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Easy Sudoku for 21/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Carrion: Continue.
Here's today's factoid:
The Chinese government ''encouraged'' the country's tallest female basketball player to marry the country's tallest man. Their child was Yao Ming.
21/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Good morning Kayo and all who follow, from sunny downtown Charleston, South Carolina.
21/Oct/14 12:05 AM
21/Oct/14 12:06 AM
Good morning, Sacky. Yes, it is a beautiful day here in Charleston.
21/Oct/14 12:08 AM
We had a delightful evening last night with HalT and Barbara. We walked via the scenic route from our hotel to a wonderful southern restaurant. 2 more local special added to my list - She-Crab soup and Pecan Pie.
21/Oct/14 12:09 AM
Oops you've caught me Hal!
21/Oct/14 12:09 AM
And a fun time was had by all.
21/Oct/14 12:10 AM
Jane and Hal shared the navigation from our hotel. Calling it the scenic route was an exaggeration, because many of the streets had no lighting!
21/Oct/14 12:11 AM
Was kinda dark in places, wasn't it?
21/Oct/14 12:13 AM
before we headed off Hal and Barbara shared a glass or 2 of wine out on the balcony of their 7th floor penthouse suite, with faux log fire. Their view is over the harbour, looking west into a glorious sunset. Our 2nd floor view is if the brick wall next door!
21/Oct/14 12:15 AM
This morning he said he had a long time getting to sleep. I'm a bit worried that he has altitude sickness.
21/Oct/14 12:18 AM
Jane was in charge of the homeward navigation with a little help from Hal. We ended up having to cross the freeway waving the red flags provided.
21/Oct/14 12:21 AM
Today Jane and I are off to explore the historical areas of Charleston and travel to Savannah for tonight.
21/Oct/14 12:23 AM
Tomorrow night we will be back on St Simons for a couple of days to catch up with washing and take a deep breath before spending my last week in Florida!
21/Oct/14 12:24 AM
Safe travels, Sacky and Jane.
21/Oct/14 12:26 AM
Good morning to all! That's definitely not a fishing worm!
21/Oct/14 12:33 AM
It sounds like Charleston was a big hit for everyone!
21/Oct/14 12:34 AM
A good effort by everyone. Here are the answers to the ‘Gators Galore’ weekend puzzle:

1. regret and egret
2. crickets and rickets
3. lout and Lou (Ferrigno)
4. chef and Hef (Hugh Hefner)
5. stool and Tool
6. Chester (Goode) and Hester (Prynne)
7. slots and lots
8. Bean More...
21/Oct/14 12:43 AM
Sure was Greg!
21/Oct/14 12:43 AM
Thanks Hal. It was great to meet you 2 and adding to my foid education - boiled peanuts, ok but, still below Vegemite!
21/Oct/14 12:48 AM
Foid = food
21/Oct/14 12:50 AM
21/Oct/14 1:24 AM
I waited and waited! Where's Keith?
21/Oct/14 1:24 AM
Oh, sorry. How rude.
21/Oct/14 1:25 AM
beautiful day in OK
21/Oct/14 1:31 AM
Well I get sliding doors replaced today [I only have 3 of them]. Doubt if they will get them all changed out today.
21/Oct/14 1:32 AM
We had a rain shower early this morning. It could have rained yesterday when I wasn't expecting people to be going in and out all day. Booties or shoes off which ever they prefer.
21/Oct/14 1:35 AM
I have been busy cooking already today. I put together enchiladas and have just finished the pot pies.
21/Oct/14 1:38 AM
21/Oct/14 1:39 AM
I will share the story Greg mentioned....

The answer to #12 reminded me of the first day my daughter, Christy, spent in nursery school. The class was held in a church. When I went to pick her up after school her teacher took me aside to tell me my kid had informed her that they had More...
21/Oct/14 1:39 AM
It isn't even 8:00 yet here. I'd say I over slept, but for retired folk, that's just barely past the crack of dawn.
21/Oct/14 1:50 AM
I understand completely, Keith. I sometimes arise from my slumbers before 8, but not very often.
21/Oct/14 1:56 AM
Snakes always surprise me. I think it's because the ones we have around our house blend in to the grass and don't move until you are almost on top of them.
21/Oct/14 2:00 AM
I can't remember what it's like to sleep till 8.
21/Oct/14 2:01 AM
Nice 22 graphic, Kathy.
21/Oct/14 2:03 AM
and happy pumpkin month to all. I will be getting a different internet service soon and perhaps I will be coming back to Sudokuland more often. I really do miss reading the posts and the messages. I have some really good friends here and wonderful memories of my visits to Australia because of my friends there. My family too, but alas, they have moved on.
21/Oct/14 2:04 AM
Your time is coming, Serena.
21/Oct/14 2:04 AM
I often remember the song from Girl Scout days. 'Make new friends but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold.'
So, to my friends here I say, you are gold!
21/Oct/14 2:05 AM
I had to blow the dust off, Keith. It doesn't get used too often.
21/Oct/14 2:06 AM
I feel I should go ahead and take advantage of being the one to move you all on ahead to a new page with a CP.
21/Oct/14 2:06 AM
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