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Easy Sudoku for 21/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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It's 8:03am in Dallas and a beautiful day.
21/Oct/15 12:03 AM
It's 10:08 in Maryland and we have a beautiful day, too!
21/Oct/15 1:08 AM
Vaguely familiar picture.
21/Oct/15 1:09 AM
Poozle time!

An inclination of the cranium is as adequate as a spasmodic movement to an equine quadruped utterly devoid of any visionary capacity. Translate.

Answers to my ''Say what??'' inbox, please.
21/Oct/15 1:10 AM

60 sandwiches

In the today we have Judy, Wombat, Lonewoof, HalT, Peter, and Wolf. They ate all the sandwiches but did leave some for the winners.
21/Oct/15 1:11 AM
10:12 here but not so beautiful. It's cold and rainy. At least there isn't more of the white stuff we saw over the weekend.
21/Oct/15 1:13 AM
Good morning to all! Sunny and a little warmer here today, but it will be gone tomorrow.
21/Oct/15 2:12 AM
As Wombat mentioned yesterday, we do have a new government in Canada and a new Prime Minister (PM), Justin Trudeau, the son of a former PM, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This change is welcome here in Canada.
21/Oct/15 2:15 AM
As to our former PM, Harper, yes it was an election for anyone other then him. There are lot's of reasons, but I won't discuss them. If your really interested, check it out on the Internet.
21/Oct/15 2:18 AM
21/Oct/15 2:27 AM
Going to go to lunch with my BFF (since we were children!) Hubbies are coming too, so our lunch will not be super long. Both hubbies have health issues that tire them out quickly (although I think for other than physical reasons!) But haven't seen Phy since her son's wedding in May! We live about an hour away from each other but the traffic can extend that to two hours drive!
21/Oct/15 2:30 AM
It is amazing how quickly any LA discussion can become about traffic.
21/Oct/15 2:43 AM
a beautiful warm day in OK
21/Oct/15 2:43 AM
Good morning.
21/Oct/15 3:14 AM
Up early again, despite a change in medication time that should have helped my insomnia.
21/Oct/15 3:15 AM
Greg, how's your shouder (& pain)?
21/Oct/15 3:16 AM
Mr P tells me I do look like the hunchback of Canberra because the shoulder issue has exaggerated an existing neck issue and I lean down and to the right with my head. I hope some (lots) of physio can sort it out.
21/Oct/15 3:20 AM
Off to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow - I hope she will have some answers for me.
21/Oct/15 3:21 AM
I know Keith is around.
21/Oct/15 3:22 AM
So am I - definitely not a rectangle,
21/Oct/15 3:23 AM
21/Oct/15 3:24 AM
22. Sorry, Keith.
21/Oct/15 3:24 AM
CP, thanks for asking. You should be more concerned with your own issues. I still have sporadic pain where I have to ice, take Tylenol, then just grin and bear it. Time will tell. C'est la vie!
21/Oct/15 4:39 AM
Wombat, as to politics, I have always tried to not discuss politics on this internationally flavoured site. There no place for it on a friendly game site. Occasional comments are fine, but political arguing just doesn't it.
21/Oct/15 4:42 AM
Just enough wispy clouds to make a very pretty sunrise. Venus is shining bright in the eastern sky.
my driveway is covered in fallen pink cherry blossom and when I look out my side and back windows the jacaranda trees are that lovely blue colour.
The beauty of nature!
21/Oct/15 5:53 AM
Morning all, I wonder who the lady is.
I like knowing what the time is where our friends live, thank you Wolf,Kathy and Serena.
21/Oct/15 6:58 AM
Kate,Anne and Irma, have a great day celebrating.
21/Oct/15 7:00 AM
Greg and Cathy, pleased you got the new government you wanted.👍
21/Oct/15 7:03 AM
Good morning everyone. We had a sprinkle of rain over night, but not enough to stop a day in the garden.
21/Oct/15 7:42 AM
The garden is a riot of colour at the moment. The birds are in Spring mode - lots of noise and plenty of nest making.
21/Oct/15 7:43 AM
I love my big garden, but sometimes wish there wasn't so much work to keep up its maintenance!
21/Oct/15 7:44 AM
I've been doing the Aussie Backyard Bird Count this week. I wandered up to the dam to see what feathered floaters were about and received a great surprise - 7 new Australian Wood Duck ducklings, with their proud mum and dad. These ducks need tree hollows for nesting, so those ducklings would have More...
21/Oct/15 7:49 AM
Not only are they a tasty snack for falcons, goshawks and sparrow hawks, but the much more successful hunter - the feral cats!
21/Oct/15 7:52 AM
CP+1 - enjoy your day folks.
21/Oct/15 7:53 AM
Had a nice time at the fair with great weather. But my feet hurt.
21/Oct/15 7:56 AM
Your opinion is noted Greg. I'm sure not everyone agrees as I recall a series of spirited exchanges about gun laws. Incidently I didn't expect a serious answer to my question, our news services have extensive coverage of world news. I thought people might have fun trying to generate some descriptors.
21/Oct/15 9:28 AM
Good morning again.
21/Oct/15 10:08 AM
Greg, I hope my own issues nene make me immune to the plight of others.
21/Oct/15 10:10 AM
My own troubles are now down to similar to yours, sporadic pain, need for heat and pain melds on and off. Oh, and this hunched appearance.
21/Oct/15 10:13 AM
21/Oct/15 10:13 AM
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