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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Jan/14 5:36 AM
Veni, vidi, whee whee!
21/Jan/14 5:36 AM
Well, have grandie for today so until much later . . . ¡hasta la vista!
21/Jan/14 5:37 AM
Morning all, cute little girl wants to give us a kiss.
21/Jan/14 5:46 AM
Keith, hope you get that rain soon, water restrictions in winter doesn't look good for you.
21/Jan/14 5:51 AM
To all you folks who enjoy a glass of wine, and those who don't and are always seen with a bottle of water in their hand.
As Ben Franklin said:
In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.
In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have More...
21/Jan/14 6:22 AM
Greg, I thoroughly enjoy the puzzles you set. I had a busy weekend enjoying the grandies as we had a late celebration for us South Islanders as I was away with the North Island contingent for Christmas/New Year. My brain was certainly not up to dealing with too much by the evening and I think I had More...
21/Jan/14 7:53 AM
Love your above comment, Greg. Am more often seen with a glass of wine in my hand than a glass of water. So glad to hear this is the far more sensible option Cheers!
21/Jan/14 7:56 AM
Hello everyone!
I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas & fun full New Year's Eve! I did!!
Back up-the-River on Thursday, but only staying 5 days this time instead of the 3 weeks we had there after Christmas Day celebrations at P's youngest sisters place!
21/Jan/14 8:49 AM
Hi Kate,
Glad to see you back; guessed you were ''Up-river''
Passed through your ''neck-of-the-woods'' by train a few days ago when on my way to Central Coast. Despite the heat, that area always looks so green and fresh.
21/Jan/14 11:50 AM
Things are kinda slow here tonight. Think I'll go to bed. Night all.
21/Jan/14 3:13 PM
Everyone. I enjoy all the puzzles whether I get a chance to try to answer them timely or not. And thanks for that Public Service Announcement, Greg!
21/Jan/14 3:27 PM
Sorry, Everyone, but I can't deliver outside about a 20 mile radius. But if you're ever near Cleveland Hopkins airport, then you're near my home and I'd love to meet you and most likely feed you!

BTW, our dinner was as good as expected yesterday.
21/Jan/14 3:31 PM
Just watched the tennis match between Ana Ivanovich & the 19 year old Canadian Eugenie Bouchard. Bouchard won! I was very impressed with both her play & her interview on the court afterward. Her group of followers is nicknamed Genie's Army. After each match she wins they give her a stuffed More...
21/Jan/14 3:39 PM
forgot to say . Sorry It's getting toward midnight, & I've had a busy day so now I will say
21/Jan/14 3:41 PM
I'm sure the Wombat will be her cherished favorite.
21/Jan/14 4:55 PM
1:46 Good afternoon one and all!
21/Jan/14 5:48 PM
Paddy took two stuffed dogs to the 'Antiques Roadshow' for assessment.

'Ooh!' the presenter said, 'This is a very rare set produced by the Johns Brothers Celebrated Taxidermists. They operated in London at the turn of last century. Do you have any idea what they would fetch if they were in good condition?'

'Sticks,' replied Paddy.

21/Jan/14 6:36 PM
Good evening.
21/Jan/14 8:19 PM
Watching 'Who do you think you are?'.
21/Jan/14 8:21 PM
Mr P has returned from the wilds of Colorado Springs - unfrozen.
21/Jan/14 8:24 PM
In fact he said the weather was not too bad, especially compared to the eastern states.
21/Jan/14 8:27 PM
And here, the heat has abated a lot.
21/Jan/14 8:29 PM
1:42. Good evening everyone.
21/Jan/14 10:56 PM
At the airport waiting to board. I beat the snow by a few hours! Yay!
21/Jan/14 11:26 PM
25/Jan/14 6:52 AM
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