into shelter and is long gone by the time I get my phone out.
20/Sep/16 1:54 AM
This time however, the male was curious and stuck around long enough for me to photograph him!
20/Sep/16 1:55 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
20/Sep/16 1:55 AM
20/Sep/16 1:56 AM
Good to know the coyote was not interested in you, Sharon!
20/Sep/16 2:40 AM
20/Sep/16 3:35 AM
I think I'm up to date on posting answers and prizes. Let me know if I'm not.
20/Sep/16 3:36 AM

Please replace the question marks with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 in the expression '??-(??/?+?)' to find the largest possible result.

The result must be an integer. Each digit will be used once.

Answers to my '123456'' inbox please.
20/Sep/16 3:45 AM
Still warm, and very humid today. Summer continues.
20/Sep/16 4:26 AM
Right time.
20/Sep/16 4:33 AM
Right place.
20/Sep/16 4:33 AM
20/Sep/16 4:33 AM
Morning all, looks like a hairy day.
Two hours since Keith nabbed his 22.
20/Sep/16 6:42 AM
Good morning all.
20/Sep/16 7:53 AM
Weeding is an OH&S issue in my garden.
20/Sep/16 7:54 AM
A bull ant, aka Inchman, bit my finger through thick gardening gloves. I now have a fat, red finger and look forward to the insane itch that will begin in a couple of days!
20/Sep/16 7:57 AM
Pay back today - I'm going to give them a drink of petrol down their nest and then I can finish my work!
20/Sep/16 7:58 AM
1:51. Good morning everyone.
20/Sep/16 8:05 AM
I've put a close up pic of 1 on my page. They have an awesome bite!
20/Sep/16 8:08 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
20/Sep/16 8:09 AM
That's one whopper of an ant, Sacky!
20/Sep/16 8:21 AM
I agree it is a whopper of an ant. We had them in Melbourne, but we don't have them here in Canberra, thank goodness. It's a good example of why I thought the Bulldogs might be called the Bullants.
20/Sep/16 10:09 AM
These fellows have the ability to sting as well as bite.

Sacky, you need to stop feeding them, it only encourages them.

The petrol down the nest entrance ought to discourage them a bit.
20/Sep/16 10:21 AM
WOW! And I thought our fire ants were bad.
20/Sep/16 11:02 AM
Hal, we've got fire ants too, but they are recent migrants. We also have green tree ants which swarm all over you if you disturb them.
20/Sep/16 11:33 AM
I had to look up OHS. In the US, it is OSHA. Safety first!
20/Sep/16 12:10 PM
Oh, Sarah, here I thought Sacky was being discrete similar to Wombat's H*M*PHONE in order to avoid the censors; her acronym was representing OH, S**T - & now I'm giggling!
20/Sep/16 2:37 PM
Good afternoon.
20/Sep/16 4:41 PM
Just saw the movie about The Beatles. Good shoe.
20/Sep/16 4:43 PM
20/Sep/16 4:43 PM
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