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Easy Sudoku for 21/October/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates,here's today's daffynition:

..And here's today's factoid:
The word ''Sunday'' is not in the bible.

RIP: Sylvia Kristel, 60
21/Oct/12 12:00 AM
21/Oct/12 12:00 AM
No needed today.
Supposed to go to an Autumn party this evening... in the rain?
21/Oct/12 12:01 AM
Sorry to hear about your friend's passing, Kayo.
She was much too young.
21/Oct/12 12:03 AM
Shiela, she was not a friend. She was a Dutch movie actress. Still, her passing is sad.
21/Oct/12 12:12 AM
Have not heard of her, Kayo. Think I need to look for her bio.
21/Oct/12 12:16 AM
Lily; wasn't that someone's flower choice?
21/Oct/12 12:23 AM
Good Morning ladies and Hal!
21/Oct/12 12:29 AM
Kate - so perfect that it almost doesn't look real!
21/Oct/12 12:33 AM
I suspect that she might have been remembered more by the men who watched her movies.
21/Oct/12 12:36 AM
Happy Saturday day off!
Enjoying the cool 68 deg F temp at 6:30am
21/Oct/12 12:38 AM
Then I may have to look up her movies.
21/Oct/12 12:42 AM
21/Oct/12 12:50 AM
Known for staring in 'Emmanuelle'.
(Ah, yes, Kayo. I can see why.)
21/Oct/12 12:51 AM
May we see many, many more photos!
21/Oct/12 12:53 AM
Thank you, everyone, for the splendid birthday wishes!
One more dinner out tonight (with Hubby and Son) then back to my never-ending attempt to lose weight per doctor's orders
21/Oct/12 12:56 AM
Anne from New Orleans.
irma from Forrestfield
May you both have great birthdays!
21/Oct/12 1:02 AM
Hello, just dropped in for a minute (it's 1am here) or 2!!
Kate, have a great day!
21/Oct/12 1:04 AM
See you all later after I've had a sleep!!
21/Oct/12 1:06 AM
Thanks all for the birthday wishes all! Sleep well Kate! You are much better with the photos - I have become slack!
21/Oct/12 1:35 AM
to those who share my birthday! Anne and Irma!
21/Oct/12 1:36 AM
22! For you Keith!!!
21/Oct/12 1:38 AM
Kate, Anne, and Irma!
And a second to you, too, Aileen!
21/Oct/12 1:42 AM
It's everyone! For those of you working, hope you have a relaxing weekend and those of you retired hope something exciting happens!
21/Oct/12 1:58 AM
Oh, my!! That lily color is wonderful! Given a choice, I'd only dress in that color every day, head to toe.
21/Oct/12 2:18 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Oct/12 2:28 AM
Bridge Day
Sweetest Day
21/Oct/12 2:29 AM
Happy advancing in age, Kate, Anne and Irma.
21/Oct/12 2:30 AM
everyone. Like Heidi, I love the color of the flower in today's photo! If you want to see another beautiful purple flower of Kate's, be sure to check out her Picture Gallery, 5th row down right below her great pelican pics!
21/Oct/12 3:07 AM
Saw a photo on FB this morning of Mo's Melbourne get together. Imagine Gail will probably post it on Sudoku tomorrow. She & the rest of that group are probably all sleeping right now (except for maybe CP? ).
21/Oct/12 3:12 AM
Heidi - Mo had on a pretty top just the color of today's lily!

Shiela - Rob & I were happy that Detroit swept the series with the Yankees. He was sworn into the Navy at Detroit Stadium way back in 1967!

Karen - you could take the FB pic of your new niece & put it in your Sudoku Picture Gallery. It will already be the right size, no shrinking necessary.
21/Oct/12 3:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice lily.
21/Oct/12 3:44 AM
Gath & Kym & their two children were at Mo's gathering. I had suggested to Gail that if she had a chance, maybe she could mention to him the problems we are having with sudoku smilies & pics.
21/Oct/12 3:46 AM
Karen, bridge day? Is that the Rainbow Bridge, or the Bridge Over the River Kwai, or A Bridge Over Troubled Water or maybe the Bridge to Nowhere? Mind you, I guess it could be a dental bridge or maybe the card game Bridge or possibly it refers to Brigitte Bardot!
21/Oct/12 3:53 AM
Shiela - is it still raining in Michigan? Do you think Mich. State & the Univ. of Mich. are going to have to play their football game against each other at the Big House in the rain today at 3:30? Rob & I will be watching it on TV & lucky Nancy will be there in person!! Go Blue!
21/Oct/12 4:04 AM
Canuk Greg, looks like bridge day, is a West Virginia thing. Lots of idiotic jumping off bridges. They are celebrating their 33rd year, this year.
21/Oct/12 4:47 AM
Kathy, I tried bringing Taryn's picture over here, but, of course, nothing happened. Thanks for the suggestion.
She, of course, is a beautiful baby. Learned it is not a good thing to tease about growing into her nose, though. New parents get so defensive.
21/Oct/12 4:49 AM
While I am here, might as well do what I must do.
21/Oct/12 4:50 AM
Man and the girls, left the house this morning, before preparing my breakfast. So, I had to do it, and just as I finished the preparation they returned and wanted my breakfast.
21/Oct/12 4:52 AM
Bye bye page one.
21/Oct/12 4:52 AM
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