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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Linda - MA/USA
I keep getting a failure notice when replying to you email ...
Linda MA/USA
Could be that your ISP mail server blocks Yahoo!!
To Jay Middlesbrough.That is really interesting. I know Captain Cook named a lot of places along the coast including Magnetic Is.(? he called it Magnetical Isle) but I didn't know about Cleveland. I must do some research. I have just been to beautiful Melbourne where I visited his parent's house which was shipped out.
The White pages could work (has already been suggested) but you could also try the consulate? How about a few more particulars on the person and someone in Sudoku land might know more?
Happy hunting...
hi everyone it's a perfect autumn day in melbourne today - no too hot or cold, blue skies, green and gold trees - glorious!

Glad tlo hear that all is relatively well behind the cyclone.

Loved the parable and the jokes today.
3.20 ok....parable great this am, Deb, thank you
8:11 is not bad for me
I watched the women's triathlon in the C'wealth Games on TV. St Kilda and Port Phillip Bay looked so beautiful. What a great part of the country.
Jay, I have added the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire (110 mile trail) to my list of things to do before I die. looks fantastic. I noticed a place called Castledon or Castleton in that area. The predominant feature of our city is Castle Hill. Maybe drawing a long bow but Cleveland Bay and Cape Cleveland named by Capt J Cook. Thanks
5:00 Tooooo Sloooow!! III thiiiiink IIII neeeeed tooooo waaaake uuuup nooooow!
Thanks Deb for that woderfully insightfull story. Though I can't stand the taste of it I will now cheer 'Long live coffee'!!!!!!! May I learn to be more like the coffee bean.
I wanna be on that boat!!!!!
Always look forward to Deb's comments! Thanks for the carrot/egg/coffee bean story.
If you don't have any luck with the white pages search, please post again. A lot of magazines have the 'Do you know the whereabouts of....?' columns. I'll find the magazine addresses / e-mail addresses for you and post them on this site or e-mail them to you if you'd like to post your e-mail address.
I finally have TV again and got to see some of the cyclone damage to Innisfail and Mission Beach. Being an agricultural area, they will feel the pain for years to come. Banana, pawpaw and sugar cane crops have been wiped out, hurting the farmers and their employees who now have no jobs. The effects More...
Good maEn everyone. Thanks for the Story Deb. Really uplifting.
WENDY from Sydney - liked your thought for the day but remember, Noah might have been a lone amateur but I think he did get a helping hand from the big man upstairs!!
Sue can you say me what is good maEn
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night with capitalization for your time zone. Unique sudoku salutation.
elsie strath thank you.happy Maen .I am right?Morning here.
took ages kids wont sleep the dreaded flu is around and thriving
Off to Sydney tomorrow. Meeting up with friends from Tamworth to go to a conference together. Have a good few days in Sudokuland.
Well done Garry. Good maEn to you!
Thanks for a great story. I had not heard this one before but it hit the spot today
Thanks for the various suggestions.
To Jaz,
Don't know why the e-mail wouldn't come through. Someone else had trouble sending to that account recently. I'll send you one of my other e-mail addresses.
6:33, not my best :-(
The person I'm looking for has a very common surname and has probably married some time in the past 20 years. The white pages website did help me figure out/remember which suburb of Melbourne she lived in in the early 80s. For some reason I remembered the postal code but not the name of the suburb. It was Carnegie.
To Susan, Ingham,
I'll meet you in the chatroom and give you an e-mail address there. Thanks for the suggestion. My natural sister may remember/know where Denise went to Uni and perhaps I could contact their alumni association or publication.
Warren, so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you.
12/May/11 5:25 AM
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